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them (7103 words) by vowelinthug
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Black Sails
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Captain Flint/John Silver
Characters: Dooley (Black Sails), Madi (Black Sails), Billy Bones
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Canon-Typical Violence, mute silver, POV Outsider

sequel to i

Long John Silver is not a man. Long John Silver is a cracked jaw, opening before an endless, cavernous pit. Long John Silver is a monster’s right hand – black with viscera, white with bone. Long John Silver is a rabid dog, held on a short leash by dead tyrant’s skeletal fist. Long John Silver is not a man. Long John Silver is a man.

The Pirate AU. Part 2.


He asked you to kidnap him,“ Nikandros says, frowning.


Nikandros looks down at the deck, where Laurent is helping the crew prepare to sail. The boy is a quick learner, and also managed to gain the favour of most of the men in about half an hour. Makedon has already declared that he’ll teach Laurent to be a great pirate. Damen is pleased. Nikandros is suspicious.

“We haven’t set off yet,” he says, “There’s still time to send him back.”

Damen laughs. “Be calm, please. He’s just a young man stuck in a small town. He wants to explore the world. There’s nothing sinister about curiousity.”

“He’s exactly to your tastes. Blonde, beautiful, and unpredictable.”

“Well,” Damen says. “I hardly see it as a bad thing.”

“Except Kastor also knows your preferences and-”


“He could be a spy,” Nikandros says. “You’re too trusting.”

Damen sighs. “You’re right. But I also trust you to have my back, and I trust in us both to come through whatever gets thrown our way. I won’t live in fear of betrayal.”

“Fine,” Nikandros says. “But if the boy steps out of line I’ll throw him overboard myself.”

“He’s surprisingly well muscled,” Damen says, “you may have trouble with that.”

“Sweet Jesus.” Then he leans over the railing and calls out, “Makedon, please tell me we’ve stoked up on griva. I’m going to need it.”

Makedon laughs. “Of course,” he says, “and a fine idea. We can introduce the young Laurent to it tonight.”

“I’m going to go lie down,” Nik says.


Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland

Photographer:  George Landis