pirate skull tattoo

Now that magic is back remember ...

- That the Pirate Lord of Skulls Bay’s Tattoo can now move again and tell his what is happening on the seas
- All the Iron Teeth Witches are Immortal again
- The Fae that might have been kept in their animal form can now shift back
- All the healers that couldn’t access their magic can now do so
- The Iron Teeth Witches can now uses their brooms again instead of Wyverns
- The Fae that live on the continent are Immortal again too
- All the beasts that were found in Wendlyn can now come back
- The Gods have a stronger foothold in Erelia
- On battlefields they can use Battle Magic again
- Dorian doesn’t have to keep his magic a secret again
- Aelin has a choice on what form she wants to take
- The witches can destroy their enemies with those weird mirrors
- We can discover the true depths of Holland Havillard’s evilness

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this whole tag is unreal but look at this one 

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*laughs for 900 years*