My Captain Swan Fics

A collection of my work

~One Shots~

Nothing but a Dirty Pirate

Rated: M

Words: 2,031

Summary: Canon divergent post Neverland based on a prompt from anonymous. David walks in on Emma and Killian during lazy morning sex and completely flips out.

Washing the Nightmares Away

Rate: M

Words: 1,956

Summary: Captain Swan fluff and sexy time in the bathtub to help Emma forget about the nightmares after the events of the Underworld.

Something Just Like This

Rated: M

Words: 1,369

Summary: A take on the first time Killian and Emma consider having their wedding on the sea. Post engagement.

She’s All I Need

Rated: T

Words: 1,097

Summary: Happily married to Emma Swan, Killian tries to explain to his fellow Naval Officers why he’s not interested in going to strip clubs whenever they ask him. Modern AU.

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