Give No Quarter X

You looked at the droplets of dew frigid against your paled skin above the rope tightly binding your wrists before you. Your ankles and arms were tied as securely and you lacked more than shirt and trousers to protect you from the chill of dawn. You shivered violently against another early morning gale which reminded you of the damp glossed across your skin from a night spent on deck.

You could feel the chafe of the roughened rope against your skin, your hair hanging in sodden knots around your face. You closed your eyes, tired but having not a moment of sleep amid the ocean’s lashing. You recalled the day before, when the Major had unmasked your secret and proceeded in catechizing you. His manner was that of offense, as if he was insulted that a woman would paint herself a man. He had been severe in his questioning and your refusal to bend to his will had sharpened his mien.

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anonymous asked:

Yo! Since you answered an ask about pirates earlier: How do you feel about pandaren pirates?

Sounds good to me! Wandering Pandaren are no strangers to seafaring, and we’ve seen enough morally-dubious Pandaren (like Madame Goya for example) to know that they aren’t all purehearted heroes. I’d say its perfectly plausible! 

...hold on a second.

So, the gang’s investigation of the cave they’re trapped in comes to a halt when they reach the obvious fake wall mysterious treasure chest at the end.

Inside the chest, a skeleton head with a microphone inside asks for the password, and they try a lot of pirate-y phrases to no avail. They’re completely stumped.

However, Shaggy then says:

“How about ‘yum yum yum and a liverwurst à la mode!’”

which promptly…

…is revealed to be the secret password.

Now, the episode immediately hurries on from this scene, but two implications really deserve due time to sink in:

1. This band of hardened criminals, who have tried to kill the gang in multiple ways, decided to set “yum yum yum and a liverwurst à la mode” as their official password.

Every single time someone has to come or go, they have to say that. Out loud. In front of everyone.

2. If Shaggy had not randomly said that exact non-sequiter, in that exact way, at that exact time, the gang would have been trapped in the caves until were dealt with by the bad guys or died.

Why exactly do the police in the Scooby-Doo universe give these kids credit for solving mysteries, again?