If you prefer the world to be all cyberpunk then obviously you don’t really like nature and I could probably hate you for it cause obviously you prefer things that are human made over things that are made by nature. If you think you’d be comfortable living in a world where (probably) there’s no floras and faunas and instead replaced with robots and skyscrapers and batman mobile looking transport methods and ‘people’ living off tubes and masks then we can’t be friends. It’s so unnatural it bothers me at an alarming level. I’m sort of almost phobic to it.

Bong Sun cries cause people judge her by her looks?

That’s not even close to the reason to why some people dislike her. First, she’s so clingy to Sparta Kook, then she gets all violent to our Suk brothers (Jae Suk, Suk Jin). I mean, seriously, she hit them both with a broom and then on another episode kicked Suk Jin oppa’s cheek

You don’t have to be violent to be funny. Y'know. Be like Jae Suk oppa.


Not a perfect take, my pinky hurts from trying to learn this song overnight. I’m more of a drummer these days.