[131239] [NEWS] f(Sulli) reveals she had to curse at Kim Nam Gil for her first scene on ‘Pirates’.

f(x)’s Sulli revealed that she had to curse at co-star Kim Nam Gil during her first filming for new movie 'Pirates’!

On the December 28th broadcast of 'Entertainment Relay’, the reporter asked, “I heard that you filmed comfortably with your sunbaes.” Sulli clarified, “Yes. During my first filming, there was a scene in which I had to curse at Kim Nam Gil sunbaenim. I cursed then. I said, 'Who are you to snicker at me you XX. Oh I’m sorry”, and hilariously received compliments from the reporter and cast on how well she can cursed.

'Pirates’ has already been dubbed as the Korean version of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean’ and portrays the story of a group of pirates on the hunt during the Joseon Dynasty for a whale that swallowed a valuable treasure.

'Pirates’ will premiere in early 2014!