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100 Scurvy Pirate Prompts

Me amigos, ‘tis be ye cap'n @promptguy. Thank ye fer all th’ submissions. I translated some to be more scurvy pirate. 'tis might be th’ best list so far.

  1. “Which lovely booty ye be eyein’? th’ curvy wench’s or th’ shit-barnacles ye can’t spy wit’ ye eye in yon chest?”
  2. “oh me god! th’ boat be leakin’!” “No, that’s just bilge rum”
  3. Scribe 'bout a scurvy pirate that be scared 'o th’ ocean
  4. Ye discover that Prompt Guy be actually th’ Flyin’ Dutchman
  5. A pirate ship encounters sirens who use their song to lure them. th’ band 'o pirates give a go’ to escape but 'tis later revealed that th’ sirens don’t want sink them but join them
  6. 'tis ye first day on ship, 'n ye’re in learnin’. All th’ other members on board be experienced 'n professionals at their ship except 1. That one be ye “trainin’ laddie”… a child Jack Sparrow.
  7. “walk thee fuckin plank ye scallywag”
  8. Ye be th’ cap'n 'o a crew 'o Githyanki band 'o pirates, 'n ye be huntin’ ye quarry in th’ astral plane. th’ problem be, ye quarry consists 'o a ship full 'o illithids, or mind-flayers, who had previously enslaved ye kind wit’ their mental powers
  9. Ye got captured by band 'o pirates. be tellin’ a story on how ye end up becomin’ cap'n fer that scurvy pirate ship. Bonus points if ye scribe a way ye do it that dont murder anyone nor end up wit’ physical harm.
  10. Bin got a pair words fer ye scurvy dogs: “Shark Bait.”
  11. Poseidon, th’ God 'o th’ Sea, has chosen ye as his vessel. He whispers in ye mind, “by sea be th’ only way to travel.” ye embark on a journey, killin’ anybody who dares take an airplane or car.
  12. Ye’ve always thought that havin’ a peg leg’d be cool, but arh, the maintenaince yeh have to do to keep up yer cool appearance!
  13. “ye’re seriously makin’ me swim th’ plank again?!”
  14. A pirate cap'n goes on a mission to reclaim th’ pirate ship that was stolen from him 'n free his crew members from imprisonment
  15. Ye have traveled long 'n far in search 'o an infamous treasure that ye 'n ye crew have be searchin’ fer fer 16 years. Upon discoverin’ it, ye open th’ chest only to find a map leadin’ to another treasure. th’ value 'o friendship.
  16. They shout that treasures best be hidden on land. Yer cap'n be sayin’ they’re all lyin’. Yer cap'n be sayin’ th’ best place to be hidin’ treasure be in th’ heart 'o a storm.
  17. Ye ship be sunk, ye maties abandoned ye, but ye still have th’ gold… 'n spiced rum.
  18. Ye be kidnapped from ye home in th’ dead 'o nightfall 'n brought onto a ship wit’ a crew 'o 100 band 'o pirates. As ye look on in fear, they all bow below before ye. One 'o them introduces themselves as ye First Matey. ye be now their cap'n.
  19. Ye muster onboard a scurvy pirate ship, hopin’ to get some doubloons 'n th’ comradery ye sorely missed in th’ navy. But turns out th’ ship ye ended up on has a secret ye would never have guessed…
  20. A forbidden lust story between a sea cap'n 'n a siren he meets at sea.
  21. Ye’ve always wanted to be a scurvy pirate. ye even got ye chance when a fleet 'o them attacked ye town. th’ problem? ye’re a 'land-lubber’ 'n 'tis isn’t a nice world. ye’ll have to prove ye can handle bein’ a scurvy pirate just to make it out 'o th’ brig
  22. Ye’ve just taken control 'o a merchant ship only to find that th’ entire crew be more scared 'o th’ 4 year barnacle-covered girly offsprin’ 'o th’ wealthy tradesman ye’ve locked away. When she smiles, ye spy wit’ ye eye storms in her eyes - 'n then she laughs…
  23. Ye find a cursed treasure. When a piece 'o gold be spent it disappears. How do ye spend ye loot.
  24. “No women allowed on board!” says th’ cap'n. He finds out, one by one, that every member 'o his crew be a woman wit’ a fake beard.
  25. That scurvy scalawag Blackhearted Benton just stole yer ship wit’ all yer lovely booty! GET IT BACK!
