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willabeth appreciation week

↳ day seven: the making of the maelstrom wedding

will and elizabeth are married by barbossa while fighting, which i think is probably one of the greatest things that’s ever happened on film.- kevin r. mcnally


You will listen to me! Listen! The Brethren will still be looking here, to us, to the Black Pearl, to lead. And what will they see? Frightened bilge rats aboard a derelict ship? No. No, they will see free men and freedom! And what the enemy will see is the flash of our cannons. They will hear the ring of our swords, and they will know what we can do. By the sweat of our brows and the strength of our backs, and the courage of our hearts. Gentlemen. Hoist the colors!


« POTC is about the ways people become pirates - and it’s always wanting that drives them there.  Wanting love, wanting freedom, wanting a ship, wanting glory, wanting wealth, wanting and wanting and wanting.  Piracy is about the ability to chase that wanting, to cut the corners and simply aim yourself at what you desire. » (x)

Pirates of the Caribbean + character descriptions by @notbecauseofvictories