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What's sex like between a Pisces and a cancer? (Maybe between a male Pisces and a female cancer)

The definition of making love. Sweet, gentle, loving. But can also get freaky. Neither will really fully dominate over the other. Lots of sweet talk and whispering. Lots of I love you’s. Probably some tickling, stroking, kisses everywhere, staring into each other’s eyes. Absolutely adorable, but still passionate and both will meet the other’s needs perfectly :)

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Name: Karen

Nicknames: Lizard king ;))

Birthday: March,11

Star sign: Pisces

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3

Sexual/romantic orientation: hohoho who knows ;)

Favorite color: blue and black ♡

Time and date: July,30 8:40 pm

Average hours of sleep: 3 or 4 sometimes

Lucky number: 7….?

Last thing i googled: some page to download music

Word that comes to mind: HELP

One thing that makes you happy: Jessica, Music, Art and Books

Favorite fictional character: Totoro (my neighbout totoro)

Favorite famous person/celebrity crush: Jim Morrison ♡♡♡

Favorite book: The Picture Of Dorian Grey

Favorite music/band: The Doors// Blur

Dream holiday: some nice place in the forest

Dream job: to be an artist

Wearing right now: white t-shirt and blue jeans.

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Name: Elizabeth
Nickname: Biz (which is generally what I go by), Little Bit, Bizzy, Petrie,Bunkey and really tons more variations of “biz”
Birthday: March 8th
Star Sign: Pisces 🐟
Gender: Female
Height: 5′4
Sexual orientation: straight
Favorite color: purple
Time right now: 7:07 Pm EST
Average hours of sleep: 3-5 hours or 8-12 hours. I hit the two extremes
Lucky numbers: none?
Last Thing I Googled: hiking in Rockbridge county
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1
Favorite fictional character: oh geez id never be able to pick just one A few off the top of my head, though, are Minerva Mcgonagall from HP, Benny Lafitte from supernatural, and Phoebe Buffay from friends
Favorite famous person: Jennifer Lawrence maybe. Or Jensen Ackles? I dunno. I also love Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds?
Favorite books: Harry Potter, The Awakening, The Glass Castle, The Giver, Stargirl, a million more.
Favorite brands: Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, American Eagle
Favorite artist: I’ve always loved toulouse lautrec
Last movie I saw in theaters: eek.. I really can’t remember..
Dream trip: a million! I’m dying to go back to St. Thomas, but there are also plenty of other places i haven’t been that id love to go
Dream Job: any job in which I’m helping other people 👌
What am I wearing at the moment: chacos, white shorts, “keep the wild in you” tank

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Name: Sara

Nickname: None, really

Star sign: Pisces

Gender: Female

Height: 5′ 2″ or 157cm

Sexual Orientation: who the fuck knows (i’ve come to realise i’m somewhere on the asexual spectrum possibly full on ace or maybe gray-ace idk)

Romantic orientation:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (again not sure but probably bi/pan)

Favorite Color: Don’t have one

Time right now: 9:35pm

Average hours of sleep: My sleep schedule varies from day to day so I really can’t tell

Lucky number: None (though I consider 2 and 7 to be special numbers)

Last thing I googled: shrug emoji 

Number of blankets I sleep under: One

Favorite fictional character: I don’t really have favourites

Favorite famous people: see above

Crushes: None atm

Favorite books: I don’t know

Favorite Bands Music: Well, I like Marina Diamandis a lot. (Yes, I know she’s not a band.)

Dream Trip: Somewhere with WiFi 

Dream Job: I don’t know.

What I’m wearing at the moment: A blue T-Shirt with a washed out drawing of popcorn with devil horns (don’t ask)


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Ru-ri 😏

11 March

Star Sign:
Pisces 🐟🐠


180 cm (or taller I don’t know anymore)

Sexual/romantic orientation:

Favorite Color:
Pink!!!!! All day every day!!!!!!!!!!!

Time and date:
12:35 am and 30 July

Average Hours of Sleep:
5-6 hours (I hate sleeping)

Lucky number:
I don’t have one!!! (Oops)

Last thing I googled:
What’s the thing called when you walk on a rope and you’re high up? (The answer is tightrope walking by the way)

Word that comes to mind:

One thing that makes me happy:
*starts crying* JUN

How many blankets do I sleep under:
Zero!!! I like being cold!!!

