I be getting ready to set sail to our grand adventure! However, there be one small thing we be needing - a destination! How can ye go on a quest without a place to go to? So my lovelies, if ye’d be so kind, can ye inbox me some places we can sail to? They can be real or imaginary! I’ll add them all to my map, and we’ll put up the pictures of where we’ve been to!

So, fill up my inbox with places to go if ye please!


By the way guys, I’m writing a Hetalia AU called Piratealia!

the name’s pretty self-explanatory

The prologue’s just been posted here on ff.net, so check it out if you’re into Hetalia and otherwise epic stories.

If everything goes right, it’ll be a pretty long story (divided into arcs, but with an overarching plot), and updated at least once a week.

Thanks and everything.

and please review if you read it 


Well, I like to spar with my Admin’s friend’s Ganondorf because he’s very dangerous with a blade and malicious to boot! My America has just started learning, but it’s fun to scare him! Link is excellent with his little (but sharp, is that a letter opener?!) blade and full of tricks - he has a habit of trying to roll through my legs and bashing me with a shield! (The little cheater…)