pirate seychelles

Hetaween 2011 Costume Analysis

Italy and Germany: German Gladiator and Italian Slave twist

Japan: Traditional Youkai

France and Monaco: French Peter Pan

Tomato Gang: Little Red Riding Belgian

England Costume 1: Actual Sherlock 

Switzerland and Liechtenstein: Neutral style Robin Hood

Sealand: Winnie the Pooh

Seborga: Italian Mecha

Nordic 5 (+Hong Kong and Seychelles): Pirates of the Norwegian Sea Caribbean 

China and Macau: Traditional Chinese Imperial Robes(?)

Prussia: Prussian Step Dancer

Cameroon: Transformers

England Costume 2: British Robin

Soviet Siblings (+Baltics): East Slavic (or Finno-Ugric for Estonia) Alice in Wonderland

Poland: My Little Pony

America: Hella Batman

Tony and Amerimochi: [FUCK YOU INTENSIFIES]

sketched real quick for this amazing fantabulous event~.

i think i pick pirates. >>;;

also yay first time i’ve drawn Seychelles ever and her face is kind of derpy [as are her hands and what the fuck is going on with that sword] but i like it for some reason nonetheless. also hi random cliche scar.

….i should have detailed that skirt thing looking at it now sigh.

this may or may not leave sketch stage idek.


Pirate Seychelles, here and following no one’s authority by my own. If you want to survive being a part of my crew, just follow these steps:

  2. Stay out of my way or I WILL kill you.
  3. If you touch my Rum……you better run.

That’s all you need to know. Now swab this deck, or I’ll make you go swim with the sharks. I KID YOU NOT!

((Oh gosh, what has mun done!? Anyway, this was another of my crazy ideas on a boring tuesday. If you have any questions for pirate Seychelles, feel free to drop an ask in the box. Like I say all the time, I don’t bite. All I want is friends :D))