pirates of the caribbean 5 2015


Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Thunderbirds AU

John (Carina) is an astrologist and horologist searching for the meaning behind the book of stars that his Father, Jeff, left him before he disappeared: leaving John and his four brothers as orphans…

[Possible spoilers for the new movie under the cut]

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20 Questions

Tagged by: @erinthekpoptrashcan - omg I haven’t done one of these in such a long time but now i’m on break sO TAG ME ALL YOU WANT NOW <3

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Name: Ann

Nickname(s): I don’t really have one?? lol you guys should give me one!

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 5′0″

Time Right Now: 12:42am

Last Thing I Googled: dream concert 2017 live stream

Favorite Bands: Big Bang, EXO, BTS, Monsta X, Seventeen, NCT, Black Pink

Favorite Solo Artists: Dean, Ailee, Jay Park, etc

Last Movie I Watched: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Blog Birthday: Sept 1, 2015

What Do You Post?: Mostly kpop

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak?: I have no idea tbh

Do You Have Any Other Blogs?: Yeah but i don’t use it anymore lol  @ratedrawr 

Do You Get Asks Regularly?: Sadly no

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: Jimmy Neutron was my childhood and i love Jimin lol DOESN’T IT SOUND SIMILAR

Following: 1,017

Posts: 13,161

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokemon Team: Valor

Favorite Color(s): Dusty rose, dark purple, black

Average Hours Of Sleep: 4-6 lol

Lucky Number(s): 16 i guess?

Favorite Character(s): Itachi Uchiha, Hamtaro 

What Am I Wearing Now?: Pink/black plaid pajama pants and pastel pink shirt lol

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With?: 2

Dream Job?: Nurse

Dream Trip: Korea or Japan

I Tag: @slowwalkingpeopledie @glitterhyungwon @bonjourbaek @ice-kookie @bts-exo-got7-etc @byunbaekwho

You guys don’t have to do it ofc :)

The Curse of the Dark Forest - Chapter 5 - levele3 - Strange Magic (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Captain Bog King has been looking for a way to get his beloved ship, The Dark Forest, back in his hands for years. Now that it’s fearsome Captain, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Scales has taken a Governor’s daughter hostage it seems like the perfect time to strike. Bog has found his (not ideal) crew in a naïve blacksmith, a mute boy, and a feisty run-away bride he may just be falling for.