A thread on Twitter this morning. Guys, don’t pirate comics. Please. Comics is a very small (mostly) creator run industry, so when you scan or torrent a comic, you’re directly hurting the creators. Even if you pirate comics from major publishers, you’re really only denying the creators of their income.

Artists/writers who work on comics make next to nothing. It’s commonplace in the comics industry for the people that make them to be constantly struggling to make ends meet. Just buy a book here and there. Support a Patreon. If you like the work, support it. We work very long hours to make the content you’re enjoying. We would like to not have to worry about how we’re going to buy food while we do it.

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When downloading books illegally is the only way you can get them  ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

Hey Nonnie,

I get that. I’ve been in that position, I’ve downloaded books illegally, because I didn’t see any other option and I didn’t realise how much this hurt the authors. However, in the years on Tumblr and getting more involved in the writing/reading/publishing world, I found out how wrong I was in what I was doing. Writing is not a high paying job as it is, and by pirating books, we’re doing so, so much damage. 

I’m leaving some links here for places where you can get books online legally (I don’t know how many of them actually still work, because the posts I got them from are pretty old, but it’s worth a try):

link 1  link 2  link 3  link 4

Also, most cities have a public library - use it! Libraries are a godsend and more people should be making use of them. Borrow from friends/relatives. Save up for book sales. There are always options if you’re willing to commit to it. 

But please, please do not pirate books. 

Have a lovely day! <3

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