zodiac signs? in MY 2019?

  • dwarves - (march 21 - apr 19)
  • hobbits - (apr 20 - may 20)
  • nymphs - (may 21 - june 20)
  • angels - (june 21 - july 22)
  • dragons - (july 23 - aug 22)
  • mermaids - (aug 23 - sep 22)
  • banshees - (sep 23 - oct 22)
  • elves - (oct 23 - nov 21)
  • werewolves - (nov 22 - dec 21)
  • sirens - (dec 22 - jan 19)
  • vampires - (jan 20 - feb 20)
  • faeries - (feb 21 - march 20)
march lessons

aries: you are starting to become the best version of yourself and you need to embrace it. lean on yourself when things become hard and you will never turn back.

taurus: inhale what you have now. take it in and remember these moments in time. things may not be the same in a year, appreciate where you are now.

gemini: the last thing you need right now is negativity, especially in this time of growth. cut off anything that makes you feel bad, let yourself bloom away from negative energy.

cancer: i know it’s very hard to see things beyond your own perspective when things get hard, but start listening to what people have to say. you may find a light, and that light may just guide you to where you need to be.

leo: be aware of what you need. give yourself some love and do the things that make you happy. whether that be relaxing, working out, etc. just do what you need to do and you will get to the state of bliss you’ve been hoping for.

virgo: there is no need to stress, things really do end up working out. keep pushing yourself forward and ask for guidance when you need it. you’re on the home stretch.

libra: do not apologize for how you feel, ever. you are human and if something hurts your feelings, then that’s how it is. you do not need people who water down your feelings.

scorpio: the people who matter are the ones who stick by you. forget about the ones who left or who act like they don’t care, focus on the one who do and be loyal to them. you’ll need them.

sagittarius: patience is a virtue. i have a feeling that something very exciting is about to happen, but first you must be patient and let it come to you. time may be dragging now, but soon this event will hit you hard.

capricorn: don’t live inside your bubble, you deserve to have some fun every once in a while and forget about the stresses that life brings you. you don’t always have to be working so hard.

aquairus: remember to love yourself and RELAX. life has been very “go go go: lately, and you need to remember that caring for yourself has to be top priority.

pisces: get ready for a big change, but be excited about it! take it on with no hesitation, this is going to be a good thing as long as you let it be.

the signs as girlfriends 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

aries - teases you all the time, makes you laugh, random screaming 📢, your #1 supporter, tons of compliments, needs a lot of love and understanding and patience

taurus - homey, thinks of a future with you, wants to sit down with you and a cup of tea and listen to your hopes and dreams, can seem shy or unsure but they will want to take the lead sometimes, food as love language

gemini - introduces you to all their friends, *been inseparable for six months* are we in a relationship?, wont tell you but they’re in love with you, breaks all their rules for you, takes you out on fun dates

cancer - low maintenance but demanding with cuddles and kisses, loves affection, good morning and good night texts, loves to cook for you, knows all your favorite songs

leo - demands affection, there for you through ups and downs, if they like you you’re special, dominant, has many interesting qualities, love you passionately and wholeheartedly

virgo - shows you new songs, great kisser, always has good advice ready, best friend type of a gf, someone you can trust with anything, very understanding, good date ideas

libra - small gestures, very thoughtful and caring, asks how you’re feeling, worries about you, good listener, remembers small details about you

scorpio - a passionate lover, very cute with you, silly, stares at you then looks away, loves to make you smile, puts in the effort, intelligent and funny

sagittarius - leaves love notes in your apartment for you to read and smile at after a long day, bakes you heart shaped cookies, wants to travel the world with you

capricorn - tries to play it cool when they’re in love, needs a lot of validation, shows you that they care through actions instead of words, lowkey wants to marry you asap

aquarius - intense eye contact, closeness, supports you 100%, always has your back, shows you their weird side, surprises you with creative gifts, inappropriate jokes

pisces - writes you love letters, texts you constantly, wants to tell you everything, dreams about a future with you, passionate and over the top kind of love

🌟Venus Signs as GIRLFRIENDS🌟

💘Aries Venus: funny girlfriend. loves to playfully fight you. really adventurous and wild. gets jealous easily and can play hard to get because she loves if you chase her.

💘Taurus Venus: the type to really spoil you. take her on a nice dinner or any date that involves food. super caring and sweet. she loves getting attention and compliments.

