Bad Moon

Addictions, insecurities, habits, and the unconscious side of the personality – May I present to you the negative aspects of the Moon in the signs:

Aries: the Firestarter; loud, bossy behavior looks for a battleground to defend against boredom and personal attacks on the ego; short-lived and short-tempered feelings and impulses cause emotional volatility and childish tantrums; addicted to action and anarchy.

Taurus: the Sensualist; resistant to force or change, the slothful temperament, with sedentary and stubborn feelings, is unable to forgive or see impartially; gluttonous appetite desires constant comfort resulting in snobbish and bratty behavior; addicted to indulgence and the familiar.

Gemini: the Busybody; feelings are imitated and analyzed, and prying curiosity looks for trouble and disorder to soothe inner restlessness; moody mischief maker with an inability to connect deeply due to extreme shallowness; addicted to questions and commotion.

Cancer: the Grudge; lack of boundaries and objectivity, and inability to let go of antique injuries leads to sulking, accusing, and doubting behaviors; clinging dependency and subtle manipulation stemming from fear of abandonment result in irrationality; addicted to the past and pity.

Leo: the Autocrat; haughty temperament vulnerable to rejection and criticism demands obedience and attention from others; excessively self-serving and inconsiderate, emotional displays and reactions are over-the-top and intended to draw a crowd; addicted to theatrics and threats.

Virgo: the Skeptic; feelings are sterilized with cold, critical judgement and stringent handling to avoid the spread of infectious mysticism and foolishness; suspended affections and harbored hatreds build and cause anxiety, hairsplitting and complaining; addicted to routine and practicality.

Libra: the Politician; preoccupied with unattainable perfection, the fear of being disliked or considered unfair or ugly force artificial reactions and passive aggressive behaviors; emotional indecisiveness and uncertainty results in multiple mood swings; addicted to idealism and partnerships.

Scorpio: the Sadist; vulnerability and unmentionable motivations are fanatically concealed in attempts to keep jealousy, bitterness, and a fear of betrayal secret; obsessively searches for ways to test strength through emotional manipulation and pain-inflicting challenges; addicted to payback and power.

Sagittarius: The Maniac; fugitive from restriction and monotony, runs wildly from the gravity of reality to the falsehoods of fiction; unequipped to handle sincerity and consistency which results in the inability to ground down and take things seriously; addicted to risk and popularity.  

Capricorn: the Control Freak; inner core is guarded by rigid routines and restraint which hardens the view of self, forcing deep self-doubt and distrust of modernization; will attempt to unscrupulously manage and control the emotions; addicted to suspicion and structure.

Aquarius: The Nuclear Bomb; feelings are ignored and blocked by the brain until logic and equanimity spontaneously split from consciousness, resulting in a cataclysmic and unexpected release of emotions; thermonuclear implosion of immaturity that directly opposes civilized composure; addicted to absent-mindedness and analysis.

Pisces: the Masochistic Martyr; self-sabotage and suffering act as anesthesia to limit the experience of pain in hopes of numbing the senses and calming nerves; evasion and deception of self & others are used to avoid responsibility and reality; addicted to fantasy and escapism.

Moon Signs Likes and Dislikes

Aries moon - Likes: Expressing themselves, being assertive, spending money; Dislikes: Waiting, being dependent/tied down,

Taurus moon - Likes: Feeling safe/secure, romance, saving/receiving money; Dislikes: Change, going out of their comfort zone, 

Gemini moon - Likes: Communication, learning, intellectual conversations;         Dislikes: Routine, permanent decisions, 

Cancer moon - Likes: Home, stability from relationships, emotional connection; Dislikes: Superficiality, flighty/non-committed people,

Leo moon - Likes: The spotlight, grand displays of affection, integrity;                 Dislikes: Being ignored, undignified people

Virgo moon - Likes: Animals, organizing things, helping people in need;             Dislikes: Being criticized, disorganization, 

Libra moon - Likes: Elegance, harmony in friends/partners, flirting;                     Dislikes: Decision making, arguing

Scorpio moon - Likes: Control, deep, emotional people, analyzing situations;     Dislikes: Nosy people, suspicious people

Sagittarius moon - Likes: Freedom, adventuring, new and exciting experiences; Dislikes: Controlling people, feeling trapped

Capricorn moon - Likes: Financial stability, material possessions, comfort;       Dislikes: Emotional outbursts, uncertainty, 

