Tom Hiddleston singing in ’Tinkerbell & the Pirate Fairy

And then we all died.

My "Pirate Fairy" Experience......

Saw Pirate Fairy and this was my experience: 

Before the Pirate Fairy is Released:

Pirate Fairy Released: 

Only Teenager there: 

Only Hiddlestoner there: 

Get the Best Set in the Theater:

Lights Go Out: 

Movie Starts:

Tom Hiddleston’s Voice & Captian Hook: 

Bad/Angry Captain Hook/Tom Hiddleston: 

Movie Ends:

Little Kids Looking at me Like: 

I’m Like: 

Leaving the Cinema like: 


If you ever think “hey I wanna write a fanfic for this au…never mind they’re already a lot of those” fUCKING WRITE IT! Because I bet there’re people out there who fucking LOVE those au’s and needs someone to write more for them
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