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Tortallan heroines sorted into hogwarts houses

Alanna is clearly a gryffindor. Brave, idealistic, fond of slaying literal and/or metaphorical monsters.

Daine is a ravenclaw. Curious, intellectually hungry, once stopped her heartbeat to listen to whales.

Kel is a hufflepuff. Loyal, hardworking, pragmatic. Mildly baffled when she gets recognition for doing something she considers her job.

Aly is a slytherin. Sly, clever, would never do something the normal way when she can do it a better way.

Beka is a little harder to pin down, but I think she’s a gryffindor at heart with hufflepuff methodology. She would like to be able to slay the world’s evils in one fell swoop, but knows she can’t. Instead she does her best to stop the small ones.

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The Lioness Rampant series is an incredible series based on Alanna of Trebond, a girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to earn knighthood.  TLR is one of the few books i’ve encountered that actually acknowledges the changes that happen to a woman as she transitions from young girl into adulthood, and is an incredible story about a flawed character fighting to prove herself based on her skills and not her gender.  If you’re looking for a fun, action, fantasy novel, I recommend this series.

All of the Tortall books are fantastic, and i’m so thankful I read them when I did as a child.

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I started rereading Trickster’s Choice a couple days ago, and since I reread Lioness Rampant not that long ago, I’m finding the contrast between Alanna and Aly pretty striking:

At the beginning of LR, Alanna is still a relatively new knight and she doesn’t know what she wants to do with that. That ambition that drove her to become the first lady knight in a hundred years is gone and she feels lost now that she’s completed her goal of earning her shield. She’s aimless and wandering and she feels kind of stuck and unable to figure out what she wants do with the rest of her life.

Aly, meanwhile, knows EXACTLY what she wants to do with her life, but because her parents disapprove of her becoming a spy, she also feels stuck. She’s considered a grown woman but she still acts very much the carefree child because she’s bored and restless and doesn’t like the idea of being bullied into a career or a marriage she doesn’t want.

Idk, it’s interesting to me. They’re the only two protagonists Tammy’s really written who’ve experienced frustrations like this regarding their futures, I think. I mean, the Circle kids all have their magecraft and their individual crafts, plus Sandry’s political position as the niece of the ruler of Emelan, which helps keep her busy. Daine spends her whole series either figuring out her powers or dealing with Ozorne and Uusoae’s meddling, and at the end of the war she moves into the palace to be with Numair and continuing providing her services to the crown. There’s never any question of what she’s supposed to/wants to do next, we get the feeling she gets the happy ending she wants. Kel’s completely devoted to her knighthood and beyond that there’s another war, so she doesn’t have time to think about the direction her life is going in even if she wants to (although we don’t get the feeling from the text that she DOES to, because she already knows exactly what she’s doing with herself). Beka’s similarly enamored with her work, and that’s all she ever wants to do - there’s no restlessness there except for when she’s working on a tough case she can’t crack.

So it’s interesting to me that Alanna and her daughter are the only ones who really experience these kinds of internal conflicts regarding their futures, and I know I already said this makes me relate to Alanna more, but it helps me relate to Aly too, and I definitely think this is something that other young adults can relate to, too.

Soon after the last battle of the luarin conquest, an ancient priestess gave voice not to her own prayers, but to the banished god Kyprioth. His promise was passed from raka slave to raka freeman, from raka mothers or fathers to their part-luarin children. Kyprioth told his people that the efforts of the luarin kings to erase the Haiming line had failed. One branch of the old royalty yet survived. The Queen’s prophecy is his promise that, from that surviving branch, the One Who Is Promised would come. She would be the Queen with two crowns, chosen by the god to lead the Isles and those who love them to freedom once more.

Trickster’s Choice, Tamora Pierce

If this doesn’t give you goosebumps I don’t know what will.

Post- Trickster’s Queen, Aly is all settled in, working her spy master mojo for the raka, installed someplace permanently and married to Nawat.
New guards are sitting in a courtyard, gossiping unfavorably about Aly, Nawat, and/or Dove and Sarai. Don’t notice the trio of crows in the tree above them.
Crows fly off, about five minutes later Nawat comes sauntering around the corner, sits on the table where the guards are talking, pops elbows on knees, fists under chin, grins at guards.
“So I heard you were talking shit!”