Aquarius moon - Likes: Quirky people/things, observing, being different;           Dislikes: Possessive people, feeling misunderstood,

Pisces moon - Likes: Seclusion, daydreaming, compassionate people;             Dislikes: Reality, seeing other people suffer   

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Aries ~ Goddess of Dawn, Illumination and Awakening
Taurus ~ Goddess of Earth
Gemini ~ Goddess of Learning
Cancer ~ Goddess of Lunar Mysteries
Leo ~ Goddess of Sacred Love
Virgo ~
Goddess of Healing and Curatives
Libra ~ Goddess of Divine Feminine Power
Scorpio ~ Goddess of the Dead
Sagittarius ~
Goddess of Prophecy and Mythology
Capricorn ~ Goddess of Divine Law and Order
Aquarius ~ Goddess of the Cosmos and Astrology
Pisces ~ Goddess of the Night


[art: Vaughn Pinpin]

How/why each moon sign is strongest

Aries: my heart is full of passion and fire and it’s gonna burn you if ya don’t like it

Taurus: my heart is full of iron and desires and it’s gonna crush you if ya don’t let it be

Gemini: my heart is all over the place and it’s gonna leave ya if don’t understand it

Cancer: my heart is sensitive and caring and it’s gonna drown ya if ya don’t love it as is

Leo: my heart is loyal and forgiving but it’s gonna leave ya if ya don’t love it back

Virgo: my heart is caged and private and it’s gonna sting ya if ya try getting too close

Libra: my heart needs you and it’s gonna hurt us both if ya leave

Scorpio: my heart is intense and it’s gonna scare ya if ya try breaking it

Sagittarius: my heart is free and it’s gonna blind ya if ya try to rope it in

Capricorn: my heart is steady and stern and it’s gonna destroy ya if ya stand in the way

Aquarius: my heart is independent and it won’t care less if ya disagree

Pisces: my heart is full and it’ll cut ya off if ya hurt it

Aesthetics for the Moon Signs

Aries: Fights, nightclubs, motorcycles, slick hair and leather jackets

Taurus: roses, chocolate, dior, rococo architecture

Gemini: libraries, basketball in the driveway, family reunions, diversity

Cancer: psychics, lots of siblings, optimism, popular kids

Leo: broadway, black cats, lavish homes, artwork

Virgo:yoga and salad, small dogs, math class, cleaning supplies

Libra: elegant jewelry, paris, debutante balls, high tea

Scorpio: ouija boards, black stilettos, electric eels, hidden plots

Sagittarius: plane tickets, vintage suitcases, colourful scarves, photography

Capricorn: snow white, grandfather clocks, classy makeup, plain briefcases

Aquarius: striped socks, astrology, bohemian fashion, hufflepuff house

Pisces: dependency, empaths, daydreaming, small pets

water moons + relationships

water moons (cancer/scorpio/pisces), emotionally, need reassurance. they have emotions that must be expressed and, perhaps more importantly, validated by their loved ones. water moon individuals are those who make decisions with their heart; they are feelers, not thinkers. not that they aren’t smart, they just process information via how a situation or problem makes them feel. and that’s how they go about seeking out a significant other; they go with their heart and seek for someone to make them feel important, cared for, and validated.

water moon + fire venus

an affliction common for individuals with this combination is worrying about every facet of the relationship before seeing the person, and then forgetting it all and having a great time. fire venus’s hold the capacity to rush into things romantically (less so for sagittarius venus, however still potentially there), which may tug on the native’s water moon, enticing its desire for a forever relationship. a lesson for this combination is not to let your overly questioning/doubting moon stop you from enjoying a relationship. another is not to let your spontaneous, fun-loving venus blind you from what’s truly making you unhappy. it’s a struggle for balance between total devotion and total entertainment.

water moon + earth venus

sensitive in theory, more pragmatic in practice. earth is said to be water’s opposite; however, both elements share the longing of protection or security. earth venus wants to know their partner is in it for the long haul, and that they can solve their problems in a manageable fashion. your moon sign, however, may not be able to give you that! water moons share an acute sensitivity to the subtle changes in a person’s demeanor, and can cause a tirade of insecurities to attack their brain. however, the venus in them will bring them down to, well, earth when the time is needed. this is a combination who will not only cherish you, but look forward to your routine of togetherness. it’s an insecure combination, but one that will love you maturely and wholly.