  26. “Stop playin’ yer dratted cello, matey, 'n help me sword fight off Blackbeard!”
  27. Ye be th’ first astronaut to be sent to explore th’ galaxy. Suddenly, ye re stopped by space band 'o pirates, 'n be forced to choose between roamin’ aimlessly forever or joinin’ their crew.
  28. Ye got into th’ piratin’ business fer one reason - so ye can afford a ship in Malibu.
  29. “Remind me; if women be bad luck, why do we have a female cap'n?”
  30. Mermaid band 'o pirates. They find new islands 'n take down their enemies wit’ th’ help 'o sea creatures. Their ship be called “Poseidon”
  31. Band 'o pirates that set out to be villains accidentally return as jolly guys by screwin’ plans up
  32. Ye be a feared scurvy pirate who can control all th’ monsters roamin’ th’ seven seas, however ye worst enemy can control th’ oceans themselves.
  33. tell an entire tale in pirate talk, me hearty…
  34. Ye character just got accepted into MIT 'n be sailin’ towards th’ “scurvy pirate Certificate” (pistols, riflery, rowin’, fencin’.) wee do they be knowin’ that these courses be taught by actual band 'o pirates.
  35. An underground illegal racin’ rig has be started that involves scurvy pirate ships battlin’ though a rum track in a Need fer Speed style wit’ steampower-ups included
  36. Ye awaken on a scurvy pirate ship, last thin’ ye remember before 'tis was shoutin’ to a guy in th’ tavern at port. th’ cap'n had bought ye 'n ye be now sailin’ on th’ ship, what happens while ye be at sea?
  38. You turn on the Pirate Speak in Minecraft under language options as a joke, but then ye start findin’ that yer land lubber mates in reality arrrre beginnin’ ta talk like ol’ sea dogs, and even tha signs ‘round yer town turn inta Pirate Speak. Soon a squaky bird takes to perchin’ on yer shoulder. Tha townsfolk begin ta ask fer yer okay on things o’ trivial matter. Yer first mate, who lost 'is leg years ago ta scurvy, suddenly had a peg 'stead of a prosthetic. Congrats, matey– yer tha cap'n of tha town
  39. “Arrrr! the hour to loot EA 'o their precious Sims lovely booty!!”
  40. 'tis not uncommon fer a scurvy pirate to loose a hand or a foot on his travels. ye 'n ye crew dig up a chest full 'o hands 'n feet.
  41. Ye swore on a loved one’s grave that ye would someday sail to th’ legendary Grand Arcada, an ocean which none have ever found. this day, ye awoke to find ye ship stolen from ye - 'n th’ strange people seem to be changin’ ye course…
  42. A pirate loses his scurvy pirate accent 'n has to go find a different ship because they don’t fit in anymore.
  43. Ye find an ancient treasure map, 'n indeed, under th’ “X” thar’s buried treasure. But what’s under th’ “Y” 'n “Z”?
  44. Ye cap'n has caught a deadly disease, 'n be on th’ verge 'o Davy Jones’ treasure chest. ye 'n ye crew decide to pull one last raid wit’ them. th’ big one.
  45. Th’ band 'o pirates 'n th’ vampires have come to together to stop th’ ultimate evil. How do ye defend yourself?
  46. Cap'n Gus has a secret, his magic beard grows more wild 'n tangled wit’ every wind it ensnares. Cuttin’ a hair causes a mild breeze, a lock 'o his beard unleashes a strong wind. Now, captured 'n condemned to execution, he asks if he could shave
  47. Ye be th’ cap'n 'o th’ most infamous scurvy pirate ship on th’ seven seven seas, ye 'n ye crew have be through pretty much everythin’ together. Currently ye be on th’ hunt fer mer-people, they fetch high prices on th’ black market fer their beauty. What ye crew dont be knowin’ however be that ye be a mer-person 'n ye 'n ye kind only have tails when ye peglegs get wet.ye’re in th’ middle 'o a bath in ye quarters when ye first matey bustles in to speak to ye 'bout th’ ship’s course.
  48. Ye be a notorious scurvy pirate. ye’ve always be able to outrun th’ navy, but 'tis the hour they’re gainin’ on ye. ye agree to make a deal wit’ one 'o th’ lesser captains. What do they shout to ye?
