pirate tetra

I Finally found you!

Since I haven’t done anything for mermay, why not make it ZeLink Too?

Also thought of an AU cause why not, I haven’t really made one in a while. This has WW + BotW + silly ideas of mine cause I didn’t have thim to think

- Hyrule and al the land is deep sanked into sea, as well as calamity Ganon thats sealed there, inside what once was Hyrule castle.

- Zelda is a pirate, and with the only clue her mother left her, the master sword, she is looking for its bearer, to also find more answers to awaken her power to open the gate that leads to where Ganon is, to defeat him and get their land back.

- Link’s a merman (not originally one, it’s a secondary efect of ganon’s curse) and he lives with the zoras, so he knows Mipha from long ago. Also the master sword has the ability to give link his human form back for a while, however, it makes him unable to speak, as well as reduces his expressiveness.

- Urbosa is part of Zelda’s crew, as well as her teacher. Revali and Daruk are found on the way XD

- Once Link and Zelda meet each other, she’s doubtful of his potencial, but later realizas his kindness dedication and inner streng. And you know, like kiss already XD .. Pretty much she’s also a tsundere as hell

Probably I’ll sketch them a bit more like this and organize my thoughts, I thought this too fast so it’s pretty nonsense XD.

Anyway, I hope you like this!


Our story begins not long ago… There was a young girl, savvy to the seas and head of a band of pirates. Her name was Tetra. She was pretty, brash, and brave. Tetra and her handsome pirates set out to explore the vast and unfamiliar seas. One day on a stop at an island, Tetra met a young boy dressed in green. […]

Zelink Week, Day One: “By Your Side”

It wasn’t like Tetra had chosen to be Princess Zelda.

She didn’t know the first thing about this kingdom under the sea. She barely knew the legends of the Hero of Time, much less the princess he’d saved and her own lineage. It wasn’t like she’d signed up for this!

But she’d been locked under the sea, then kidnapped, all because she was ‘actually’ the Princess Zelda.

Well, what if she didn’t want to be Princess Zelda?

Maybe she wanted to be Tetra, the fiercest pirate on the sea. Maybe she wanted to go on with her life, leading her crew and exploring the seas. Maybe she wanted to be free to be herself.

But did that King of Red Lions care about that? Of course not.

He just wanted to save this kingdom that had already been drowned under the sea. Well, maybe it had been drowned for a reason! Maybe Hylians had been meant to live on these oceans. Maybe they didn’t want to go back into the valleys under the sea. Maybe they were happy with their lives! Maybe they liked the smell of the sea, and the freedom the ocean provided, just like she did!

But for all the agitation Tetra felt at her life being ripped away from her—

For all the times she’d wondered what would become of her, down there below the waves—

For all the times she’d cursed that king for ever bringing her to this strange ancient kingdom—

That boy had gone through so much more than she had.

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