water moon + air venus

an internal push-pull for the native with this combination. this is a combination that values its privacy and distance to an extent, but craves a dedicated adoration. the ultimate goal for this person is to have a partner who will be their best friend, their water moon and air venus will treasure the ability to have conversations about anything; the water moon has abundance of emotions and longs for stability while the air venus needs its space and some laid-back laughs. until this native finds such, they may find themselves holding on with dear life to the wrong people as they struggle to find the balance they desire. this partner may have lots to say about matters of the heart as they are drawn to such but they aren’t the greatest in practicing what they preach. a lover of this combination can only get by on so much mental connection before water emanates in the search for an emotional tie. the bond itself is what matters most to them. 

water moon + water venus

the phrase ‘truly, madly, deeply’ fits perfectly for individuals with this combination. water moon coupled with water venus dramatizes a relationship, sometimes for good, sometimes bad. though the individual’s way of showing love may vary, you can bet they will try and express it to you as much as they possibly can. natives with these placements might also, however, be the type to push their partner’s boundaries and ‘test’ them, perhaps gauging their loyalty & commitment. water moon + water venus paints an almost magical picture of their love life, living in fantasy; as julia roberts in pretty woman put it, “i want the fairytale.” a cancer venus is the fairy godmother, a scorpio venus is a black knight in shining armour, and a pisces venus is the damsel in distress.

Moon Sign Observations Pt. 2

**my astro blog is basically all about moon signs cause I love ‘em and hey I’m a Moon dominant person!**

Aries moons like to go where the action is so they’ll often choose to live in cities and look for many late-night adventures.

Taurus moons are the best artists. They have a strong sensitivity to light, sound and other sensory details. Movies and music have a strong effect on them.

Gemini moons are often autodidacts, meaning they teach themselves or learn new information as a source of emotional comfort.

Cancer moons often cope with life’s difficulties through seclusion. They are naturally receptive to other people’s problems and listen easily. They nest in their bedrooms and may enjoy interior design or DIY projects.

Leo moons don’t like people to see them sad. They’re very prideful and cope with their sadness by actively trying to be more happy. 

Virgo moons are often one of the most closed-off emotionally. They may have a public personality that is very successful, hard-working and admired by their peers but internally, they are critical of their skills.

Libra moons hate to offend and they try to be inclusive to others. They tend to be very sympathetic to their friends and devote a lot of time and energy to them.

Scorpio moons have a secret internal life. They may be charismatic at work or with friends but alone, they can be brooding and have moods that people never would guess.

Sagittarius moons love silly things like cartoons and memes. Unlike Sag suns, they tend to seek out people who have similar interests as them and talk animatedly about those interests.

Aquarius moons like to indulge in their specialness sometimes. They may feel disconnected to the way people are expected to behave and so they might question ordinary or harmless things.

Capricorn moons are actually very funny and have a dry sense of humor. They might be cynical but sometimes it’s in a charming way.

Pisces moons feel deeply connected to humanity and they can get sad from reading the news. They like to take long baths and they will often take off their shoes and go into the ocean when visiting.


Moon in Pisces will have strong psychic abilities and will often know people’s deepest secrets. However, most will simply just ignore it and shake it off, but it’s still there nonetheless. They are given an immense sense of compassion and love, and being able to give this to someone brings comfort to them. They are able to easily put themselves in other people’s shoes, but the down side is that they can lose themselves in other people’s suffering.


- most likely to enjoy staying inside rather than socializing
  • Sun in Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer
  • Moon in Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio
  • Rising in Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio
  • Sun or Moon in the 4th or in the 8th 
  • Mars in in Taurus, Cancer or in the 12th
  • Venus in Capricorn or in the 6th
  • Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus Dominant
  • Saturn, Neptune or Pluto Dominant
Water Moons (Cancer ♋️, Scorpio ♏️, Pisces ♓️)

Water Moons (Moon in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) have the deepest emotions. They feel almost everything deeply and intensely and they are sensitive to their own emotions as well as the emotions of everyone else around them. They are able to pick up on what everyone else is feeling and are very intuitive people. They are the most compassionate and empathetic people that you can meet and they provide the best emotional support. They tend to be very moody and when they feel sad, they can go into a downward spiral and feel helpless, like they’re drowning in the ocean. They are the most caring people and will always be there for you when you need them, as long as you provide them with the same support. If you hurt them emotionally, chances are they won’t trust you and don’t want to be your friend/partner again. They may have a psychic ability and they use that to their power to help the people around them which makes them such amazing and caring people.