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Is that rage syndrome the reason that pit bulls ended up getting such a bad reputation? Because maybe people that had fighting dogs bred for this to happen to them?

Rage Syndrome is not a pit bull thing. Rage syndrome is unpredictable and not linked with training in any way. It is most commonly reported in spaniel breeds.

Pit bulls have gained their reputation because they often have a high prey drive and high reactivity. With inexperienced owners, or owners that deliberately wanted a scary/fighting dog, this can result in dogs that are dangerous either to other dogs, other animals, or sometimes humans. Add to this their large, muscular frame which can be frightening when angry.

Before pit bulls, it was Rottweilers, Dobermans and German Shepherds that were seen this way by society. There’s always somebody who wants a ‘big, tough, scary’ dog as a status symbol or for dog fighting.



One year ago, 367 pit bulls were rescued from what was said to be the second-largest dog fighting bust in the country’s history. On the anniversary of last year’s bust, we wanted to present some of the stories of those dogs who have turned their lives around. Find out more about these dogs rehabilitation and the remarkable  volunteers who helped them here. 

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I am always wondering why people say "pit bulls weren't created to fight!" when I try to educate someone on the subject. I always think well okay then why do they look the way they do? Why do you think dog establishments (like petsmart) does not want them on doggy day care? Humans have manipulated dogs for centuries and humans shaped pits to be fighting dogs. We know what dogs look like when they are bred for companionship(small and fluffy, big eyes to look like babies)(part1)

 You can ask the people who say this what they believe created the APBT. What breed(s) was it established from? What were those dogs used for?
A basic rundown of the APBT’s history is as follows:
1. Molossoid/mastiff-type dogs were used for hunting, boar-catching, that sort of thing. They were called “boar hounds” or “bull hounds”.
- To test their abilities as hunting hounds….
2. …The dogs were used for boar-baiting, bear-baiting, lion-baiting, etc as a form of entertainment.

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- These dogs proved useless at this due to their size and lack of gameness. The fighters bred for shorter legs, a stronger jaw, and more speed and agility.. and the Olde English Bulldog was born into bloodsports.
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3. The Olde English Bulldog was used for boar-baiting, bear-baiting, lion-baiting, ratting, etc
- When this was banned..
4. … The Olde English Bulldog was fought dog-vs-dog for entertainment, because this was easier to conceal compared to a bull-baiting or lion-baiting event. The fighters began to breed the OEB with terrier breeds for their size, speed, and gameness…
- … and the Bull-and-Terrier was born in the dog-fighting pits.
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5. The Bull-and-Terrier was fought dog-vs-dog just like the OEB, and eventually the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was born.
- The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was born in the dog-fighting pits.
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6. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was fought and brought over to America. The Americans began to breed the dogs their own way and…
- …. The Pit Bull Terrier was born in the dog-fighting pits.
7. Chauncy Z. Bennett wanted to slap the name “American” in front of Pit Bull Terrier to create the American Pit Bull Terrier.
- The American Pit Bull Terrier was never used or bred for anything but dog-fighting and less-commonly, boar-catching (mostly in the southern USA)
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 There is no room for debate. The APBT’s entire history (and it’s ancestors) was created in the fighting pits and in bloodsports. Their dog-aggression has been ingrained in them for hundreds and hundreds of years. In fact, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was brought over FOR the purpose of dog-fighting in the 1800’s. They (and their ancestors) were bred and used for dog-fighting in the UK for much longer than that.

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- Bernie Sanders

Every time this guy shows up on tv, he keeps making the media look like a bunch of idiots. He doesn’t care about your celebrity pit bull fight - media game.

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Do you feel that the "blame the deed not the breed" is trying to sweep under the rug that these dogs are usually dog aggressive? Or trying to cover up their history? Which is important to know about a dog especially a pet you are considering getting.

 Definitely. I honestly believe it’s one of the most dangerous things to say, maybe even THE most dangerous.
 The purpose of “blame the deed, not the breed” is to encourage people to ignorantly own these dogs because it’s the evil dog-fighters who create dogs who bite or attack, and the dog is an unwilling pawn in it all who is forced to fight.
 It encourages people to believe that if you raise your dog up the best you can, he will turn out fine and be perfectly cool and sociable with cats and dogs. After all, we all know it’s the dog-fighters that force these dogs to fight, so if you’re not a dog-fighter you don’t have anything to worry about!

