Butterflies (CasxReader)

Request: Please do a cute fluffy Cas one where he like confesses his feelings but is so confused about everything and it’s just super cute

Warnings: fluff, implied smut, some sexiness 

Words: 1009

Note: Sorry it’s short, but I hope you like it! Of course there ended up being some kissing/smutiness…would it be a one shot by me if there wasn’t?

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What Ed Sheeran Wrote

I found this list somewhere and I thought it would be useful for someone here. So here it goes:

EDIT When I said  “wrote” I mean original, co-written or any type of participation/collaboration Ed has done with - sorry for any confusion :_( 

‘Say You Love Me’  Jessie Ware


‘If I Could‘  Wiley Feat. Ed Sheeran


‘Hush Little Baby’ Wretch 32 Feat. Ed Sheeran


‘Little Thing’  One Direction


‘Over Again’ One Direction


‘18′ One Direction


‘Moments’ One Direction


‘Watchtower’ Devlin Feat. Ed Sheeran


‘Young Guns‘ Lewi White Feat. Devlin, Ed Sheeran


‘Old School Love’  Lupe Fiasco Feat. Ed Sheeran


‘Tatto’ Hilary Duff

Not found

‘Hotel Ceilling’ Rixton


‘All About It’ Hoodie Allen Feat. Ed Sheeran


‘Love Shine Down’ Olly Murs


‘Top floor (Cabana)’ Naughty Boy


‘Could Just Be The Bassline’ Artful


‘Be My Forever’  Christina Perri Feat. Ed Sheeran


‘Pissed (With Pie)’  Chris Moyled Feat. Ed Sheeran


‘Everything Has Changed’ Taylor Swift


Probably there are more I don’t know so feel free to edit and add anything!

scarladore  asked:

Omg what if, since you're thinking march, it'll be march 14 WHICH IS PI DAY 3.14 SINCE ALL HIS ALBUMS ARE MATH NAMED

That would be cool! I used to have a pi party every year on March 14, where everyone would bring a pie and we’d all just stuff our faces and do apple pie shots and squirt Reddi-wip directly into our mouths. Fun times. I don’t know why I stopped doing it.

But I’m afraid March 14 is a Tuesday this year and new music comes out on Fridays. So it can’t be a Pi Day release. :/ Instead, on that day, we should all just listen to this song:


Chris Moyles and Ed Sheeran -  Pissed With Pie 



Chris Moyles: I wanna be drunk when I wake up, 
I wanna be drunk by 7 o'clock, 
I wanna be smashed before the world wakes, 
Pouring vodka not milk on my cornflakes, 
No coffee cause I would not be drunk at all.
I wanna be drunk by this morning,
Cause a bit of booze makes it less boring, 
Schoefield, windshield I’m not very sober, 
I think I’ll struggle to get through this song.

Ed Sheeran: Cause I need some booze every once in a while, 
Helps me get through Jeremy Kyle, 
All dramas through lie detection, mum f#cked a member of One Direction,
Pass the larger lets stop the thinking and,
Carry on with a whole lot of drinking beer with pie, with pie.

Chris Moyles: Maybe I’ll stop drinking now,
Stop my drinking now,
Stop my drinking now,
Or maybe just one more.

Walking into work, I am winning,
I wish this room would stop it’s bloody spinning,
Another meeting, they’re all repeating and my attention is now depleting,
I need to get to lunchtime so I can drink again.
And maybe other people like me, 
You see the little stain below, it really is pee,
Pant’s are damper, should be wearing pampers,
Cos’ I just think I wet myself.

Ed Sheeran: Cos’ when it comes to the evening time, 
I spill words when I’m downing the red wine,
I strike a cool pose, in Waitrose,
Chucked out by a guard with a large nose,
Try to hide it,
Try to fight it,
It’s too late ‘cause I think I shit myself, with pie, with pie.

Chris Moyles: Maybe I’ll stop drinking now,
Stop my drinking now,
Stop my drinking now,
Or maybe just one more.