💘Gemini Venus: such a talkative and funny girlfriend. she wants to travel and discover new things with you. the type of girl who makes talking to her for hours seem like minutes because she’s never boring.

💘Cancer Venus: so sweet and caring! she just wants to spend time with you at home, cuddle and eat. will always make sure that you are happy and safe. watch out for her mood swings tho.

💘Leo Venus: show her off. she wants to have fun and be wild. she also loooves pda and can get quite clingy. this girl is going to treat you like a king/queen and she also expects the same in return.

💘Virgo Venus: very helpful girlfriend. she doesn’t like pda and wants to be your best friend. that girl who will make you get your life together or she’s done lol. she loves talking and sharing and expects the same from you. 

💘Libra Venus: this girl is soo charming and romantic! she loves the traditional sappy dates with candles and roses. is really into celebrating Valentine’s Day and any anniversaries in the most corny way possible.

💘Scorpio Venus: she loves to cuddle and be with you as much as possible. so seductive. doesn’t trust easily. this girl wants to know all your deepest darkest secrets.

💘Sagittarius Venus: you will never get bored with this girl. sooo funny and adventurous! she loves trying new things and isn’t really into the romantic stuff. she is super chill about any relationship.

💘Capricorn Venus: this girl is really serious about who she dates. definitely someone who craves true love and the traditional relationship. she is very funny and sarcastic!

💘Aquarius Venus: she wants to do everything with you. not just your girlfriend, but also your best friend. super carefree and funny. this girl wants to talk to you about all the weird and random stuff.

💘Pisces Venus: such a romantic and sensitive girlfriend! she just wants to cuddle and have your attention 24/7 haha. so funny and sweet. the type to make you cute handmade gifts. 

what the signs need in someone

aries: they need someone to be there for them and protect them as they protect everyone else.

taurus: they need someone to understand why they feel so strongly about the things they do.

gemini: they just need someone to look beyond what everyone else sees.

cancer: they need someone to give them as much admiration as they give everyone else.

leo: they need someone who sees beyond the image they put out, someone who truly cares to ask them the deep questions.

virgo: they need someone to be warm with them when they feel distant. 

libra: they need someone who will help to spark inspiration in them to keep moving forward.

scorpio: they need someone to listen to them when their mind gets too loud.

sagittarius: they need someone who is willing to help them understand their own thoughts.

capricorn: they need someone to understand why they want all of the things they do in life, and won’t hold them back

aquairus: they simply need someone to laugh with, who doesn’t take life so seriously all the time.

pisces: they need someone that they can have deep talks with almost all the time, who doesn’t get tired of expanding their mind. 

who the venus signs need

ARIES: someone as strong and spontaneous as you are, who understands your fierceness and desire for directness. someone who will open up to you, and lets you open up to them without feeling as if you’re tied to one place.
TAURUS: someone who lets you take your time, allowing you to feel comfortable and stable in a relationship without pushing you to move too fast. someone who knows when you need your space, but also when you need a gesture that assures you of their feelings.
GEMINI: someone who matches you on an intellectual and energetic level. someone who knows you enough to make you laugh but also enough to allow you to roam independently, coming and going as you please.
CANCER: someone who respects your boundries, and doesn’t make you feel unneccessarily vulnerable. someone who understands your caring nature without taking advantage of your big heart and giving spirit, and someone who will give to you in return.
LEO: someone who understands your need to be dramatic, without blowing your actions out of proportion. someone who is confident and colourful, who admires you and respects you without trying to force you to change.
VIRGO: someone who understands your emotions are sometimes hard to read, and will trust the feelings you choose to express without question. someone who respects your space and emotions, and won’t make a figurative or literal mess of your life.
LIBRA: someone who shares your zest for life, and understands that even if you seeem distant you’re a romantic at heart. someone who is a smart and friendly as you, and won’t hold you back from the path you choose to follow.
SCORPIO: someone who respects your privacy and occasionally secrecy, but understands and matches your passion for all things. someone who understands your strong will, and won’t leave you when they feel like things are getting too intense.
SAGITTARIUS: someone who understands how important your friendships are to you, and will respect your freedom while standing by you. someone who knows how to have fun, and can help you broaden your horizons in ways you never thought possible.
CAPRICORN: someone who isn’t intimidated by you, and will understand that while you pften keep your emotions to yourself you do still have them. someone who you can settle down with, without feeling trapped or like your ambitions have been stunted.
AQUARIUS: someone who respects your independence, and will care for you you without holding you back from your freendom. someone who shares your passions for justice and intellect, and will be your friend as well as your partner.
PISCES: someone who won’t take advantage of your kind, sensitive heart, and will make you feel safe opening up to them. someone who believes in your dreams as much as, and sometimes more than, you do and will help you push out of your comfort zone to persue them.

