Happy Birthday Gift

Happy Birthday Jakei^^ i draw this picture for you to your Birthday so i hope your dreams and hopes gets all true, stay cool and awesome how ya are hope your ok and have a rlly nice and awesome i wish you the best for your Birthday, on the picture are we 2 and Cross!Sans and my sans Sanit!Sans^^ 

so i hope rlly you like this pircture^^

Drawing for: @jakei

Drawing from: @swthedragonarist16 (me)

Road trip

Imagine Noora and William going away on road trips, just to get away once in awhile. Not really having a destination, the two just leave (but not before leaving a note for Eskild and Linn) traveling the world together in their car. Despite it being cold (but remember Noora likes the cold) Noora loves to let the breeze of the day or night flow through her blonde long (or short) hair. William has a huge genuine smile upon his face as he admires her feeling the wind through his tinted sun glasses. They have a ridiculous soundtrack playing, that they both felt was suitable for a cross country road trip. William glances bewteen the road and Noora as she sings to him, he chuckles when she plays with his hair singing at the top of her lungs trying to get attention from him. When night falls Noora insists that William pulls the car over so they could do some star gazing upon the car hood. William complies bringing a blanket (and some cocoa) as they cuddle, both amazed by the bright shinning stars. Noora has suspicions that William has changed some routes on their map (could you blame him though that he just wants to spend more time alone with the love of his life) but she doesn’t mind, it makes it all the more exciting and fun to find out what the world has in store for them. Most of the time William treats them to interesting restaurants, sometimes it’s amazing and sometimes it’s bland but at least they could say they tried most of the food the world has to offer. Along the open road Noora makes up games for the two of them to play for example one of them being souvenir hunting, (scavenger hunting, karoke, card games, etc) which ever one of them finds the most unique souvenir wins. When they stop to admire beautiful artifacts William somehow never gets a picture of the subject alone but with a blonde, blue eyed girl being really interested in said artifacts. She is annoyed when she finds most of the pirctures not even including the amazing artifacts but her. William shrugs playing dumb with a guilty smile uplifting his soft tender lips “I don’t know how that blonde mysterious beauty got in the pictures, my hand must’ve slipped”. Noora rolling her eyes, responding with a “Your hand sure did slip a lot, William. I only have four good pictures without the blonde beauty in them” she let out a breath before laughing. William is still iffy if she’s mad at him or not but when she plants a huge kiss upon his lips he knows. Noora usually is the one to make William attend local events when they find a flyer in a small town. Sometimes the events consists of carnivals, firework shows, dancing parties, etc. They loved to know where they’re going but when they get lost that’s the most exciting. Being lost consists of more adventures and memories for the two. When they past by old western bars both go and make friends with the bikers that hangout there for directions. The bikers are surprisingly nice and offer them new locations to visit. They can’t take up the offer so their road trip extends for awhile longer. When they stop for gas, William smiles to himself when Noora purposely gets the snacks, coffee, drinks that she knows he hates (but actually likes) just to annoy him. Noora giggles when William dances to the songs of her choice, sometimes joining him, sometimes filming him just for the fun of it. William laughs himself when he finds out most of Noora’s guilty music pleasures like Justin Bieber (even though he kinda knew). When things get a tad more steamy the two go for the back seat, (William still remembers the time they both suggested it at Sana’s party so why not) cozy hotel rooms, or just sneaking off anywhere that they won’t be caught. The drive back to Oslo is even more interesting and exciting as when they first left. Taking a different route the way back. William loves it when Noora shoots him her beautiful smile and holds his hand. Voicing his thoughts he tells her “Listen, Noora Amalie Sætre you’re a smart girl. You have to understand that everytime you kiss me, hold my hand, lock eyes with me, or just give me that amazing smile of yours I only fall in love with you more and more.” Noora replies to him with a meaningful kiss whilst remembering the first time he’s ever made her speechless. After that despite them already being extremely affectionate they become even more so. When they arrive back in Oslo they’re all greeted by their friends with warm hugs and a welcome home party. Both pestered with questions about their trip, William confidently shows them pictures, half of them groan when they see most are of Noora, the other half swoon at how cute they are together. After everyone returns home Noora and William spend the remainder of the day in their bed at the Kollektivet. Both being so content and happy to be with each other even if they spent about three weeks alone together they couldn’t get enough of one another.

Bonus- If during the road trip William proposes to Noora stating stuff about their journey to finding each other. More than Words is playing in the background as he gets down on one knee. Their in the middle of a grassfield ontop of a cliff with a beautiful view. Noora tears up in happiness as he pulls out the ring. She couldn’t believe they were finally gonna be together forever (like she had thought).

anonymous asked:

Do you ever want to starts writing a new story; already pircturing about that scene L but you know that in order for you the story to make sence you have to write all the scene A,B,C,D....? :(

Anon, with A Higher Form of War, I had the whole oath scene written in my head when I started.  It took me about 275,000 words to get there.  

I feel you.