pirelli calendar 2014


The 50th anniversary edition of the Pirelli Calendar 2014 known as The Cal is signed by the famous German photographer Helmut Newton and was realised in 1986 remaining unpublished until now in the Historical Archive of the company.

” A work of documentation of an era, something that registers indelibly emotions and makes it timeless . Just like this one by Helmut Newton. ” says Marco Tronchetti Provera, Chairman of Pirelli Group.

Made in 1986 in Monte Carlo, location of some of his most famous shots , the set moved in Chianti, Tuscany, to the farm land and the territory of the Italian region becomes the background of this ” neo-realistic film ” , as defined by Peter Lindbergh today.

To reveal it is Manuela Pavesi , fashion consultant who in those years has worked with Newton . Or rather, she continued his work , when he had to leave the project for personal reasons .And Manuela Pavesi , with Newton’s assistant photographer, Xavier Alloncle, thanks to the detailed descriptions of him, manages to finish his work that has now become the celebratory calendar , that of half a century. ” Newton had everything in his head, he was a visionary and he liked that very theme “poor woman and wealthy woman ” that we had done together and we played here,” she says .

And even if physically taking pictures is the Newton’s assistant , Xavier Alloncle , the pictures played today are definitely ” Newtonian ” .