all that i want (part 6)

summary: “If you would have told Princess Emma that she would be arranged to marry so soon after her heart broke straight in two halves by another man, a man with far less kindness in his eyes and warmth in his tone, she would have called you insane.” lieutenant duckling au featuring the arranged marriage trope

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an: This took me a while, but I am so pleased with how it came out! Thanks to @swans-and-pirates for encouraging me!

Being on their honeymoon is a glorious, glorious time.

It’s open seas and warm sun upon her skin. It’s late nights lying under the stars. It’s spending days in new places, meeting new people, and discovering new things about herself and her husband.

They go swimming in hidden coves off of islands and he kisses her behind waterfalls. They go horseback riding in countryside kingdoms, watching the sunset from high up peaks, before they head back to their ship and their quarters below deck.

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I toyed with the idea of what it might be like to live with some species of heatstroke that maybe didn’t go away all that quickly. He’s a pirate, which is about rum, sodomy and the lash, isn’t it? So, to be able to keep things like that in my head, when I’m going to do a film for Disney, I’d been through the ringer. That was like infiltrating the enemy camp.
—  Johnny Depp on the slippery slope of playing a pirate with a dark past in a Disney film (x)