Pirate AU

Character A is a gunnery officer whose ship is commandeered by pirates – and despite their vehement rejections, the captain of said pirates wants Character A to join them. Character B is a pirate who was also taken from another ship, but they had been more accepting of the idea of joining – mostly because they hadn’t wanted to die. The captain decides to send Character B to convince Character A that pirates aren’t really all that bad.

jkeats  asked:

PIRATE AU WOULD BE SO GOOD is enjolras a pirate too is he the pirate captain? are they privateers .. ~WERE they privateers/corsairs that decided to stop acting on behalf of the crown and ~become pirates I GOTTA KNOW

ok so like this isn’t fully developed but the story i tell myself sometimes as i fall asleep is that enjolras is first mate on a merchant ship that’s attacked by pirates. the attack comes during a tempestuous storm and the battle rages between the ships. it’s obvious the pirates are not trying to sink them – cargo’s too valuable =- but the combination of cannons and storm means the merchant ship goes down. 

the pirates fish all the survivors they can out of the water and enjolras is the last one to be dragged aboard, exhausted from a fruitless search for captain mabeuf, who is lost at sea. enjolras despises pirates on principal, having spent his career protecting people and shipments from them, and expects, nay, volunteers to die at once. he’s surprised when the pirate’s bosun, courfeyrac, gives them a generous choice: join the crew or be left, far from home but intact, at the next port. enjolras is now the highest-ranking crewmate left and his men look to him for guidance. 

that’s when PIRATE CAPTAIN GRANTAIRE, in an amazing green hat w/feather, gold earrings, rum bottle in hand, dark hair whipped by wind and sea-spray, makes his appearance. he tells enjolras (after a lot of looking at him up and down in a way that makes enjolras increasingly furious but maybe a little turned on) that since their own first mate died in the fight, the position is enjolras’ to have. grantaire, shall we say, likes the look of him, but more seriously, says he needs a steady hand to help run the ship. if enjolras accepts, his men will be welcomed as friends and fellows, and enjolras will be second-in-command. enjolras finds the idea of piracy abhorrent, but agrees when it becomes obvious most men would rather stay than be cast penniless onto land. grantaire is pleased. enjolras would like to throw him overboard, he thinks.

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