piratz tavern

Today, the world lost something very special and very important

Piratz Tavern has died. With the best intensions of turning a higher profit, the owner and staff placed their trust in Jon Taffer to give the bar a makeover via his Spike TV show “Bar Rescue”. I was fortunate enough to attend the grand re-opening tonight but was dismayed to find my beloved Piratz Tavern replaced with Corporate Bar and Grill, an upscale “white collar lunch spot” geared towards the upper crust of clientele. The walls were stripped bare of all the piratey knick-knacks and memorabilia and substituted were motivational posters geared at comically commenting on how fun it is to be rich. The entire menu was stripped and neutered, consisting now of only about 20 items, including signature mixed drinks. And the staff have been washed clean there individuality to make room for robotic (literally, in the case of the self serving beer taps located throughout) shells of people trained how to serve in “polite” society. If it weren’t for the fact that’s it’s still privately owned by a wonderful woman, I would encourage a boycot of this new establishment. Hopefully, once the cameras walk away, bits of the pirate in all the staff will sneak its way back in.