Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge - ScienceAlert

For anyone wondering, this is how I get all my scientific articles for research. I do not tolerate corporations trying to limit the spread of scientific information that was done by researchers that will never see a penny of those subscription fees.

When you pirate things from these huge companies, the creator already got paid a long time ago, they don’t receive any of the cash made off the paywalls, a lot of music makers would leak their music secretly because they got paid to make it and won’t earn anything off what the greedy corporations do with it.

Scientific knowledge is free, educational info may be researched and found and authored by someone, but they don’t get to choose who can receive that information. In order to progress in technology and science we need to be open and pool our information and research. Not charging huge fees.

I send this site to my professors and they use it, and they tell students about it if there’s a paper on a certain site the college doesn’t have a subscription to.

flashfic: moar pirates

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It was not only little urchins with pocket change, Jack discovered.

He finds a routine in bringing Rhys with him to port. There is always a token protest, Rhys claiming to prefer to stay on the water for the period of leave, before he follows dutifully after Jack. In time, Jack learns not to worry to much about his bedwarmer; he never attempts escape, just follows in step.

“You expect me to run?” Rhys once murmured at Jack’s side in the alehouse, smiling almost wistfully down into his glass. “You saved my life. Debts need repaying.”

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The FNAF 1 crew!

Facts about them:

Freddy is the shortest and Foxy is the tallest.
Freddy once got his finger bitten off by NIGHTMARE. They hate each-other.
Bonnie can play almost any guitar and hates the banjo.
Chica is Freddy’s back up singer and can play the drums.
Chica is the strongest out of all of them. She can lift the whole crew.
Foxy has a collection of build your own ships in his cove. He treasures them.
Foxy also has a gold tooth.
Both Freddy and Bonnie’s designs come from both Fredbear and Spring Bonnie. Foxy and Chica didn’t have original gold designs are were made form scratch.
When Freddy runs low on power he eats newspaper. He has the shortest battery life out of the 4.
Freddy swears the most and has anger problems. Stemming from the time NIGHTMARE bit his finger off.
Freddy has a Bostonian accent, Bonnie has a New Yorken accent, Chica has a Southern accent and Foxy has a Scottish accent.