you know how there’s those men who open their mouths and literally the entire time they’re talking you’re just screaming internally “OH MY GOOOOD SHUT THE FUCK UUUUUPP” because they’re just so annoying? this comic is about that, except instead of talking he douses the entire city in psychoactive drugs

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“I read this one book that I made Zeke’s favorite book, which is Down These Mean Streets by Piri Thomas. In that book, it’s about this kid from the 1940s I believe. He’s a dark-skinned Puerto Rican who gets racially profiled as black constantly. He’s growing up in Harlem during that time period and he talks about growing up in the ghetto. In the book he talks about when you’re walking in the streets you have to adopt this concept called “cara palo,” which means stone face. That was one of the main things I played with Zeke, is having this deep well of emotion but trying to mask it with his subtleties and with trying to be expressionless, which was a challenge because I grew up in a very expressive family. Zeke still has that passion, but I was never taught that it was not okay to cry. I was never taught that it was not okay to say what you feel and how you feel and just address things immediately instead of holding them in. With Zeke I had to try to be as cara palo as possible.”  —Justice Smith

I want more lady Rogues I want more obscure Rogues I want DC to revisit Becky Albright and Molly Randall and the concept of a Mistress of Fear and I want to see blonde girls teaming up with the Mad Hatter and making him rob jewelry stores for them and I want Query and Echo save Riddler’s ass more times than he can count and I want Duela Dent planning crimes just to show Batman that she can stop them too and I want Magpie to fight Catwoman because they both tried to steal the same priceless gem and I want to see Peyton Riley fighting Harley Quinn for her right to be the Ventriloquist and I want obscure female Rogues that don’t have the hots for Batman or work as sidekicks to other Rogues I want to see obscure female Rogues that are sick of being treated of victims and are just as ruthless as the boys and take advantage of lonely hearts to suit their own ends but I also do not want DC to come anywhere near them because it will go horribly wrong