zodiac signs as a flowers

Aries - SUNFLOWER. You show outstanding activity, energies and initiative. You are open to changes and new experiences, you can be impulsive and excitable, you are an optimist.

Taurus - VIOLET. You are calm, patient, determined, practical, stubborn and resistant to change. You value the accumulation of material goods and cling to your property. You love everything that is harmonious and beautiful.

Gemini - LAVENDER. You are guided in your life with the mind, pushing your feelings to the background. You are lively, versatile intellectual. You can easily adapt to new situations. You like traveling and changes

Cancer - LILY. You are open, sensitive, sympathetic, polite and very emotional. You have imagination and an active, bright and intuitive mind. In an unpleasant environment or when you fail, you become closed, beautiful and inaccessible. You are obsessively worried about your future

Leo - ORCHID. The marigold is enthusiastic, effusive and creative, generous and extravagant. You are brave, sometimes lazy. You have nobility and pride. You are affectionate, kind and cordial, you love all of humanity. Natural simplicity.

Virgo - HYDRANGEA. You are secretive, modest, practical, fastidious and hardworking, analytical and meticulous, looking for knowledge and understanding. You are a perfectionist, your motto is work and self-improvement. You can easily adapt to new conditions, you are flexible.

Libra - ROSE. You are active, artistic, understanding, consistent, you value beauty and harmony, you are also diplomatic, elegant and sociable. You have a passion for indulging yourself and for luxury. You demonstrate great intelligence and imagination.

Scorpio - TULIP. You are passionate and emotional, subtle and persistent. Besides, you are endowed with great imagination. You have a lot of will power that you can use. You emanate with strong magnetism, fill you with energy and violence of feelings

Sagittarius - DAISY. You are energetic, ambitious and generous. you love freedom and are looking for challenges, you are open to new ideas and discovering the unknown. You are happy, if you can discover new ideas, explore distant places, you are the soul of the party.

Capricorn - CARNATION. You are mysterious, prudent, patient, you are looking for security, you are greedy, disciplined, determined, you can quickly take advantage of occasions. You are looking for praise and acceptance, but you tend to be secretive

Aquarius - PEONY. You are assertive, independent, progressive, analytical, original, resourceful and unforgiving. You are also idealistic and kind. Helping others gives you pleasure, you like to consider all “for” and “against”.

Pisces - LILAC. You are open, intuitive, emotional, imaginative, romantic, vulnerable, also mystical, you are very changeable. Dreams are your everyday life, you must trust your intuition and feelings, otherwise you will not realize your dreams and plans, you can not lose faith in yourself.

Who is your Cosmic Dream Girl? ♥ 

Aries is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • Passion and playfulness, to feel young at heart again 
  • To be challenged and pushed beyond your limits
  • Enjoy the rush of the chase 
  • Freedom with the promise of loyalty 
  • Trying new things and seeing what you are capable of together
  • Surprises, changes, excitement, spice
  • A magnetic ‘spark’, the sense of going and possibly never fully returning

Taurus is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • Old fashioned romance and timeless beauty 
  • Plenty of physical affection and displays of love
  • ‘Date Nights’ that include cooking, eating, and staying in together 
  • A sense of long term security and commitment, the sense of being cared for and wanted  
  • Being comfortable enough in their company to be your natural self
  • A genuine openness with a mutual respect for privacy and each other’s story

Gemini is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • Intelligence, a girl that reads, writes, outthinks, and outwits you
  • The element of surprise and being made to laugh
  • Uncertainty about what is coming next 
  • Freedom with devotion, feeling young at heart again
  • Being intrigued and fascinated, great storytelling 
  • Puzzles, decoding and piecing different ‘clues’ together 
  • Sweet, enlightening, and soulful conversations until the sun rises

