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Jack Sparrow

Tease, mermaid reader, flirt, mention of smut

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “ Hmmm going for Pirates…
Could you possibly write a cute ‘reader x character’ fic with (Captain) Jack where the reader is a mermaid/man in training and is learning how to lure men from their ships to their doom…but is failing…Like instead of singing something melodic they’ll rap or beatbox or something, or they’ll “try” to pose seductively on a rock and have seaweed blow into their face, and they’ll circle his ship, leaping out of the water like a dolphin just saying “am i doing this right, do you give up yet?  am i winning?” to the point where the captain just sort of gives up and helps them learn how to do the mermaid/man thing right…
I hope that inspires something <3 “

Word count: 699

A/N: I changed the request quite boldly, because I didn’t quite understand the request, but I hope you like this version!

gif is not mine.

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mermaid/pirate!AU because i love sea themes so much

Adrien Agreste is a well known, very dangerous and unearthly handsome pirate called Chat Noir. Marinette is a mystic, beautiful and innocent mermaid, who becomes a woman at night.

Kind of a “Little Mermaid” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” mix.

Oh, and Adrien’s ship’s named “La Coccinelle” ;w;

Plus: Chat’s got a cat on his ship, he’s called Plagg ofc and Marinette is friends with this adorable fish Tikki. Hehehehe~

It’s Marichat AU, even though Adrien looks more like Adrien than like Chat. But he behaves like a slightly worse version of Chat Noir (meaning, he’s the bad boy of the seven seas or sth, idk, Sindbad-like).


lost at sea | for mermaids, pirates, sailors, and souls that go to the deep   {listen}

I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue
And it’s hey to the starboard, heave ho
Look out, lad, a mermaid be waiting for you
In mysterious fathoms below

Tease II

Jack Sparrow

Affection, mild tease, mild flirt

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “ Hi!  Can I try for a continuation of the Pirates fic with Jack and mermaid reader where she brings him really, really, really, REALLY bizarre stuff from deep within the ocean for each of the twelve days of Christmas? “

Word count: 793

A/N: I know that this isn’t particularly what you requested, but I hope you like the way I wrote it! I just thought that it would be very long to write about these twelve things, so I created it this way. :)

gif is not mine.

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“Aye. Mermaids. Sea ghouls, devil fish, dreadful in hunger for flesh of man. Mermaid waters, that be our path. Cling to your soul, Gibbs, as mermaids be given to take the rest, to the bone.” - Pirates of the Caribbean

Model: Vanora Siréne
Tail by: MerrowFins
Photo by: Ryan Melville
Headdress by: Vanora Siréne

We mermaids hunt to survive; we are not evil by any means, but rather cunning and incredibly independent. My sisters and I hunt in packs - we favour men as our prey - especially the ones bloodthirsty for power. Our Queen Tamara usually leads us, and often is the first one to find prey using her enchanting voice.. often the call of death for humans, but call of bliss for our hungry souls…