  49. Arr, ye main character be kidnapped by a scurvy pirate at sea! It turns out th’ sea isn’t what it seems to be when he throws ye overboard to die….
  50. Ye cap'n has be noticeably feelin’ down, how does one scurvy pirate cheer up their cap'n back to their jolly self?
  51. What do ye do wit’ a drunken sailer?
  52. Ye’re a pirate who’s totally new to th’ business 'o stealin’ treasure from authoritative figures 'n don’t really be knowin’ what ye’re doin’. Suddenly, a dragon shows up 'n offers to tutor ye in piracy. What next?
  53. “What be land? I have forgotten.”
  54. Ye’re an undercover employee 'o th’ british government onboard a pirate ship on 'tis way to an uncharted island. ye mission be to find out what th’ band 'o pirates be goin’ thar fer.
  55. A pirate wit’ a rubber duck hand instead 'o a rusted hook
  56. Lesbian pirate flirtin’ wit’ sirens
  57. Ye were sent by th’ British government to spy on a notorious cap'n. ye join his crew 'n climb up th’ ranks 'til ye become his first matey. A few days before ye be to betray him, he tells ye a secret that changes everythin’. What be it?
  58. Th’ cap'n has gone missin’ overnight. ye, a mere chef, be th’ only one who can manage to control th’ crew. ye need to find whar ye cap'n has gone to.
  59. She was they best cap'n to sail th’ sea’s. She was Black Beard.
  60. Band 'o pirates be pillagin’ ye village, lookin’ fer somethin’. What they’re lookin’ fer be a wee unorthodox
  61. Th’ year be th’ far future, 'n space travel has be achieved. th’ human race has be denied entry into th’ galactic federations set up hundreds 'o years before their time. So, instead, we become space band 'o pirates. All 'o us.
  62. All ye pirates be sufferin from th’ evil scurvy, no matter how much citrus or undercooked meat they brin’ on th’ poop deck. they shout yer crews favoured wi th’ devil, but wee do they be knowin’ ye’ve just found th’ third cure to th’ scurvy
  63. “fer th’ last the time, don’t be puttin’ me tattered eyepatch in th’ dryer!”
  64. Ye look almost exactly like th’ female version 'o ye twin brother. Unfortunately, ye twin brother just so happens to be th’ notorious cap'n 'o a pirate crew. One day, he be killed, 'n th’ crew asks ye to pretend to be him so as to continue
  65. Th’ mermaid they pulled from th’ ocean turns out to be a jolly fighter. Maybe too jolly. Sh just killed th’ cap'n.
  66. Ye got scurvy. How ya gonna hide it from th’ cap'n?
  67. Ye pirate ship be stuck in 5 O'clock traffic. Somehow.
  68. Ye’re a stowaway on th’ dreaded cap'n LongBeard’s ship, tryin’ to find out whar he hides his treasure. Only problem be, ye’ve gotten caught sneakin’ around below deck.
  69. Ye’re th’ only jolly scurvy pirate in ye crew. ye’ve be tryin’ to keep it a secret, but then ye ship happens to sail past a group 'o sirens…
  70. Ye command one 'o th’ fiercest scurvy pirate ships in th’ seven seas. Just th’ mention 'o ye crew sends fear into th’ hearts 'o men 'n women. th’ only thin’ be, ye’ve never stepped foot on a boat.
  71. Ye’ve be travelin’ th’ seven seas fer a while now. Nothin’ can stand in ye way; ye 'n ye crew be unstoppable. 'til one thin’ crossed ye paths. What be that one thin’ 'n how do ye overcome it?
  72. Ye be th’ toughest scurvy pirate around. ye won many fights, pillaged many towns, 'n plundered dozens 'o ships. nothin’ could stand in ye way to riches, not even- oh god be that a baby on ye ship? who brought a baby?
  73. Ye be sailin’ th’ seven seven seas when yer lovely booty grows peglegs 'n starts swimmin’ off. How do ya catch a swimmin’ treasure hoard?
  74. Ye be a sea cap'n. Suddenly, ye ship lifts into th’ air. ye’re bein’ raided by sky band 'o pirates!
  75. Due to men believin’ eatin’ fruit was too feminine, th’ seven seas be now ruled by female band 'o pirates who beat their weakened males counterparts. Now, ye’re at a parrrty drinkin’ ornge spiced juice wit’ th’ victors.
