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Week Ending April 24th, 2017

  1. Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi
  2. Beauty and the Beast +1
  3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story +1
  4. Moana +2
  5. Heathers
  6. American Assassin
  7. Lord of the Rings +1
  8. Zootopia −1
  9. Deadpool +6
  10. Thor: Ragnarok −8
  11. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  12. Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Force Awakens −1
  13. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them −3
  14. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  15. Logan −2
  16. Doctor Strange +2
  17. La La Land −3
  18. The Hitman’s Bodyguard
  19. Your Name −10
  20. Ghost in the Shell −8

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride will stop auctioning off women

  • When Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction reopens after routine maintenance next year, visitors can expect a big change.
  • In an effort to eliminate traces of misogyny from the ride, Disney’s Imagineers are altering the attraction to remove a scene where women are lined up and auctioned off as prospective wives. 
  • The modification will take place at the company’s parks in Anaheim, California, Orlando, Florida, and Paris, France. Read more (6/30/17)
Some New Year’s Resolutions, As Made By Disney Characters

Be who you want to be.

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Embrace change.

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Seek Adventure!

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Learn a foreign language.

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Work out…

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But be comfortable in your own body.

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Have some fun now and then!

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Eat right…

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But be comfortable with the fact that you might not like it.

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Believe in yourself.

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Let your conscience be your guide.

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(I had to put that in here at least once.)

Do what you enjoy!

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Keep hope!

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Let people know how you feel about them.

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Take up singing!

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Take it easy on the New Year’s booze.

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Work on controlling your anger.

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Be open to new experiences!

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Dream big!

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Be honest!

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Ask the BIG questions!

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Learn a new hobby.

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Be direct…

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Don’t let anyone define your worth other then you…

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And go a little crazy.

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(Maybe not that crazy.)

Remember that family is more then blood.

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Find a way to process disappointment.

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Did I already saw dream big? It deserves to be said twice!

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Stand up for what you believe in!

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Also remember this:

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And this:

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Also this:

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And if you don’t end up keeping your resolutions…

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Don’t fret!

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Just remember:

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Happy New Year’s Everyone!


You know, Nina Dobrev is 26 and Ian Somerhalder is 36 , there are 10 years of diference, and they made TVD most famous couple and use to date.

Keira Knightley was 18 years old when she filmed pirates of the caribbean, and Johnny Deep was 40 and Orlando Bloom 26, yeah…

And so there is, differents situations like that, with age gap, and I don’t understand why people Say GENDRY AND ARYA is weird, 

Joe Dempsie is 28 and Maisie Williams 18. That is10 years of difference.


Daenerys is 13 in the first book and she’s delivered to Khal Drogo who is  30!

Emilia (Dany) is 28 and Jason (Drogo) 35…

Arya in the first book is 9, in A Dance with dragons (last book) she’s 11, and Gendry is 15 in first book and 17 in the last.


Because Gendrya is a super normal thing and still can happen,.

More in a show like Game of thrones…

So, wait bc GENDRYA can be Canon!!!

(look how good they look together dancing:)

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PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 TV Spot #5 - Final Adventure (2017) 

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 TV Spot #6 - The Dead (2017) 

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 TV Spot - Nowhere To Hide (2017)  

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I was counting up my cosplays from the very first to the most recent, I have done 22 cosplays of 16 different characters.

Cinderella: ballet, burlesque, slumber party, classic transformation and love action.
Belle: classic and burlesque.
Nightbird - Glee.
Dalton Academy Warbler - Glee.
Quinn Fabray Gaga - Glee.
Sue Sylvester - Glee: tracksuit and wedding.
Chummy - Call The Midwife.
Elizabeth Swann - Pirates of the Caribbean.
Baymax - Big Hero 6.
Elsa - Frozen.
Mary Poppins.
Ariel - The Little Mermaid.
Rapunzel - Tangled.
Bug - Starship, a Starkid Production.

PotC: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review

I loved Pirates of the Caribbean since I was 6 years old and yes, Captain Jack Sparrow was my first real crush. It was so great to watch another big adventure of him on the big screen.

To be short: The film was great! Sooo much better than Stranger Tides and please for the love of god - wait until the very end. Yes, there is an end credit scene, everybody!

!Be careful, spoilers ahead!

I love the new characters and the whole plot. The way Henry does everything to break the curse of his father so Will can come back home to his son and Elizabeth is just heart-breaking and soooo cute.

Carina is a great new addition to the franchise. I love her independence and how she doesn’t give a fuck about what other people say. But the most greatest fact about her: She is a Barbossa!
I was so shocked and so happy at the same time that Barbossa has a daughter. In the end it’s so sad but also so sweet when Hector sacrifices his own life so Carina can live. I want him back! We need Barbossa! What about Jack?!

Henry is great. And let’s be honest, he is so much like his father. Just like Will, he had to free Jack from being killed. Yep, always have a Turner around and you won’t die.

But let’s talk about the very end when Henry breaks the trident and the curse of his father is broken. This moment when Will sees Elizabeth and they just run into each others arms! And yes, I cried because of all the emotions and the music! It was the same like when Will had to leave Elizabeth in At the World’s End.

And I think because of the awesome end credit scene it could be possible that we will see our great trio on the big screen again! And…Davy Jones.


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So I’ve decided that I’m writing Pirates of the Caribbean 6 because the Disney screenwriters are dumb and forget things they put in previous movies and need help with dialogue and character development. Hi Disney, excited to join the team.

My favorite MMORPGs
  • <p> <b></b> 6) Pirates of the Caribbean Online<p/><b></b> 5) DC Universe Online<p/><b></b> 4) Aion<p/><b></b> 3) Wizard 101<p/><b></b> 2) Fusion Fall<p/><b></b> 1) Free Realms<p/><b></b> If you were to be trapped in one of these games (like Sword Art Online), which one would you choose?<p/><b></b> Can someone reblog me some MMORGs?<p/></p>