Finally finished Reimei no Arcana and let me sigh for a moment.

OKay first of all. I knew Nakaba and Caesar would end up together and Loki will be the chilhood third wheel, well it was pretty obvious.Honestly my first impression for this manga was kinda not good. The style of manga was typical and I was thinking of dropping it.

I hated Caesar at first because he really is an asshole and stupid as the lead guy here and his long hair makes him a total villanious. I really wanted to laugh so much at that forced deep kiss at the very first chapter Hahahaha. Nakaba is so emotionless and a bravado. She kept on saying whatever she wants and do whatever she want, not thinking about the consequences. As for, Loki, well… now that I’ve think of it, he didn’t change as much as the two.

I just love how Caesar and Nakaba changed naturally, I mean like this guy was a total meanie before and this girl’s attitude was so uncute but both changed so much as they fall in love with each other. What they did was fill the hole on each heart. I’m so glad but kind of not when I see Loki seeing the two getting lovey dovey. I mean heck he was there all the time but why didn’t Nakaba even noticed him? Childhood friends are so officially bound to be the third wheel.

Anyways, when the King ordered to dye Nakaba’s hair to black then there’s Caesar, covered up Nakaba, suddenly laughed hard then proudly cuts his long black hair then turns into an ultra mega hottie. Nakaba also cut her hair wayyyyyyy too short and idk what to feel because she looked like a boy, but I’m sure that it was during this time that Caesar and Nakaba finally had their resolve. I just didn’t saw this coming. The turn of events was truly interesting. Caesar rather became honest and would always openly care for Nakaba and the latter feels mutual. I wanna laugh hard when Caesar was becoming a tsundere when Nakaba was being affectionate towards him.

Seriously everything happened is worth crying over but the part where both of them were apart for 3 months without contacts and married another person was so heartbreaking, I really couldn’t hold back my tears here. I just can’t imagine to marry someone again when I know I still love the first husband and it wasn’t even like he’s dead yet. I mean, he was just there, at his own country, married off another girl for political convenience. Yeah. But honestly, this Adel was kinda cute it seems like he likes Nakaba but couldn’t express it very well, just like Caesar at first. Sorta pity him when Nakaba stole the authority of would-be king from him.

Everything seems so not right starting from that 3 months apart. Marrying another person and Nakaba stealing the king’s position then after Caesar finally killed his father, Loki asked for Senan and wanted to separate the sub people from humans and then after several years Loki died without anybody beside him.

LEMME RANT FOR A SEC. The ending was kinda rushed. I was actually expecting more of Nakaba x Caesar moments but it was focused on Loki’s death WHICH IS THE MOST PAINFUL MOMENT.
The part of Cain’s story was just so sad and to be honest I find he’s characted too wasted especially when he died. The country of Ahkil wasn’t solved, I truly hated that son of a bitch for killing snake girl I cried for moment there. Nakaba became the ‘king’ of Senan and was despised by Adel. I feel sorry for Adel, I was expecting more from him but he was just USED was perfectly expressed in the manga. Nakaba stealing the Senan just like that was so off, and then Loki reveals his hidden hatred for her. Seriously, the wtf parts kept piling up. I’M SORRY BUT THE ENDING LEFT ME WOUNDED.

Still, I love this manga. Its not something you can get over with in just one day. I really like how the story expressed the loneliness, yearning, hate, and love. I’m glad I tried this manga. Truly remarkable! =))