 When these dogs act aggressively towards another dog or want to attack a cat walking by, the owner feels that they’ve done something wrong when they didn’t. What the dog did isn’t “bad”, he isn’t a bad dog or “evil”, he was doing something that he believed (instincts) to be a desirable thing to do.
 Dogs don’t operate on morals and they don’t think about how another animal or dog would feel about being attacked - it is IMPOSSIBLE for a dog to be “bad” or “evil” for chasing squirrels or getting into squabbles with other dogs. In order to be what we as humans consider “bad” (deliberately mean, malicious, sadistic, etc), the dog would have to understand right from wrong - morals.

 When a well-raised pit bull gets into a fight with another dog, the owner feels like shit because they feel like they raised their dog incorrectly. They truly believe that in order for these dogs to fight, they have to be forced or trained to do so, when we know that this is not true. Not even in an actual organized dog-fights are the dogs forced to fight; the dogs can hop over the wall, turn, or yelp, and they’re picked up. In order for two dogs to get into a full blown fight and not just one attacking and the other defending, both of them actively want to fight. Your pit bull fighting a dog at the park is doing something natural and free of force.
 Unfortunately the pit bull owner now has someone’s injured pet on their hands, will have to pay the owner’s vet fees, and if they’re lucky their dog will be spared it’s life. Unlucky dogs may be put to sleep for doing something that would have been entirely avoidable if the owner understood that you can’t love the dog-aggression or prey-aggression out of them. What this does is it adds fuel to the BSL fire and creates myths like these dogs “turning” or “snapping”. “He’s never done that before!, He would never hurt a fly!”
 Attacks involving APBT or bully breeds are not unpredictable. A responsible owner would get this dog knowing that you should always expect a bulldog to fight, and to not let your guard down around other dogs or pets. A responsible dog owner would not get a dog like this thinking “it’s all how you raise them” or “blame the deed, not the breed”, and they would take precautionary measures to secure their dog in their yard and keep it from causing harm to other dogs or animals.

 I think the entire purpose of “blame the deed, not the breed” is definitely used to cover up or erase the hereditary dog-aggression in the bully-breeds. A bully breed that you adopted from the shelter that was labeled a “pit bull” should be raised with the same amount of responsibility as if you were to buy an APBT straight from a breeder. A dog-fighter has very little to do with the training and upbringing of your shelter dog, and you should NEVER assume that your bully breed doesn’t have any latent dog or prey aggression.
 We’ve seen what happens when shelter dogs (or just pet dogs in general) are raised with the mindset of “it’s all how you raise them”. It breeds ignorance, fuels hatred against the bully breeds, and throws gas into the fires BSL lawmakers.
 This kind of ignorance and irresponsible ownership: [LINK] is just as dangerous as this kind: [LINK]

 Deliberately ignoring dog-aggression is actively getting dogs and pets killed. These people get mad about not being able to bring their bully breeds to PetSmart… but can you imagine a dog-fight breaking out there, amongst all of those ignorant, irresponsible dog owners? Do you think any of them would have a breakstick?
Don’t blame the breed, blame the dogmommies.

do not live prey snakes

alright so im fuckin riled up because of that picture of that snake eating another snake.

first of all: what the fuck why would you just sit by and take pictures

but god damnit there is something you all need to understand

your pet snake is not a predator

snakes from pet stores and breeders are bred into captivity, just like any other pet. yes, they may bite, just like any other pet. they are, in fact, just like any other pet.

let me ask you something. do you make your cat hunt rats and birds for food? do you shut them in a room together and wait for your cat to murder the shit out of them?? probably not. you know how you feed cats and dogs? you feed them goddamn kibble.

just because dogs and cats are from wild ancestors that hunt does not mean that they will or are capable of doing so.

my ball python that i adopted from the SPCA (see above) has scars on a large portion of her body because someone thought that she should be fed live, full-grown rats. if she truly were such a fierce predator, i doubt she would have as much scarring as she does

making your snake prey live on anything that can fight back is just as bad as breeding pit bulls to fight. if your snake is picky, fine. feed them live pinkies, so they cant harm your pet. and because they are younger and weaker, they go through less suffering themselves.

what you feed your pet snake is your choice, but please think about what youre doing before you do it.