pirouette form

Buoyant notes of tawdry lament
Collect their tolls then hide in tandem
Madness slinks on my tongue, entropic
Conjured pirouettes form silent demand
October grasps with borrowed breath
The mistress of laceleaf, drying
Bees imbibe to hoard kind spirits
Spreading their verve o'er soporific life

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otayuri hc's: +yuri slowly steals all of otabek's clothes and otabek pretends not to notice +when otabek has a bad day at the rink yuri quietly massages his shoulders to comfort him +as yuri grows older he becomes uncomfortable and insecure with his body changes and otabek starts wearing platform boots to soothe yuri's anxiety +yuri starts a fanclub for otabek that was meant to be a skaters only ordeal but becomes huge, causing yuri to get jealous over the attention on otabek (1/2)

+yuri and otabek get matching colored skate guards (the front half is a deep red and the back half is a light blue)
+viktor and yuuri are actually quiet about their relationship and have fun discussing it when the two aren’t around, betting on who will realize their feelings first
+vik.tuuri also plays a big part in writing fluff ota.yuri fictions
+mila likes otabek for his skating and admires him but only platonically
+she respects him for the way he treats yuri
+yuri and otabek practice ballet together late at night in lilia’s studio
+otabek buys yuri leopard print leotards
+otabek always blushes when yuri helps correct his form during pirouette practice
+otabek makes honey chamomile tea for yuri when he has to stay late at the rink and otabek knows he’ll be cold when he gets back
+yuri buys a polaroid camera impulsively and only takes pictures of them, which otabek takes his favorite picture and hides it in his wallet


5- Mega Evolution

I had bunches of fun with this! Expect a reblog of this come morning!

Thank you so much for sending in a meme request, I was really hoping to do some of those ones you made! I hope this suffices, I’m really content with how this turned out! I think it’s the best my style can get right now.

I tried to include various music references while keeping the design a mix and match of the Aria and Pirouette forms. The form is mostly Aria, though, save for the Pirouette part of the hair, where it curls.

I would like to imagine that this is a Mega Evolution that is exclusive to when Meloetta is in its Aria Forme. I originally planned to make a Pirouette version, but I hadn’t any more ideas.

Day 351 - Meloetta | メロエッタ 

Singing and dancing, Meloetta is the perfect example of an idol. Pokémon gather around to hear and see Meloetta’s performances. Ballerinas practice hard to even exhibit 10% of Meloetta’s skills, and singers have yet to reach its vocal prowess.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

(648 / 721)


🎶  Meloetta - The melody Pokémon  🎶

Meloetta’s melodies are able to control the emotions of both people and pokémon alike, being able to make them laugh with joy or cry in sadness. This has lead to many melodies being based of the ones it sings. One of its songs, the relic song, it performed for people everywhere to bring them joy however it lost the melody when sorrow darkened the world, along with its red shoes. Rumour has it a musician in Café Sonata knows this lost tune.

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Ok, should've done it on this blog, sorry 😅But what kind of Pokémon do you think the mm squad would have? Persian feels obvious for Jumin

bro i LOVE coming up with pokemon squads thank you for giving me an excuse to do these guys i put way more time and effort into this than i should have whoops


  • Rockruff
    • Puppy! Enough said lol
  • Skitty
    • Since he’s a vet, he’s gotta have the standard puppy and kitten. Skitty also represents Lisa!
  • Pawniard
    • I knew Yoosung would want a sword/knight Pokemon in there somewhere because of his LOLOL fantasy, but I chose Pawniard specifically bc it tries to be edgy and like “FIGHT ME” but at the same time it’s so small and cute?
  • Pikachu
    • He loves video games, of course he’d have the main mascot! Plus the color scheme fits, so cute~
  • Audino
    • Obligatory healer Pokemon haha
  • Togetic
    • Togetic’s all about hope and happiness, and Yoosung always tries to be a really cheerful person, so I feel he’d like one!


  • Roserade
    • I mean… look at it. Don’t tell me Roserade doesn’t scream “Zen” lmao
  • Meloetta
    • Another obvious one haha… I like that it has the Pirouette form too, which kinda represents his acting as well as his singing
  • Alolan Ninetales
    • It’s gorgeous and silvery and beautiful. Just like Zen~
  • Gallade
    • Zen’s always going on about how ~knightly~ he is haha
  • Abra
    • Psychic dreams, yo
  • Seviper
    • …read farther (also I genuinely feel Zen would dig snakes)


  • Mienshao
    • I know there’s actually a judo Pokemon, but I felt Mienshao suited Jaehee better than Throh in just about every aspect 
  • Pidgeot
    • I just kinda feel that Pidgeot gives off a Jaehee vibe? It might be the color scheme and also how diligent it looks.
  • Noctowl
    • Why am I associated a bunch of bird Pokemon with Jaehee? idk man I’m just going with my gut… Noctowl is associated with nighttime and this girl’s always up late :’D Also the color scheme! And it’s super smart.
  • Chatot
  • Kirlia
    • Ballet! Also it’d be cute for Jaehee to have a Gardevoir and Zen to have a Gallade >v>
  • Ampharos
    • Since there’s no caffeine/coffee Pokemon, I figured electricity would be the next closest thing haha. I felt Jaehee would like how Ampharos looks, as well as its gentle nature