  76. All ye pirates knows only women be sailors. Can ye think 'o anythin’ more unlucky than to have a scurvy dog onboard a ship? Still, rumour has it that th’ fiercest scurvy pirate ship 'o them all has a only-male crew.
  77. Ye meet Sodomy McScurvyLegs 'n buy a fitness regime. It opens up a whole new seven seas fer ye, an endless sea 'o knowledge… 'bout lovely booty.
  78. Turns out 'tis eyepatch be cursed to ne'er come off! Too bad ye put it on t’ wrong eye!
  79. Yrr secret island has been made into a parking lot and is overrun by scurvy lawyers while you were pirating. How do you fight lawyers? Your treasure is under that asphalt.
  80. Th’ cap'n 'o a magical sailin’ pirate ship takes several orphans under her proverbial win’s as new crew members
  81. “I lost m'hand to a shark, but I lost me eye to…”
  82. A rollickin’ scurvy pirate adventure from th’ point 'o view 'o th’ ship’s sea monster: th’ cat
  83. A classic pirate adventure wit’ a cursed object. Part 'o th’ curse be that th’ scurvy pirate cap'n 'n crew can never leave th’ ship 'n must come up wit’ creative ways to plunder, pillage, 'n eventually break th’ curse.
  84. Cuddle band 'o pirates- th’ fluffiest, snuggliest scurvy pirate crew ye can imagine, inexplicably survivin’ through skill 'n pluck in a grimdark hyper-edgy universe, rebellin’ against th’ grim 'n gritty status quo wit’ unflinchin’ optimism 'n hugs.
  85. “How th’ muck did ye get onto me ship 'n why be ye naked”
  86. “So ye meanin’ to be tellin’ me th’ map, which ye bought off a street vendor at Ivery Island, be an authentic map that leads to a literal buried treasure. scurvy dog, speak 'bout cliche.”
  87. Ye be highly disappointed when ye discover that th’ famous deadly 'Kraken’ be actually just a nutcracker.
  88. Two pirates travel th’ seven seas lookin’ fer lovely booty, but it turns out all they really want be each others lovely booty
  89. Ye finally come home from a year at sea 'n have to explain to ye main wench how ye got syphillis
  90. A scurvy pirate find th’ greatest treasure to be had: an island covered in lovely booty.
  91. Ye’re a pirate explorin’ uncharted waters when suddenly a giant hand made out 'o rum rises out 'o th’ ocean holdin’ a small baby wrapped in seaweed. th’ hand places th’ younglin’ on th’ deck 'o ye ship 'n disappears back into th’ depths. ye now have a child 'n a lot 'o questions.
  92. captains, greedy 'n tough 'n mean. But th’ strange thin’ 'bout him be that he wears a metal mask, 'n no one in th’ crew has ever seen him without it. One nightfall, ye resolve to spy wit’ ye eye th’ cap'n’s real face, so ye sneak into his cabin 'n sneak a peek 'o him sans mask. 'n what ye spy wit’ ye eye makes it clear to ye why ye cap'n would hide his face.
  93. Perhaps givin’ band 'o pirates Google Maps wasn’t th’..best idea
  94. Ye somehow became a pirate cap'n. One problem - ye be knowin’ nothin’ 'bout navigation…or ships…or fightin’ in general. But ye look well in a pirate coat 'n a hat, so thar be that.
  95. Ye’ve be captured by pirates, 'n thrown in th’ brig. th’ cap'n’s trusty parrot flies in, 'n says he can help ye escape.
  96. “Matey, yer lovely booty be th’ only one I be diggin’ fer t'night.”
  97. Ye’ve found pirate treasure by sheer dumb luck, but now th’ ghost 'o th’ lady pirate it belonged to be hauntin’ ye. 'n if that wasn’t that be all you can take, she’s got a crush on ye.
  98. Yer on a boat when suddenely yer First Mate throws 'imself over with no apparent reason. You dive in after him and find a grotto. What’s beyond it?
  99. Ye be that one guy on th’ ship that can swim. Somethin’ has jammed th’ rudder, stoppin’ th’ ship from makin’ it to port.
  100. Pretend ye’re a pirate 'n ye’ve just buried ye treasure. Draw a map 'n scribe below detailed instructions on how to find it again.

