pirate ship room

igninecari  asked:

clad in a pair of STOLEN pants & tank, BOTH much too long on her, she slowly makes her way to STU'S bed. like a beach with debris from a pirate ship wreck, his room is. not bothering to stifle yawns ( & like a cat ), EMBER stretches as she crawls over to HIM. almost surreal; unlike his jittery, nervous twitching. he resembles a tired, ANGEL OF A DOLL with vivid AZURE LOCKS & holes like two HIDDEN GALAXIES for eyes. ❛ I wrote somethin' for YOU. It's a LULLABY, for your birthday. Wanna hear it ? ❜

birthday wishes! // always accepting!

      sleepy, almost catatonic, features slowly engaged to wakefulness as Ember crawled onto his bed, her movement having stirred him. long limbs unfurled, stretching upward and outward as eyes slowly blinked away ( never ending ) exhaustion. it seemed no matter how long he slept that tiredness always sat on the horizon; teasing him at the promise of a fulfilling sleep.

          Stu stifled a hardy yawn behind the palm of one large hand, black eyes creasing shut momentarily. he smiled languidly at Ember’s approach – she was always a comforting sight to see upon waking up. he settled back into comfy pillows and blankets, the purple stains beneath his eyes giving way to how little sleep had given to him. it didn’t matter though, not when 2D had his best friend around.

          reaching toward her face, he absentmindedly tucked a wild strand of pale blue hair behind her ear, and mumbled out in sleepy tones, “ mmm – yeah, i’d love t’ hear it, Em.“