The Pirate Code by alannamode
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Oops I made a thing.

The Key and Peele pirate chantey is hilarious and I adore it so I made a t-shirt design for it. Enjoy.

Available on shirts and sweaters. Also notebooks, bags, cases, and prints.

“A woman has a right to a drink or two
Without worrying about what you will do
We say “yo, ho!” but we don’t say “hoe”
Cause “hoe” is disrespectful, yo"


This is so not what you expect and it’s marvelous.

Ahoy maties! I don’t know about you but I love pirates. While rewatching Pirates of the Caribbean, I came to the shocking realisation that I don’t really have many pirate books in my life. I’ve since found quite a few. I’ve only read a few for myself so far, but I definitely plan on changing that soon. In the meantime, here are a heap of pirate books that I found!

These are not by any means ALL of the pirate books out there - they’re simply the ones that I found and that interest me personally. Some might feature more of a pirate element than others, but for the majority it’s a prominent element of the plot. Most of the books are either Young Adult or Middle Grade.



You can find more HERE and HERE

You can review the above books on my Goodreads shelf HERE

“Hey.. Are you a new crew?”
“come on..  A new crew must show a rope skill with me ~.
It’s fun to think concept like this :D

click this link for people who want to see her with bondage

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