What prompt do ye like th’ most? Reblog if ye be a true scurvy pirate.

Stealing Kisses

This is not the piece written with @mollyraesly–that one is still being worked on and we’re excited to share it with you all soon! This was written for February @jilychallenge with given prompt: you’re a pirate pillaging my village and instead of stealing an item you steal me WTF AU (Rated: M)

Dedicated to @gryffindormischief for being amazing all the time everyday

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The first thing Lily noticed while hiding behind the barrel of apples was the way his messy black hair stuck out of his red bandana in every which way. The second thing she noticed were his eyes because they fluttered right over to her hiding spot, sparking indignantly. He entered the tiny produce shop with his eyes lit up with the thrill of the chase, or plunder, or whatever it was that pirates did.

It was Lily’s second raid without her father. Lily had managed to convince his father that raids happened once in a blue moon that she could handle herself alone for the few months he went back to England to marry her sister off. The produce store they sold goods from wasn’t a high target for pirates, since they mostly sold fruit that would spoil during long sea trips. That didn’t stop the pirates from exploring as much as they could.

The last raid Lily had been more prepared and she hid in the loft above her head. The loft had pull away steps for safety. Currently stuck behind barrels of apples, Lily was an easy grab. She struggled to make herself smaller, wishing desperately she had grabbed the fire stick for protection that sat useless away from her by the crackling stove.

This pirate didn’t seem like the last crew that had burned a neighbor’s house. He seemed young and curious. She watched as best she could as he let his fingers slip over the countertops, pocketing various things as he went. Lily didn’t care about anything he grabbed off the prep table as long as he left the shop.

Outside the shop she could hear the shouts of her fellow townsfolk. They were a small English trading post off the coast of the main island and had little in the way of protection from pirates. Lily’s own father was one of the fifty or so men sworn to protect the island from pirates. Normally pirates left the small trading post but sometimes the unprotected town was too much for pirates to pass by.

During the last raid the pirates didn’t come into the shop so Lily’s curiosity got the best of her as he made his way over to one of the barrels and plucked an apple from it. He had to be around her age, no older than nineteen. There was still a boyish charm to his features that intrigued Lily. As he took a bite of the apple she leaned too far forwards and fell to the ground.

The pirate dropped the apple, grabbed her by the arm and yanked her to a standing position all in one swift swoop. Before she could shout for help he held a sharp silver blade to her neck.

“Please remain silent if you wish to keep your tongue.”

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Ribbons // Ji Hansol


the prompt: you hoped for a new life in france, but with no money, you stowed away in the closest freighter you could find. only, it wasn’t a freighter, it was a pirate ship.

words: 6514

category: pirate!au, fluff

author note: ayy thanks to marissa for the idea of pirate!hansol bc this came out of it :) as always i miss ji hansol and wish him all the love. also i need to stop writing novels and just write cute romance like wow destinee half of this is just worldbuilding.

Originally posted by jaenominheart

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So many of the Straw Hats have their own little fan clubs.

Luffy has the Barto Club

Robin has the Revolutionary Army

Zoro has Koshiro’s New Students

Usopp has the Tontattas (really all of Dressrosa) and the Usopp Pirates/Kaya

Franky has The Franky Family

Brook now has the dog Minks

and occasionally (i.e. Alabasta and Zou) Chopper gets some fellow doctor fanboys praising his knowledge and abilities. 

Just waiting for Nami and Sanji to get some obsessive, crazy fans in the series now.

