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A Bit of Persuasion

Writer- @myhellyourstories

Requested- Anonymous

Request- Sup? I heard that you villain parents would be Scar. So I would like to request a Harry Hook x Reader were the reader is Scar’s daughter. maybe he persuades her to be his girlfriend or something?

Disclaimer- I do not own any Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story and the characters Sasha, Enzo, and Balthazar.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Summary- Harry “kindly” persuades Scar’s daughter to be his girlfriend.

Warning(s)- Underage drinking (matters on what part of the world you live in), having a hangover.

Words- 2872

A/N- I can make a part 2 if requested.

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