Yesterday was exactly 6 months with Pish. 

Since I know not everyone will go on Youtube and watch this or read the description there. 

I rescued Pish in April of 2012. The clips in the opening are actual footage of him racing. In 7 Maiden Claimers he never placed higher than 4th place between 2009 and 2010. In late 2010 he dropped off the map. In late 2011 he was found wandering in a park in Southern California and was seized by Los Angeles County Animal Control. He was severely underweight. He sat in the shelter a few months until I found him and adopted him. Our journey began April 1st, 2012 and is nowhere near being done. My goal with Pish was to adopt him, put some weight on him and help him find a better home. But in doing so I found a best friend. I’m not claiming to be a trainer or saying anything I’m doing with him is the right way to do it, but its working for us. We’ve had our shares of ups and downs between my concussion from another riding accident that kept us grounded after we first began cantering, to our break due to him being lame and casting himself in his stall. He’s not perfect, but he is a fighter. <3

April 5, 2012

Mr Pishton wasn’t feeling very photogenic today. Went up and turned him out in the back arena, then moved him to the main arena and let him run around. Put his bridle on him and led him around in it and he was such a good boy. Gave him some feed and cleaned his stall out and groomed him, then waited for him to get his dinner. I seriously couldn’t ask for a more honest horse. He is so trusting and sweet and careful around me and everyone that comes up to visit him, and he isn’t pushy when it comes to food, even with as skinny as he is. We worked a little bit on slalom type stuff with some cones to work on him moving, but he wasn’t feeling it today. Tried some lunging, but he had too much energy so I just let him run around. I’m really hoping to hop on him sometime next week, and get him weaned off his senior feed so I can introduce him to supplements to get some weight on his bones. Also hoping to get my hands on a surcingle and some side reins to start working on his back muscles. Bummed I’m not gonna get to see him much the next 2 days, but you better know it that I’ll be up there, and then I get paid on Saturday which means its time to spoil him ;D

I have to say…over the past I have received SO MANY compliments on Pish.
People complimenting our bond, how good he is, how pretty handsome he is (people think he is a girl for some reason), how far he’s come, etc. It literally almost brings me to tears every time I hear people compliment him.

Just a few months ago he was a reject sitting in the shelter that no one seemed to want. All the compliments make being completely a completely broke working, full time college student worth it. 


Watch on pishton365.tumblr.com

April 6, 2012

Sorry it’s up so late, iMovie was taking forever to post it last night. Since I work 12-8 and 9-5 Friday and Saturday….they’re going to be my hardest and saddest days since I won’t be able to see Pishton for long. I went up before work yesterday morning to turn him out, feed him and clean his stall, and he was his normal happy (and hungry) self. Don’t have much else to say for today. xD


April 4, 2012

Pishton’s first movie. Let him run around in turn out this afternoon and he loved it! He loves to kick up his heels…literally. We REALLY thought at 2:00 he was getting ready to jump the gate. xD Cant wait to see him get some weight on and start riding him. Looks like he’s going to be a handfull!

AND even better…he seems to like his new home. He’s learned not to throw his head up anymore because he’s gonna hit it on his shelter. Plus he has plenty of room and keeps rolling around everywhere. xD

April 10, 2012

Wooohoo…my first just text post…I believe…

Anyway…I have a short video of him looking all super cute in the turn out today…but I couldn’t bring myself to post it since I’m tired as heck tonight. Been a long long day. 

For starters…Mr Pish is a lot like his mommy…aka me. We both trip and fall all the time.

Usually for him though, he’ll trip, get mad, buck and keep running. Today was different though. 

He tripped and went down pretty good and then stopped running and was limping. He immediately let me catch him and wouldn’t put weight on his front right leg. He started breathing really hard and getting anxious and then got really tired and wouldn’t walk and was just sitting there with his head in my chest. I got really nervous and tried to find a vet to call when the owner of the barn told me to just walk him around first and see if he works out of it. Luckily he did after a couple laps of walking around. I put him in his stall and was off. Later today I went by to check on him and he was like new. Ready and excited for his feed and we even went for a walk and when I jogged him he looked fine. 

So that was a lovely scare…

Anyway…still haven’t ordered all the new lunge gear etc for Pish yet since I’m gonna go check out a tack store tomorrow hopefully.

night fellow horse lovers! <3

big announcement coming soon though!!