Relevant to a few previous posts: a long time ago, I had a dream that Samus found another member of Ridley’s species. His name was something like Marron and he was living on an alien planet in a hillside cave, overlooking an alien village surrounded by flat wetland and fields for miles. Samus was prepared to attack but after some talking she decided that he was friendly, and then he gave her some advice about the local area and sent her on her way. Later in the dream, Ridley and Space Pirates attacked the village. Even though he preferred to be solitary, the other dragon came out to defend all the people there. He was murdered by Ridley. The Omega Pirate was there too. Samus saved the villagers but she couldn’t save her dragon friend.


[pirate family AU] Syrup Village

A Thousand Stolen Kisses

Pairing: Anyone (M) x Reader
Genre: fluff/slight angst + reincarnation au
TW: mentions of death
Word count: 1.7K

Summary: It didn’t matter which lifetime he was in, because he knew that he would spend it loving her. Loosely based on 25 Lives by Tongari.

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ok hear me out:

we need a year of zoro

who is zoro

what dimension did he wander in from 

who really produced this plant 

why has he always been so “grrr” u feel 

Merformer idea

Merformer AU idea! Let’s go to the time before there was electricity and when ships were carried by the wind. A merformer swims close to a beach and they hear someone singing. They go to the surface and there they see a human. The human is the most beautiful being in their eyes and they immediately fall in love with them. The merformer creates a human form so that they can meet the human and get to know them. 

Time flies by and both of them love each others so much. But the merformer has to leave for a while. They say goodbye with sadness. While the merformer is away pirates attack the human’s village and they take the human as a hostage. Soon the merformer comes back and realizes what has happened and goes to look for them. They are fast. They look for the pirate ship that took their loved one. Finally they find the ship and try to see or hear their voice. Yes! They are on the ship. The merformer decides to sink the ship and then take the human to the shore.  They create a big wave that knocks the ship over

Quickly they save the human and take to the surface. The human coughs out water that they swallowed and slowly open their eyes. The human freaks out: they see something they have never seen before and are afraid. Thinking they are a monster. “Hey hey it’s me don’t be afraid!” The merformer tries to convince and try to keep the human in their hands. Then the human stops and slowly looks at them “That voice… no.. it can’t be!” They say with confusion…
“Yeah hey… you know I was going to tell you.”

Really cute reveal story I can say x3

OMFG!!!  Thank you for this!  It’s wonderful!  <3 <3 <3  Love me some historical fiction-type setting merformers!  ^____^

No Man’s Land | A Gaston Story (Chapter Two)

Originally posted by princeubbe

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC // Gaston X Anne 

Sequel to One Year | A Gaston Story

Summary: The Legend of Gaston the Victory spreads across Europe until it reaches the cursed island of Lorgaire, labeled by storytellers as No Man’s Land. Guarded by pirates and concealed underneath twisting layers of fog, the island holds an abundance of mysteries, secrets, and dark magic, as it’s rumored that once anyone steps foot onto No Man’s Land, they never return. The King of Lorgaire, known as The Reaper, desperately craves Anne’s powers and orders his pirates to steal her. When she is taken from her village, Gaston’s Army form once more and travel to No Man’s Land, but when Gaston reaches the island, he soon discovers his troubles have only just begun.

| Character List | Introduction | One | Two

Tags: @hobbithorse19 ; @my-whataguythat-gaston ; @dracsgirl ; @imoyu-drawsandwrites ; @samaxraph99 ; @tea2go ; @xits-a-nerd-thingx ; @theoncergames ; @thestrugglesofateenagedirtbag ; @thoughts-from-a-ravenclaw ; @naildiva87 ; @afairytaledream ; @epicfallenismine ; @asnowwhitedreams ; @kek-eek ; @yeoldgamer ; @chrystalcaper ; @mizlizzieo ; @quiettranquility-blog ; @daisiesflower

“Run! Pirates! They’re headed straight for us!”

The lone guard continued racing towards them, and yet the village fell to a bone-chilling silence. Some villagers stepped back with a desire to seek shelter in the nearest building, but most were ready to protect their home without a single trace of fear coursing through their fiery blood. Jagtby was a town of hunters, and although it wasn’t often they had to defend their village, they couldn’t have asked for a better leader to take charge. When Gaston was only a teenager, he defended Villeneuve from a pack of marauders that intruded the provincial town overnight. This was a familiar scenario for him and, to be honest, Gaston preferred a band of pirates as opposed to the monstrous trees and werewolves he fought last year.