  • Meowstic (f)
    • Female Meowstic is probably the closest thing to Elizabeth 3rd you’re gonna get with Pokemon!
  • Alolan Meowth
    • Instead of Persian I think he’d have this for a couple reasons: it is (or was, I guess) associated with high class (bred for royalty and all) and also Meowth is just associated with money, of course. we’re not gonna talk about Alolan Persian shh
  • Espeon
    • First, cat. Second, all its Pokedex entries talk about how loyal it is, and it’s evolved via friendship. Jumin really values good friends and loyal people.
  • Lilligant
    • Jumin really cares about the environment and likes gardening, so he’d definitely have at least one grass Pokemon. I feel Lilligant fits his aesthetic, I guess, out of all the grass Pokemon out there despite it being very… woman-like whoops
  • Cherrim
    • …the cherry farm lol (also this is like, the closest I could get to associating a Pokemon with grapes/wine? :’D)
  • Zangoose
    • Grumpy, v srs kitty. ò^ó Also bc I couldn’t resist giving Zen and Jumin rival Pokemon heheh


  • Rotom
    • Imagine the mayhem he’d cause with a Rotom omg he’d love it
  • Beheeyem
    • Because space. Also apparently its appearance is supposed to resemble a secret agent lmao!
  • Metagross
    • Gotta give him a robot Pokemon right? Metagross is also apparently based off both a supercomputer and UFO, so I thought that fit haha~
  • Mimikyu
    • He’d. Relate to Mimikyu a bit too much, I feel. A thing pretending to be something it’s not to be noticed and loved? kill me ;v;
  • Litleo
    • I felt he would definitely have at least one cat Pokemon, and out of all the cat Pokemon out there I thought Litleo suited him best! Fiery lil kitty <3
  • Cubone
    • do i need to explain this one it’s even more tragic than mimikyu /sobs

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If you could describe the different major national styles of ballet (Russian, French, American, etc.) in just a few words for each, which would these be?

just in a few words?

Russian: academicism, lines, emphasis on clear technique and classical training + artistic abilities, esp. in Moscow. and a mixture of the best qualities from the list below.

French: speed, speed, speed and emphasis on clarity of footwork.

Italian: clarity of performance, importance of long stretched limbs and chiseled lines.

American: physical strength, musicality.

English: ability to perform all basic and most widely spread movements, being able to maintain balance (esp. in arabesques and doing pirouettes), simplicity of forms for main characters and complications for group scenes.

Danish: legs, strong legs, very strong legs, powerful and high jumps, speedy footwork, speedy footwork in combination with motionless arms.

How to change Meloetta to it's Pirouette Forme

Meloetta can change forme only during a battle, by changing forme it changes from Normal / Psychic to Normal / Fighting

Meloetta must learn the move Relic Song in order to change forme, after using Relic Song in battle it’s forme will change. Meloetta will change back to it’s Aria Forme when is switch during battle and when the battle is over

To teach Relic Song to Meloetta you must go to the Move Tutor in:

- X & Y: Snowbelle City

- Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Crooner’s Café in Mauville City

Meloetta is available on European & Australian Pokémon X, Y,Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire games via Nintendo Network. It will be available in a few hours in America


Known colloquially as Unova’s Muse Of the Arts and the Swansong Siren, her name inspires a mixture of love, reverence and a tinge of underlying fear lurking beneath the surface depending on who you ask.
The common people speak of her in friendlier tones than they do the more grandiose legendaries and for good reason—-out of the entire pantheon, she is the only one to have her existence //confirmed// by the scientific community due to her appearance in recent history during Unova’s fight for independence where she allied with their soldiers to fend off Kanto Imperialists back in the 1950s. Through their observations back then, they documented her ability to speak a multitude of languages and her ability to influence the subconscious mind through song or dance. She disappeared after the war, never to be seen again though her presence left a lasting impression on the populace.

Artisans everywhere pay tribute to her in an altar backstage (a norm for every production) before any performance, often dedicating their performances to her for good luck.

However, there is a dark side to her as older folks who have another name for her, (Leannan Sidhe) can attest to.
While plenty of footage of her exists in the records, there is no audio recording of her battle song (In Pirouette forme) against Kanto’s forces, and those who were on ground zero with her deny having heard anything. During that battle, Kanto’s forces were recorded on soundless film turning against each other in a bloody frenzy.
The only audio recording which existed was destroyed in 1974 after a spate of mysterious suicides among the researchers who were studying it.

As the Leannan Sidhe (Fairy Lover), it is said that she may choose to bless a person with boundless inspiration, however this frequently results in madness after a prolonged period and death; those touched by her blessing live short but highly inspired lives and despite them singing praises to her, many artisans are privately warned against accepting her gifts should she ever appear to them.

As a legendary, it is suggested that she is distantly linked to other ‘Fae’ Pokemon such as the Ralts line, and that she doesn’t feed normally but sustains herself on human energy (hence why she remains close to people despite other legendaries staying away from them, and why her chosen hosts tend to wither away).