pirate spain cosplay

Better than I was.
More than I am.
And all that happened,
by taking your hand.


I’m in love with this pic because it (in my opinion) shows a lot of how the chemestry works between the two of them…

And you should have seen how long it actually took us because this sweet Italian here could not stay serious… and in my defense… I was supposed to grin!!

Pirate!Romano @nightluxtra

Picture: @unique-gentleman

AnimagiC 2017!!!
Did I ever mention that I simply love the Hetalia Fandom and all the nice people in general? … Only a few thousand times I think ahaha~

There you go with some selfies of us beeing… totally gorgeous…or not…8D
Lots of love to the Pirate-Crew!!
(Looook~ Lovi is soooooo cute when he is happy and tries to hide it!!! Q_____Q)

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