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Please smile guys....

//I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem very sad right now, and I wanted to do something to try and make everyone feel a little better, even if it’s just for a few seconds, so, I’m putting all the funniest gifs and pictures I have (from multiple fandoms) and putting them in one post in the hopes of making you guys smile ^-^.

After days of agonizing and fruitless swatching, the beginning of a new pullover is finally on my needles!! The yarn is luxuriously soft Plymouth Superwash Merino in a sea foam colour. Mom’s orchid merino (also pictured) is waiting to be knit up just like this! A pattern is in the works!! 💕 ~ Katya

At Bucky’s Bomb Yard, we now offer a wide range of Disney inspired bath bombs! Check the individual listings below to see what we’ve got in the shop, or feel free to put together your own Disney Bath Bomb Pack!

Aurora - When you use this bomb, you too will feel like you’ve been put under a spell of deep sleep, covered in a light sheen of glitter. A lovely mix of pink and yellow make up the Aurora bomb, carrying the scent of a blend called Peaceful Sleep(Orange, Tangerine, Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood).

Princess Jasmine - This Jasmine inspired bomb leaves you relaxing in a pool of egyptian jasmine scented water. The bomb is a lovely shade of blue, tipped with yellow and dusted with the color of a golden crown.

Everything The Light Touches - Everything the light touches can be your kingdom too, at least that’s what it will feel like when you soak in this bomb colored like a bright African sunrise. Scented with Dune Grass, you’ll feel like you’re spending your bath experience on top of Pride Rock.

The Enchanted Rose - This bomb won’t make you turn into a Beast but it will definitely make you feel like you’re enchanted while you bathe in glittery, wild rose scented water. This Beauty and the Beast inspired bomb will leave you sparkling and relaxed.

Mulan - You don’t meet a girl like this every dynasty! Colored like her battle garb, deep green and rich purple, this Mulan inspired bomb is scented with a lovely asian plum scent. All you’ll be missing is Mushu bossing you around!

Esmerelda - Bathe like you’re in the Court of Miracles with this Esmerelda themed bomb! You will feel like the scents dance around you in the calming Paris night, filling your bath with orchid and pink amber.

Colors of the Wind - A swirl of color fills your tub with this Pocahontas inspired bomb, leaving you with a scent of Oak Moss. Blue, green and gold flecks of glitter join the combo, so you can truly feel like you’re painting with the colors of the wind.

Pascal - This bomb may seem misleading, a bright blue, plain and simple. But drop it into you tub and watch it change colors with a strong yellow interior! Your water will turn to Pascal green, the color of Rapunzel’s little chameleon friend, while the scent called Endless Love fills the air around you.

Tiana - The scent of wild honeysuckle will surround you, feeling like a warm southern night, while this Tiana inspired bomb turns your water bright green- the color of the frog princess herself!

Bring Me That Horizon - A bomb modeled after the treasure that Captain Jack Sparrow hunted his entire life. Dusted with a deep golden powder, this little piece of treasure will make you smell like the Captain himself- rum, the sea breeze and the scent of warm Caribbean sands.

The Black Pearl - Perhaps you’ve heard of the cursed ship that roams the seven seas, striking fear into the hearts of sailors. The Black Pearl is that ship and now you can enjoy the scents of the oceans she calls home with this bomb. A relaxing mix of salt water and warm sands.

Hatter’s Mad Tea Bomb - Come join the Mad Tea Party and sit alongside your favorite Hatter while you try out this Mad Tea Bomb! Scented with hot cranberry tea, this bomb will make your bathing experience better than any in all of Wonderland!

We’re All Mad Here - The Cheshire Cat may not be very good with directions or advice but he’s pretty sure of one thing- nothing smells as lovely as madness. That’s why this bomb is scented like cotton candy bubble gum, surrounding you with smells that make it kinda okay that you’re lost deep in the forests of Wonderland.

Frozen Queen - A lovely little bomb inspired by Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. This is a glitter bomb, which means it will leave the surface of your water glittering like a frozen wasteland, but will stay on your skin after your soak as well! Scented with a sweet, magical aroma.

Ohana Bomb - This Stitch themed bath bomb will give you a lovely scent of Hawaii, a tropical mix of pineapple and mango! Lay back and relax as the Ohana bomb leaves your water the color of the refreshing blue Hawaii ocean.

Don’t forget that you can buy a pack of six, any of your choosing, for a discounted price when you purchase the Disney Bath Bomb Pack! Thank you!

I need more shelf space!

“All neat freaks are named Felix”

Okay but… RvB Felix beinga neat freak?

“Locus how many times do I have to tell you to put away your dishes when you’re done eating?”

“You got my gun dirty, Locus!

“Stop tramping blood into my nice clean ship, Locus!”

“If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, dead bodies go out the airlock when we’re done with them! You don’t just leave them on the floor for people to trip on!”