pissed off

Lol this dude I’ve been talking to on Grindr just blew me off for the second time in four nights so it’s cut off time. We hung out Monday night(found out today that my ex was fucking one of his coworkers that same night) and he was like all over me trying to cuddle me and shit but like any other time he just doesn’t respond to anything I say. He said he’s been out of a relationship for a month but I’m really starting to doubt that. Grindr is so fucking awful lol


This showed up on my Facebook newsfeed today, I am so so angry and usually I wouldn’t bother with these fuckers but this just pushed me over the edge… I would have loved to left the names on here to reveal the ignorance of these idiots but it would lead to nothing if they are already pig headed enough to believe in something like this.

Transgender has NOTHING to do with pedophilia and the fact someone is not only trying to take away the rights of humans - once again - they are linking their transphobic ideals to something that actually is a REAL issue!
Don’t use political or real sexual harassment issues as an excuses to hide the fact that you are an uneducated (in lgbtq issues) asswipe that has nothing to do with transgender people and the way they live their lives, they have had enough anxiety/troubles/issues about feeling comfortable in their own skin, let alone whether or not society excepts them, to have a law brought in against them is idiotic due to sexual harassment claims. Anyone that participates in pedophilia acts - REGARDLESS OF WHAT GENDER (if any) THEY IDENTIFY WITH - should be prosecuted


80% of the tattoo artists I’ve tried to reach in my life never answered me. Facebook, instagram, personal email address, shop email address, smoke signals, I’ve tried them all and even more. Most of them just ignore my messages. When I’m on my lucky day, they answer my message when it’s too late, or stop answering me after my first question. Is it just me? 


To the people who deleted my caption on my photo: Fuck you

That caption was about my recovery and you just took all the meaning from my photo and turning it into some aesthetic self harm bullshit. I WAS NOT PROMOTING SELF HARM. I was showing my arm to show what a wonderful job my tattoo artist is going to do to cover it up. I’m honestly going to start blocking people I find Doing this because it’s not okay. You’re taking the photo of MY arm AWAY FROM ME AND ITS INTENTION


On Hiddleswift

Okay. So I haven’t really shared my opinion on Tom and Taylor dating yet. But I’m kinda pissed off and I’m bored at work so here it comes:


Now. I’m getting REALLY fucking sick of everyone hating on Tom and especially on Taylor for their relationship. Yes, Taylor is one of those people who doesn’t understand feminism and refuses to acknowledge her white privilege but you know what? Leave her fucking relationship life alone.

And if Tom wants to date an 82 year old woman? Let him. If he wants to date…idk, Barack Obama’s daughter? Let him! Just like Taylor, tom’s life is his personal business and as long as he’s happy and not hurting anyone, leave both of them the fuck alone.

I never ever ever use the phrase “real fan.” I hate it and think it sets some bullshit standard. But honestly, if you were a real fan of either Tom or Taylor or both, you’d just be happy they found someone they’re both genuinely enjoying being with. Tom is a major dorkadoofus. So let him be his dorky self and be cute with her. Let him wear a GD “I ❤️ T.S.” shirt! He’s a 35 year old consenting adult. Let him live his life and stop spreading all this fucking negativity