Ed Sheeran: All by myself.
Chris Moyles: In a Mexican bar.
Ed Sheeran: All by myself.
Chris Moyles: In casualty.
Ed Sheeran: All by myself.
Chris Moyles: Outside of casualty.
Ed Sheeran: All by myself.

Chris Moyles: Just drunk again,
Yes I’m drunk again,
Completely drunk again,
I think I need some sleep.


Original Ed Sheeran - Drunk



This is so hilarious. I laughed my ass off….


Erm, I dunno what I just listened to but I like it!

Companies modern au
  • <p> <b>Preston:</b> is the the very nice man who runs the neighborhood watch. He takes most night shifts too because he knows people get sleepy<p/><b>Piper:</b> you know what she is. Shes a fucking reporter. You already fucking knew that. Why the fuck are you looking at this one.<p/><b>Cait:</b> she is a punk rock rebel that fox news warns you about. She gets into fights and gets picked up by the police all the time.<p/><b>Curie:</b> she is a school nurse. ✧٩(の❛ᴗ❛ の)۶ like she is so nice she lets little ones lay down in her office if they are just feeling stressed and they're not sick. Her office is a lil safe home.<p/><b>Deacon:</b> hes that neighbor that you think cant get weirder but he always manages to. He waters his plants at 8 am sometimes to talk to danse and sometimes at 3am in just boxers to talk to Preston. Many people come in and out of his home (he doesnt lock it at this point). No one knows what his job is even though they talk to him a lot. They know nothing about him. Hancock is convinced deacon is a ghost that fuck with all of them.<p/><b>Danse:</b> He has a fucking perfectly kept house and wont shut the fuck up about the military. He leaves every morning at the same exect time to go to base and comes home at the same time and reads books until he goes to bed at an exact time. The only variation is when he helps with neighborhood watch.<p/><b>Hancock:</b> has been fucking banned from neighborhood watch and all potlucks at danse's home. Not because hancock is gross and likes to gossip with deacon but because hancock once came into danse's home high and pissed in an apple pie. pro couch surfer and the other rebel fox news warns you about.<p/><b>Maccready:</b> is new to the neighborhood and is currently fighting for the rights of duncon. He keeps to himself at first but it turns out he is a college kid who had things figured out when he was 17 with his highschool gf until she was killed during a car crash. ("shit maccready. Thats dark." "Yeah thats why i dont talk about it hancock.") Is actually a giant nerd and sometimes him, danse and preston go way out in the country to shoot guns. Not at animals but at shit like old fridges.<p/><b>Strong:</b> hes in the fucking wwe. Hes exactly like he is in game but is in the wwe and paints himself green for matches and calls himself the super mutant.<p/><b>X6:</b> he is the reason the watch was created. He is more of a mystery then deacon because i didnt go Institute. I wanted that danse dick.<p/><b>Dogmeat:</b> the ss' dog. He is always the dog. He sometimes goes over to deacons house because deacon leaves the door open.<p/><b>Codsworth:</b> the best roommate ever. His real job is an office temp but just an average british dude (because hes human he is fucking brown eyes brown hair. Fuck that Wheatley shit.) But not to ss. To ss he is a saint. Makes breakfast and makes leftovers for ss. Cleans the house really well when hes bored and makes adult phone calls for the ss when they get stressed.<p/></p>
  • Nick: he has an office inside him home and he has cute lil bun slippers. When he does the watch he typically talks with deacon but preston doesnt mind because he always catches some teens trying to spray paint a stop sign. Always. Its scary how many teens/hancocks he has caught being assholes. Preston is amazed

Me: (every weekend that there’s a convention.)

*looks at watch* Ah, Friday afternooncue Rich, Rob and Matt all saying they’d kill Jared, marry Misha and fuck Jensen.

*next day around 2 PST* Cue Misha talking about how Jensen flirts with him during all his scenes in order to throw him off.

*Sunday evening* Cue Jensen recounting every detail of meeting Misha for the first time and/ or getting pissed off about the pie story.

Me: “I love conventions, there’s always something new.”