pirates of the caribbean 5 director

For me Salazar was a man of honor who belonged to one of the most extraordinary, proud and strongest naval armies in the world: the Spanish navy. These people were usually from the south of Spain, Cadiz and around, and they were very strong and Very proud, so a 16 year old pirate betrays them and that makes them go crazy.The idea behind that for me was that he was like a wounded bull, because of the way he talks and moves. A sword hanging from their spine bleeding, but they are still fighting . I worked in that direction and they (the directors) were satisfied, except when fighting, that is when he becomes the man that was once .
—  Javier Bardem

The fact that the directors/script writers of POTC 5 didn’t even care to learn about Jack’s real backstory shows how not passionate they are about the movie. It makes me so mad that they gave the movie to people who care so little about it. It makes me sad that it was given into the hands of people who think Jack doesn’t have a character arc.

The Godfather is the movie that put Al Pacino on the map, even if it did pigeonhole him as an organized crime boss for most of his career. Which is why it’s so weird that almost everyone on set hated Pacino’s performance as Michael Corleone. In fact, the studio heads tried their best to fire him before he could destroy the movie. They thought Pacino was slow, quiet, and boring at the beginning – which, if you’ve seen the film, is kind of the whole point. While Pacino understood an obscure literary device called a “character arc,” it seemed the producers would have preferred him to burst into the wedding scene waving a Tommy gun and foaming at the mouth like uh … well, like in Scarface.

Even the film’s director, Francis Ford Coppola, was disenchanted with Pacino’s meek performance, pulling him aside to tell him, “I had a lot of belief in you, I hired you, I wanted you, I just thought you could do this thing, and now … you’re not cutting it for me, kid.” He then forced Pacino to watch the footage to see exactly how bad a job he was doing. Pacino, who thought he was doing fine, humored Coppola and pretended to see the error of his ways.

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