Favorite fictional character:

Favorite famous/celebrity crush:

Favorite Book:
After Dark by Haruki Murakami

Favorite musician/band:
Seventeen *bows down*, Stromae, 21p, The White Stripes, BTS, and soooo many more!!!!

Favorite Movie I’ve seen at the cinema:
The Adventures Sharkboy and Lavagirl (that was a beautiful experience) 🏊🏼🔥

Dream holiday:
Impossible, but I would love to spend a week or so in outer space!!!!!

Dream Job:
Singer or Humanitarian

Last Book I read:
Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

Last movie I saw at the cinema:
The Hollows (ooooh scary)

Wearing right now-
Blue shorts and a striped shirt

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Name: Jaelyn (pronounced the same way you’d say Jalen, Jalyn, Jalon)
Nickname(s): Jae. Everybody literally calls me that.
Birthday: March 6
Star sign: Pisces
Gender: Female
Favorite color(s): Greens and Blues
Time right now: 8:32
Average hours of sleep: 5-6
Lucky number: 6
Last thing I googled: a meaning behind this quote I saw on Insta
Number of blankets I sleep under: 2-3 I like to be cozy 😌
Favorite book: It’s between ‘Eleanor and Park’ and 'Olive’s Ocean’
Favorite band: No doubt or Paramore
Last movie I watched: ummm… can’t even tell you because I don’t remember. Maybe Ant-Man? ..idk.
Dream Trip: Honeymoon to the Bahamas .. and I’ve always liked the UK… or maybe Italy. Who knows.
What am I wearing: Lol.. currently in nude. I just got home from work and said “fuck that” took off my clothes and layed down. 😌
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Nickname(s): Liz
Birthday: March 14 2000
Star Sign: Pisces 
Gender: female
Height: 5′6
Favorite Color: Green
Time right now: 3:12pm
Average Hours of Sleep: Anywhere between 2 and 14 hours
Lucky Number: 12
Last thing I Googled: Google
Words that Come To Mind: Bees, sad

Happy Place: My room?

Favorite Books: Everybody sees the ants
Favorite Bands/Artists: ????
Dream Trip: I wanna fight my fake internet friends.

Dream Job: Investigative journalist 

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Nickname: Vic
Birthday: 03/04
Star Sign:Aquarius
Gender: Female

Height: 5′ 1"

Sexual Orientation: Gaaaay 
Favorite color: Purple or blue
Time Right Now: 8:06a

Average Hours I Sleep: I really have no idea, not enough…
Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, idk I don’t think about this
Last Thing I Googled: Probably directions to somewhere
Favorite Fictional Character: Ron Weasley, I used to be madly in love with Edward Elric, I’m sure I have a lot more fictional characters I love but it’s too early right now
Favorite Famous Person: Elijah Wood
Celebrity Crush: Honestly I don’t have celebrity crushes anymore haha
Favorite Book: 1984, among many many others
Favorite Bands/musicians:  Muse, Silversun PIckups, again, among many more that I cannot think of right now
Last Movie I Saw: I think it was The Other Guys, I haven’t watched much TV or anything since I got out of the hospital

Dream Trip: England pls 

Dream Job: I really have no idea  

What I’m Wearing Right Now: Pajamas still which is literally just a T-shirt and underwear haha

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Name: Alex
Nickname: Alecha, Pocket Rocket
Birthday: 3/19
Star sign: Pisces
Gender: female
Height: 5′0"
Sexual orientation: bisexual 
Favorite color: Blue
Time right now: 12:50pm
Average hours of sleep: 6
Lucky number: 13
Last thing I googled: my school website
Words that come to mind: life, lungs, cough, work
Number of blankets I sleep under: at least one or more
Celebrity crush: Jake Gyllenhaal, Matt Schultz, Rihanna
Favorite Book: 1984
Favorite bands/artists: Sublime, Iration, Bob Marley, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Veruca Salt, No Doubt
Last movie I saw: Grease
Dream trip: Northern Europe, Cancun, the Bahamas 
Dream job: Screenwriter
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Nickname(s): planacris and everything else you can fit in my name
Birthday: March 3rd
Star Sign: Pisces
Gender: Female
Height: 1.67/5″4 for you americans
Favorite Color: Purple 
Time right now: 12:56 pm
Average Hours of Sleep: like 8?
Lucky Number: 3 <3
Last thing I Googled: meter to feet *///*
Words That Come To Mind: “I should totally play Chandelier on repeat for the rest of my life”
My Happy Place: My bed with my lamp on
Favorite Books: El Hombre De Los Pies-Murciélago,La Ladrona de Libros (Book Thief), To Kill a Mockingbird, Eat, Pray, Love, Hold Still.
Favorite Bands/Artists: Twenty One Pilots, Natalia Lafourcade, Arctic Monkeys,Alt-J, The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Vampire Weekend, Walk The Moon,Green Day, Young The Giant, Soda Stereo, among others .
Last Movie I Saw: Rush Hour 3
Dream Trip: Somewhere in Germany or Chicago and New York.
Dream Job: Beyoncé.

