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Rihanna really put out a revolutionary album and got 0 recognition from the Academy. ANTi was dropped over a year ago, was a number one album, had a number one hit song, and had other top 10 songs as well. It went on to break records on records, and still OVER A YEAR LATER REMAINS IN THE TOP 20 OF THE BILLBOARD TOP 200. It showed growth in Rihanna’s behalf, and on the behalf of pop music in general. With a song like Work, that INFLUENCED the dance hall pop era of 2016, and then Needed Me, which is the longest charting song in the top 10, to Love On The Brain impacting pop radio as a soulful slow song. Like really, it deserved some FUCKING RECOGNITION. Robyn Rihanna Fenty was ROBBED multiple times. F U C K the Grammys

So going through the Horizon: Zero Dawn tag on tumblr, and I have a huge problem with a lot of what I see.

First off, let me say that this game, is absolutely amazing.  Not only do they take Science fiction to a whole new level AND give us a heroine that we can relate to, and is human, but they also made a beautiful story that has me on the edge of my seat.  This game, has become my top favorite.  I have a poster already put up in my room, and adore every single aspect of it, from doing the override for a mount, to shooting the bow.  It’s just absolutely perfect.

But lets get to the points that I hate.  I hate, that almost every single time that I get on that tag, someone is bitching because they either are supposedly Whitewashing the game, although they are basing the tribes off of CELTIC tribes, or are mad/confused that Aloy isn’t part of the LGBTQ+.  

I would think, by this time of age, and a whole new generation in thousands of years, the labels for one would be gone. I would also think, that SOME people would realize that Aloy is a wonderful fucking character the way she is.

Also, the game is NOT white washing.  I saw that one of the originals, was a muslim.  I ran into Asians, I ran into so many Black people! The war chief, was a black woman, who had spunk.

Aloys story is truly well done, well written, and fascinating feminist dialogue all on its own.

So who the fuck cares if she is a red haired, pale girl with dreads? It’s NOT important to the story.  You know what is? Trying to figure out who the hell woke up Hades, and saving the fucking world. 

But you guys just can’t appreciate nice things can you? Unless it meets your agenda.  

Life isn’t a protest.

*I am a feminist, I am a Liberal, I have gone to the protests, but I do not think that someone should get offended over such non existent things.  Just enjoy the damn game.*

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I think I speak for a few people when I say I love your blog but I think your icon does not suit it at all. Change it please.

well i’m sorry if my face offends you😶the icon is a picture of me, ya’ know….the person whose blog it is. if i dont fit into your narrow aesthetic, pls unsubscribe🙄i sure wont miss you!!! 

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