Cancer is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • Willingness to be weird and cute around one another, and plenty of in-jokes 
  • Taking naps together and staring at the moon
  • ‘Date Nights’ that include cooking, eating, and staying in together 
  • Deep inner connections that make intimacy very raw and emotionally charged
  • Storytelling and recapturing the imagination 
  • Being cared for, and having someone that will let you care for them 

Leo is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • Passion and playfulness, to feel young at heart again
  • A satiation of raw and carnal desires, a chemical ‘spark’ 
  • Someone who knows what they want and lets you know where you stand
  • A sense of specialness or exclusivity 
  • Sharing the house with pets 
  • Recapturing a sense of magic, appetite for life, and anticipation 
  • A mutually supportive and compassionate connection

Virgo is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • Someone who can mind read what you need because you won’t say it
  • Someone who is always wanting to self-improve and present their best while supporting you to reach yours
  • A girl that can teach, write, edit, recite, outwit and outthink you 
  • Minimal drama and upfront confrontation 
  • Good and mutually satisfying private 1:1 conversation 
  • Maintaining a life, hobbies, and friendships outside of the relationship 

Libra is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • An equal emotional and spiritual investment in the relationship
  • Someone that has your back and is proud of that fact 
  • An appealing mixture of beauty and brains, an element of surprise accompanying the intelligence 
  • A lover straight out from a story who wants that idyllic fairy tale ending 
  • Being part of an enigma that blurs the reality of everything else 
  • No judgement for your back story or mistakes from your past 

Scorpio is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • A provocative and addictive connection, impassioned intimacy
  • A chemical ‘spark’, a satiation of raw and carnal desires
  • Decoding and piecing different ‘clues’ together 
  • Being challenged on your view and perspective of reality 
  • Loyalty and honesty
  • A sense of being involved in something forbidden, secret, and completely out of control
  • Belonging to somebody else

Sagittarius is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • Elements of surprise, spontaneity, and openness to sudden changes
  • Weekend escapes where everything and everyone else melts away 
  • Travelling, experimenting, and experiencing new worlds together 
  • Independence with the currency of honesty 
  • A natural feeling of intoxication, soaking up all of the pleasures that life has to offer 
  • Intelligence, street smarts, and philosophical conversation 

Capricorn is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • Creating a ‘power couple’ and sharing success together 
  • A sense of security and knowing where you stand 
  • Genuineness, intelligence, and humility  
  • Someone who accepts your past and supports you creating a future
  • Traditional romance with the modern spin of equality and respect 
  • Being shown what you are truly capable of 

Aquarius is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • A lover and your best friend in one
  • Intelligence, a girl that reads, writes, outthinks, and outwits you
  • Somebody different and ‘special’ who is not afraid to flow with their spirit
  • A mystery, a complexity, a puzzle with no edges 
  • Questioning your sanity, having your world turned upside down
  • Maintaining a life, hobbies, and friendships outside of the relationship 

Pisces is the Dream Girl for those who like…

  • A romance that seems to stop time, creating a private recluse together  
  • A good amount of physical, spiritual, and emotional intimacy
  • Date Nights’ that include cooking, eating, napping, laughing, crying, and staying in together 
  • Being a part of something mysterious or secret, a feeling of natural intoxication
  • A satiation of raw and carnal desires, a very impassioned sensuality 
  • Being supported and having someone let you support them 


why the moon signs are inspiring 💖

aries moon: so passionate, accepting and enthusiastic. Your passion and love for life is truly inspiring and people are in awe of you. You do care about people deep down but some people take it as aggression. Don’t stop being a spirited and a wild soul: own it! 

taurus moon: your desire for security and stability has a very comforting presence in people’s lives. Your warmth, charm and loyalty is unparalleled. You are noticed and you do make a difference.  

gemini moon: these souls are hilarious, friendly and intelligent. You try your best and everyone can see it! No one can compete with your wit and knowledge. You’re inspiring because you motivate people to want to be inquisitive and knowledgeable.

cancer moon: sentimental, emotional, caring and exceptionally loving. Your love knows no boundaries and people are truly comfortable to be themselves around you. You are so confident with being in tune with your emotions that it can be very grounding to the people around you. 

leo moon: you encourage people to not only be themselves but to try their best. You may come off as disciplinary but it only means that you care. You’re so loving it’s hard to ignore  You add brilliance and radiance to people’s lives and we love you for it!