Your turn m8tes
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Don't ever underestimate the angry side of a pisces. They put up with ALOT. When they finally snap it is bottled up anger letting loose. Let me tell you it is not pretty they know just the right words to really hurt you. They are not afraid to say nasty things to make you feel the way you made them feel. You might be in shock because they usually are empathetic and kind but can become ruthless and cold when angry. Yes they are sweet but there is also a very sour side.

skkbabe asked:

all you know about pisces female? including best compatible matches? including friendship, love and work. greatly appreciated :)

Let’s see:

Compatible Matches: Cancer, Virgo, Taurus 

Best of Friends: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Occupations: Author, Teacher, Psychologist/Counselor/Rehabilitation

A Pisces female is extremely introverted. She, being a Pisces, is the most advanced of the zodiac, and is blessed with an understanding of anyone that comes along her path, as well as master artistry and creativity that can only come from expansive knowledge and wisdom. If someone’s aura doesn’t give away their thoughts and emotions, as she is rather intuitive, she can easily learn about the person because they gravitate towards her. She offer a calm and peaceful solace and a non-judgmental ear, and can receive, absorb, and sympathize with a life story that may be thrown at her at random. She tends to take on other’s problems as her own, because she her nurturing and motherly instincts tells her she must protect others. Unfortunately, that can take a great toll on her emotions, so she often finds herself depressed and hopeless, cursing the world for it’s injustices.

Her true self and feelings lie in the deepest parts of her heart. While she seems melancholy and angelic to the core, there is a dark side to the Pisces woman. She is unusually vengeful, but will not act out of that level of anger. Instead, she will come up with a convoluted plot to make sue whoever wronged her will never cross her path again. Likewise, if she is feeling more expressive, she knows the exact thing to say to ruin someone’s day, and uses this skill as payback to rude strangers who, to her, edify and give example to the corruption in this world. Some would say her brilliant mind gets used more often for wrong than right, but this just isn’t so. She would rather not tap into the evil within her because she eventually becomes guilt-ridden.

She usually takes on the personality of her rising and lives by it in order to reserve how she really feels and sees thing for that person she wants to share her life with. She feels that they will be the only person who will love her enough to hear all the sadness in her soul, and accept her for who she is.

She possesses the ability to make friends easily because she’s so generous and a fantastic listener. Still, most of these friends are really just acquaintances taking advantage of her. The Fish’s real friends do for her because they know she needs it, but won’t ask for it, and expect nothing in return. They stand by her even when she gets angry, ungrateful, and lazy, because they know she’s going to feel bad about it the next day. Her erratic emotions (stemming from a lack of self-identity crises, I’m sure…) cause her to act this way, it is not because she is truly unappreciative or malicious.

When it comes to interpersonal and sexual relationships, she flaunts a graceful and quiet mystery, which will beckon any man or woman to her. Her siren’s song is in her body language, as she carries herself like a lady, and her eyes light up when someone of interest crosses her path. Though she seems innocent at first, whoever encounters her soon realizes that there is not a budding sexuality waiting to flourish, but a flirtatious and often kinky lover waiting to try something new and outlandish. Any partner of hers is bound to be satisfied, as she puts their pleasure before her own, and she’ll use any and all of her inborn resources to achieve this.

Once this woman is married, she becomes the perfect home-maker. She is a submissive and supportive wife, a loving mother, and, due to natural creativity, a well-seasoned cook. She doesn’t play favorites with her children, but may seem to value her husband/wife more than their offspring. Once she is committed to someone, she becomes completely attached to them, and will vow earnestly never to leave their side. She may be dreamy and a little too nice to others, but she values the meaning of a marriage too much to let her daydreams become a reality.