Slams hands down. LISTEN UP STARLIN’S.

You got nonny problems? You bring it to me. You’re not feelin’ well? You bring it to me. You got problems in general at all? You bring it to me. I don’t care if you need me to defend you, I don’t care if you need me to console you, I don’t care if you need me to just listen: I will do all of those things and more.

I am here for you.

Pissants like that nonny we just witnessed are not to be taken seriously. Because they are not worth your time. They got somethin’ to say? You direct ‘em towards me and I’ll give ‘em somethin’ t’ choke on.

You are beautiful and so loved, in no way will you ever have to acknowledge assholes like that.You are primordial, you are never ending, you are a quasar of absolute warmth and beauty and I will not let anyone snuff you out.

Plain and simple. 

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but does she like weird, monstrous dick tho


“ Weird, monstrous…” She’s trying not to appear amused but no dick is truly pretty,“ Do I like ‘em big? Sure. As long as I can feel it I suppose, it doesn’t really matter.”

After a German PR firm put the combined European Union at the top of their Olympics medal table, pissants immediately started whining about Europeans “taking advantage” of the UK’s success. This is missing the point, however, as if the European Union was competing as a collective, we’d be at the bottom of the medal table having been disqualified for having too many entrants in each event.

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I know the face claim is for Rangiku and not you. I just want to know what made you choose a Korean face claim. Not the beauty mark fitting her or any of that but specifically the fact that of it being a Korean claim. I'm interested in knowing the thought process.

I’ve been contemplating how to answer this because honestly this entire thing reeks of ill intent. Anon, Im gonna be honest. People don’t like me or my blog and I dont get random, curious anons AT ALL. And I’m okay with that. But when I get asks like this, it makes me think you’re going to pick apart my thought process and label me as something Im not and this entire thing makes me incredibly uncomfortable. So I’m gonna decline your request and hope you have a nice day.

Got this sweet necklace for free after playing a show at @batterystreetjeans. Thanks a ton to all the Pissant fans and friends who made our first summer one to remember!

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❝ They know I’m here. ❞

❝ Shit I’ve Said While PvPing ❞ Starters

;;{  ǀƝUƬƐROHS  };;

“Does that make this harder or easier then, I wonder…?” she asked, her voice low and husky as they huddled together behind some rubble. It didn’t matter that this all excited her beyond any word in any language could possibly describe. She knew that the end was coming for her as it had for her kingdom, but it was so delicious. Despair was tightening around her racing her heart like someone tying a beautiful red bow. 

They had been running for a while now. But this was different; they weren’t trying to kill them. Darts had been fired at them– tranquilizers? She’d assume it was poison if not for how unsatisfying it would be for them all. 

“I would prefer not to waste my last flash granaat on some pissants just yet. Especially ones who wish to take me down like a damned animal.” she said, regretting that she was not armed as usual when she was on the streets. At least it made this all more fun.

She huffed and twirled a lock of her hair between her fingers as she turned the corner to take a peak. They were still looking for them, the idiots. She pulled away to rest against the crumbling wall as she bit down on her finger to suppress her giggling. Oh, she wanted to laugh. 

“Hum… I will if I must. Fucking degenerates.”

Sonia reached down into her bosom (was that… really a– no, she shouldn’t be questioned) and retrieved salvation. She smoothed her tattered gown that had been positively stunning just hours before as she watched Izuru for any response. 

“Speak now if you have a problem.”

ik in my Frederick canon especially I was a huge jackass to inigo as a kid bc we were around each other like. all the time

like look at lucinas pissant younger brother who has Too Much Fun this is the no fun club nd I was the biggest snitch ever like if inigo did anything I would 100% tell on him

everyday of my life I feel bad about how I treated him, like he would never measure up to lucina, like he was disposable. I was. so. awful.

I know we straightened shit out when we were older but that was like years later. and its not an excuse anyway me @ every inigo i ever see in my life im sorry how did u ever forgive me

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anyone you'd beat up big time if you could get away with it?

“That’s a major toss-up between Finn and the pissant. I’d get a whole lotta satisfaction making either of them swallow their teeth. I’m all warm and fuzzy inside just thinkin’ about it.”