pisces perspective

the signs in leo’s perspective

aries: you guys bring me so much happy vibes and positive energy. in my saddest moments your smile makes me so happy and alive. you are so warm and i can do literally anything with you guys like just sitting there or listening to music together and still count it as great time i spent. you make me feel alive.

taurus: you guys sometimes annoy me but you also make me feel very very warm and loved. you give the best cuddles and hugs. you make me feel relaxed.

gemini: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! i can relate to you on so many levels and you guys are so f u n n y, i forget everything that makes me sad and anxious when im with you. you have very warm smiles. smiles that make you feel like home. you make me feel real happiness.

cancer: you are so damn funny and such a cute lil smol bean that needs to be protected at all costs!!!! you guys make me feel at home. you remind me that world still has beauty left in it, that it’s not all about darkness and heartlessness. you make me feel secured and safe.

leo: you! are! so! damn! bright!!!!! you shine so bright that you make everyone want to shine with you. you bring me out of my comfort-zone. you make me want to dance and go crazy with you. you make me want to stop caring too much about everything and let go. you teach me how to let go.

virgo: you guys are so damn relatable. you remind me of how small details change the hugest and most important things in everything. you make me want to learn more about so many different things. i feel like you guys always have something in mind and that just amazes me. i see it as a really beautiful and an attractive thing. you show me beauty.

libra: you guys are warm and easy-going. you are the typical best friend that everyone wishes they could have. you are very forgiving and can’t hold a grudge but when someone treats you bad, they absolutely lose you. you try to make people happy even when you need it the most. you show me generosity.

scorpio: you are so grown up and so fun at the same time. you are also very secretive, and so many people think they know you when they really don’t. you try to forget everything that makes you sad, and live, and i see that as a form of bravery. i see you as a really brave person. you let yourself love whoever knowing that you might end up hurt. you show me bravery.

sagittarius: you are so amazing and interesting, i feel like you hide so much under a mask and you listen from here and there but stay silent. people think you know so less but you know more than everyone in the room. i feel like you are full of life and you really love getting out of your comfort-zone and doing new things. you make me feel like life is a big adventure and we have to go through the bad and good weathers. you teach me how to be adventurous and carefree.

capricorn: you are very freaking funny and random. you make me really happy inside. they say that you are full of pessimism but i see you as a really bright person. you are also very creative. you are the relatable kind but not the typical one, which is somehow you are so particular yet so similar. you are a form of art.

aquarius: i feel like you are a huge know-it-all yet sometimes you appear dumb, in a cute way. you are very warm and you feel like home. you are a home to so many people yet it’s so rare of you to feel at home. you crave fitting in but when you don’t get it, you become the biggest rebel. you also crave care but rarely ever admit it. you like to hide your sadness away from people because you think when you talk about it so much you will dip yourself into it more. you have a soul of an innocent child. you make me feel like home.

pisces: you are very anxious and you seem confused most of the time. you are easily hurt and you need to be taken care of all the time, because you are way too precious for this scary world. you try your hardest to be a good person and you are the sweetest. you seem to have a soul of a child but you know a lot and you are very wise. you are sometimes dreamy and distracted. i feel lost in your beauty when i look at your dreamy face. you bring me hope and faith.

The Zodiac Signs need to stop...

Aries: Stop trying the best in everyone else’s eyes and be the best to yourself.

Taurus: Stop putting yourself in situations you complain about

Cancer: Stop pretending you’re not an emotional roller coaster 

Gemini: Stop insulting people’s intelligence

Leo: Stop playing victim

Virgo: Stop being selfish

Libra: Stop flirting with people when you’re in a relationship

Scorpio: Stop bossing people around when its suppose to be fun

Sagittarius:  Stop having sex with everything possible

Capricorn:  Stop being a savage to people cuz they don’t think like you

Aquarius: Stop bottling up your emotions and then lashing out as a result

Pisces: Stop giving others’ perspective more value than your own!

chiron is officially out of pisces for good after a 9-ish year cycle

does wherever you have pisces ruling/occupying feel clearer now? are you no longer drowning? in self-discovery? (pisces 1st) in instability? (pisces 2nd) in expression? (pisces 3rd) in the past? (pisces 4th) in your heart? (pisces 5th) in the mundane? (pisces 6th) in incompleteness? (pisces 7th) in setbacks? (pisces 8th) in evasion? (pisces 9th) in pretenses? (pisces 10th) in society? (pisces 11th) in seclusion? (pisces 12th) in yourself? (pisces sun) in your feelings? (pisces moon) in your thoughts? (pisces mercury) in your relationships? (pisces venus) in your impulses? (pisces mars) in your perspective? (pisces jupiter) in your burdens? (pisces saturn)

if not, you won’t be soon enough. happy pisces season! swimming in the neptunian sea has never made one feel more afloat  


it’s andamooka opal, gil (plum pearl) & trahearne (black opal)’s fusion!

thank u @morgueanite and @commander-titania for starting unofficial gemsona week ;3

Fuck I love Leos. (Astrology babble)

I really do. Lemme explain why. (A piscean perspective)

1.) they’re protective of weaker personalities. Being a true to description Piscean, I have a problem with being too nice and getting hurt a lot. I never have the guts to act in revenge to the people who hurt me, despite talking a big game. I really love Leos because consistently they JUMP at the chance to defend me and be noble. They tell me “who do I have to kill?” pretty much on a regular basis. And they are always so loving and supportive: when I’m down, they bring me back up.

2.) they are advertised as being super vain, but that’s so far from the truth. They have such beautiful personalities that always make me smile and laugh. They have this inner fire that burns so bright, and a level headed Leo uses that fire to inspire others and shower others in warmth and love. They may have moments of small vanity here and there, but every Leo I’ve met has a great sense of humor about it. <3

3.) I feel like Leos make the best lovers… Because once you know them truly and you get deep into their soul they accept you no matter what. Their power in relationships comes from loyalty: you can literally do NO wrong when they love you and they will fight for you till the end. Seriously, they are beautiful, fiery, loving people with a streak of loyalty a mile long.

4.) they’re a fire sign in tune with their emotions which is WHY I think I adore them so much. (Being an over emotional piscean who cries too much) they aren’t deceptive with how they feel: if they hate you, YOU WILL KNOW. If they love you, YOU WILL KNOW.

5.) The number one thing I’ve learned from dating a Leo, having a Leo mother and having way too many Leo friends is this: stand up for yourself. Kinda ties into the first thing. But man, they make you feel strong, inside and out.

I love Leos. They are beautiful cinnamon buns too pure, too good for this world. I do NOT live rigidly by the zodiac but if I have a bias for a sign its gonna be for them.

So big hugs and kisses from this Fishy piscean if you’re a good hearted Leo, I think you’re great :,D stay amazing and keep shocking the world with your strong heart and your raw fabulousness.

Mwah (っ*^ω^*c) <3 Rosie loves you!

End babble. Lol.