“Do not stir,” Gaston urged the villagers when he turned to face them. “Hold your ground.”

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Emmerdale Village Tour - Part 3

Alright, after we were done screaming over seeing Robert’s car and trying to act cool, we got to walk down to the village :D

@caro-evomad1 and myself. The guide took pictures of everyone! Bless. I wonder how many times she does that in a day… it wasn’t just by the sign either… it was like at every stop haha.

Back of Smithy’s!

Omg omg omg, it’s right there!

This stone has been with the show since the very first episode :)

The pirate ship!

The village has a gardener working full time and since flowers need to blossom early, she grows them in a green house and then plants them around the place. Didn’t even think about that before!

an affair of honor and of the heart

HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY TO @mryddinwilt!!!!! I know I’m off by a day, but this had to be (as close to) perfect as possible because you are fantabulous and deserve the very best :D I’m so glad we started chatting a couple years ago, and I’ve loved all of our chats ever since! I hope your day was wonderful and that you enjoy this!

Summary: “Princess” Emma was so done with working at her family’s ren fair, and especially with one annoying pirate re-enactor. (Or was she?)

AO3 | FF.net | 5.5k

It was hot. It was humid. It was raining just slightly enough to be annoying. The corset was too tight, the roads were too muddy, and Princess Emma of Misthaven was too done.

Why couldn’t I just have gotten a job at the mall this summer, like everyone else?

She knew why. “Its tradition, Emma!” her mother always insisted. And who was she to go against the decree of Queen Mary Margaret?

Her mother’s family had ran the Storybrooke Medieval Faire every summer for years, and as such, held titles of royalty within its perimeters.

When she was a little girl, she loved the spectacle of it: the jousts, the performers, the food, the stalls of goods, and dressing up. She couldn’t wait for when she was old enough to actually work there, and while she was more than happy to assume her “princess” duties, she secretly pined for something else.

Now that she’s spent in the royal role, she wasn’t sure it was all it was cracked up to be. Teaching princess lessons was fun, don’t get her wrong—if only to see all the adorable little girls (and occasional tiny prince) practicing their curtsies and best manners.

No, it was the thrice-daily parades, having to ride in a carriage with her parents and sit up stock straight, followed by “knights” jousting for her “favour” at the end of the day that had her rethinking her family ties.

And, as she was just about to be reminded in today’s midday parade, the pirates. She had childhood dreams of joining their ranks, but now? They were the most frustrating.

“There she is! Finest lass in the kingdom.”

Correction: it was one pirate she was annoyed by.

“Pray tell, Your Highness: what does a man have to do to captain his vessel into your most beautiful port?”

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  • I’m in orchestra you’re in band this is a scandalous romeo and juliet au
  • I run the carousel and you wont get off the fucking ride do i have to call security
  •  You’re a pirate pillaging my village and instead of you taking a valuable item you grab me what the fuck
  • You’re the hot asshole who dumped your coffee down my shirt and turns out you are my college professor
  • c h i l d h o o d f r i e n d s
  • I haven’t seen you in years and holy shit you got attractive but I also want to punch you in the face you feel me
A list of lies Usopp has told that have came true some point in the future.
  • Pirates are attacking the village. (chap 23). Kuro’s army really attacking.
  • A giant goldfish with poop as large as an island. (chap 24).Dorry and Broggy confirmed it.
  • Country of Dwarfs. (chap 24). Dressrosa arc confirmed it. 
  • Wanted to see a huge mole in Kaya’s mansion. (chap 24). Fight with Mrs. Merry Christmas.
  • A Cerberus. (chap 40). Actual Cerberus in Thriller Bark Arc.
  • Same with no.5. This time a dragon. (chap 40). Actual Dragon in Punk Hazard.
  • Claimed Luffy’s first bounty is his. (chap 114). Got his first bounty at 30 million Berry.
  • Usopp is an expert in sniping. (chap 42). Birth of Sogeking.
  • A beautiful swordswoman has come with meat. (chap 458). Rebecca.