Accidental Admiral Darth Vader?

Okay… So there’s been a lot of swooning over Captain Kenobi, the Dashing Duke and the Scourge of the Outer Rim, drinker of wine from tea cups and impersonator of Hutts. 

We’ve had amazing, AMAZING! sea shanties by @lurkingcrow and @jahaliel (Please note I made up those names and if the authors have proper names please let me know and I’ll replace them.)

The Day They Tried Kenobi by Lurkingcrow

Vader I hardly knew ye by Lurkingcrow

Space Pirate King Kenobi by Jahaliel

Have you Heard by Jahaliel 

And one of the times Obi-Wan nearly got arrested thanks to Stormtrooper Frank…


But no love for our favorite tall, dark and tortured Sith Lord? No, daring chases and swashbuckling across those bottomless chasms? No kidnapping of Imperial agents and Vader rescuing them back because Piett is the only person on his ship that his capable damnit! HE DOESN’T BURN MY PANCAKES OBI-WAN!

I mean… if the idea of Stormtrooper Frank and his boheimian vacations looking for new and creative laws to violate to assist Lord Vader in his quest to finally capture Obi-Wan isn’t enough to convince y’all we need some love on the Sith side then I give you this.

Vader gets to meet his kids.

Tiny Luke and ferocious pixie Leia get to meet their daddy.

Just picture it! Obi-Wan’s ship is under attack between the Imperials and the Hutts. It looks dire for the crew of the Lucky Duchess! The Imperials are going to board this ship! Ahsoka is prepared to take the twins in one of the small crafts and hope for the best when Obi-Wan goes to the comm and demands that Piett put Vader on.

Vader: Begging, Master? How the mighty have fallen.

Obi-Wan: Your children are on this ship.

Vader: . . Ha! Another Jedi trick! I can see through your desperation, Master.

Obi-Wan: *groans* Force take you Anakin! They are your bloody children! Why would I lie to you?

Vader: … Children? Padme said… Palpatine said… My children are there?

Obi-Wan: *softly* Yes. They’re here. Now will you help us?

Vader: *to Piett* Direct all fire to the Hutt vessel. I will see to the boarding of this dilapidated piece of garbage myself.

Cut to twenty minutes of Imperial Might and destruction later, the Hutts are in full retreat and Vader gets to meet Luke and Leia for the first time. And Luke absolutely adores his towering and terrifying father because he’s Luke and he is a tiny ball of sunshine made flesh. Leia is less than impressed but as Bail Organa’s adopted daughter she softens up when he lets her walk around in his cape. (C’mon! Bail KNEW how to rock a proper Star Wars cape.)

I’m just saying…

We need more Vader in this Swashbuckling Space Pirate Obi-Wan AU.


Peter Pan’s Flight by Loomis Dean, 1955 by Tom Simpson
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((Here to prove that I’m not dead, have some doodles from last year lmfao))

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One day Sabo meets the Whitebeard pirates. He tells them that ASLR stands for "Ace Sincerely Loves Riskua." Ace doesn't find out that Sabo's a windman until after he tries to set him on fire.

Actually, make that “Ace Secretly Loves Riskua”, Sabo tells them Ace had the S crossed out after he confessed. (Part 2)

Oh my god, oh my god. I burst out laughing when I read this, this is perfect.

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I can imagine Kitsune screaming in the middle of a Whitebeard and marines battle "Agjdieniebi! It's Marco the phoenix! I LOVE YOU!!" Before dropping kicking hin.

And then the Whitebeards never let him forget it; 

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Luffy is.. the man who will become the Pirate King!!

fallenflake  asked:

Yooo did you read the newest chap? Isnt Katakuris Design just amazing?? Ever since Jack Oda seems to have good trend going with the high tiers of the yonkous and I hope it stays this way.

i just read it and damn yeah i rlly like his design!!  i was holding out hope that katakuri would be another female commander, but i’m happy with him nonetheless.  i like his western vibe with the spurs and stuff.  (there are so many vibes being thrown around this arc- alice in wonderland, godfather, etc might as well thrown in a western vibe haha)  i’m also a fan of his eyelashes.  visible eyelashes on dude characters always make me happy.  

that was quite the entrance, too.  i might have stared of the panel of the guy getting hit with the jellybean for like 30 seconds being like “holy fuck there is no way oda just drew someone getting shot through the head” and lo and behold, of course he didn’t, but it certainly startled me loll.

and the gimmick of him being so good at observation haki that he can low-key see a few seconds ahead in time is cool, tho holy crap if it doesn’t make things a hell of a lot more difficult for bege and co.  how the heck are u supposed to assassinate someone if she has a person who straight up seE THE FUTURE on her crew???  you can’t, that’s how.


- Mick and Len as pirates who have been avoiding the Navy for so long everyone thinks they’re just a legend - until one day, they show up to steal the last missing piece of cursed gold from Governor Queen’s manor. Raymond Palmer as a very talented but ordinary blacksmith with an overactive imagination and a longing for great adventure: notions which feel decidedly less romantic when he accidentally gets himself captured by real, living pirates.

- or Ray as a commanding officer in the Royal Navy who gets lost at sea when his ship sinks during a storm. He comes back after several months, only to find his name has been largely forgotten, and his deeds have not changed as much as he had believed they would. Discouraged and impoverished, he ends up in a known pirate hang-out, caught in the whirlwind that is two pirate captains, Sara and Rip, arguing over one ship.

-  or the whole Legends team as an actual pirate crew; Rip as the ex-Navy officer who had been screwed over badly by his superiors and he’s sworn to seek revenge (or justice, depending on the point of view). He cannot be exactly picky about his crew: that’s how he ends up with ‘Captain Cold’ - well, just ‘Cold’ now, after his ship has been sunk - and his first mate Rory. That’s how he takes on Sara Lance, the daughter of the governor who has been proclaimed dead before, but miraculously surfaced just recently, causing bar brawls all across the Caribbean. That’s definitely how Rip ends up with Martin Stein, a snooty English explorer who has gone and got himself magically bound to a young Haitian vodouist - and they’re both seeking to safely get out of each other’s heads, or however it is they are connected. Nobody’s even surprised when they are eventually joined by a woman who can take on the skills of various animals, a guy who is bullet-proof, or when they briefly meet that odd couple who can grow wings anytime they please.