virgo moon: so hardworking and responsible. Sometimes you can be your own worst critic but just remember the best person you are is the one you are right now. Your altruism is amazing and encourages people to always try their best.

libra moon: so peaceful and mediated. You allow people to be the truest version of themselves as you are non-judgemental. You remind people to be creative and romantic, but remember it’s okay to not always maintain appearances.  

scorpio moon: these people remind us how to live passionately. Unapologetic and willful. As much as you try to cover up your emotions we know that you’re a powerhouse and a boss. If a scorpio moon is in your life you will be protected and loved until the end of time. 

sagittarius moon: you remind us how to look to the bright side and to be positive. A true reminder to be grateful and optimistic. Your energy just exudes this. People are very attracted to this and love to be reminded of the good in the world. 

capricorn moon: this is what ambition looks like. Always striving for better can be exhausting but remember how amazing that is in itself. Cautious, steady and self-reliant: these people remind us that without structure the world would be in chaos.

aquarius moon: wants to save the world. So friendly and questioning. You have many admirable traits that include sympathy and progressiveness. Reminds people that it’s okay to be unconventional, intellectual and themselves. You express your individuality like no one else. 

pisces moon: it’s okay to be sensitive and gentle. You’re easily wounded but that’s only because you’re so empathetic to the world around you. You remind us to be expressive of our vulnerabilities and how to truly love one another for what we are. This placement is sometimes overlooked as being weak but I don’t think that is true at all. It takes courage to be kind.

~~~If you’re new to astrology and don’t know your moon sign, you can go onto cafeastrology to find out your natal chart placements. Or if you want to ask any questions don’t be afraid to message me! 

Affirmations for the Zodiac Signs! 💗😄👍🏻


“Because I love myself so much, I have no need to tear others down. I use my pride to lift others up, so that they can experience the same self-love that I have for myself. There is no need for competition, because my beauty and divinity is never threatened by the beauty and divinity of others.”


“My body is a holy vessel. No matter what I put it through, no matter how mad I get at it, and no matter what other people say about it, it will always keep loving me. My body believes in me so much that every single cell is working 24/7 just to keep me alive.”


“My mind is beautiful. I am able to understand and accept both the good and the bad in myself and others. I am wise. Even when the world give me pain, I choose to give out joy.”


“I am the creator of my own home. Even in the coldest of times, I can look inside myself to keep me warm. I build my home whenever and wherever I need it. I am always safe.”


“The light inside me never burns out. There is beautiful magic all around me. Everyday is a new chance for me to bring more light and magic into the world. My light is strong and powerful. My light is warm and kind. My kindness is what sparks magic.”


“I am at peace with both the bad and the good. Nothing can upset my inner calm. Because my soul is already perfect, there is no need to hate and criticize myself. I am doing the best I can, and that is enough.”


“I am strong. I do not fear what other people say or do. I do not fear arguments and fights. I do not fear hate. I have so much strength within myself. I am a peaceful fighter for good. My words and actions breed love, and love always triumphs over hate.”


“I trust my instinct, but I do not judge. I only bring people of love into my life. It is okay to want to be alone sometimes. It is also okay to open up to people sometimes too. I feel comfortable with who I am. I feel comfortable with sharing myself to others when I feel that is what I need. My body knows what I need.”


“I am full of knowledge. I am full of hope. My knowledge is what gives me hope. No matter what happens and wherever I go, I will always be surrounded by love. My words are wrapped in knowledge. I speak words of love and hope.”


“I am beautiful. I deserve to feel loved. I deserve to be held. I deserve to enjoy life. I am gentle and kind to myself. I treat myself with the same kindness that I give to others I love. I deserve to love myself.”


“I allow myself to grow and bloom. Like a flower, I am able to flow and adapt to my environment. There is no need for me to be stubborn, because stubbornness comes from a place of insecurity. I feel secure in my thoughts and wisdom. My roots are strong and buried deep into the ground. I feel secure in who I am right now and in the flower I will become.”


“I allow myself to feel. I allow myself to cry when I am upset. For it is my tears that spark and begin my healing process. Being able to feel so deeply allows me to heal myself and others. I recycle my sadness into love. No emotion is useless if I know how to use it to my benefit and to the benefit of other.”

(These are separated by sign, but feel free to use any that you feel you need!!)