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WHAT IS UP EVERYONE ONE!?!?! We are one month away from the premiere of the long awaited and anticipated Descendants 2!!!!
And to celebrate this blog will be posting so much more then just fics. Hence the picture you are seeing above.
Let’s get started shall we?

To start this month of fun I’ve created a design for the daughter of the most famous Sea Witch, Uma.
I love the way this design ended up looking. It’s simple but when you look closer you see the sea accents. Same can be said of Uma but more on that later.

The steps are simple:
I first of all started with a base nail polish to keep my nails healthy. Then after that was dry I did a thin layer of a white base color to help the neon polish pop (that’s a little tip, want your neon nail colors to really glow add a white base 😉 you won’t be sorry). The next step is applying two coats (one at a time, let it dry between coats or things will get messy) of the turquoise/blue polish. You can stop there and add the charms or not it’s up to you but I took it one step further. I added a irredentist flakey glitter to add a mermaid look. Also I’m a sucker for glitter.
Now the charms I used are self adhesive. I got them from Sally’s beauty supply store. But similar things can be found in craft store and drug stores that sell beauty supplies.
I added them close to my cuticle area after the nail polish had dried. Once set where I wanted them I sealed everything with a top coat.

Hope this was informative or at least fun to look at.
Be excited guys more stuff to come!

-Mod 101❤️🐾

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(Same anon again) I don't really remember MLAATR that much, just from when I was younger. Actually, all I really remember is that I used to ship Brad and Jenny a lot back then (even though I was a little kid). I think I even had an embarrassing little crush on Brad. Was he really that hateful and horrible character/friend to Jenny? I thought he cared about her?

JennyBrad was one of my first ships as well. They were really cute together, but the show was cancelled due to low ratings and Rob Renzetti (show’s creator) also confirmed that Jenny was planned to end up with Sheldon (a human recurring character who had a huge crush on her).

To be honest, I too don’t remember most of the show, but I do recall many instance of me cringing at Brad’s supposedly “best friend” status in later seasons (it had only three I believe and the later unaired episode were pirated in Polish with english subtitles iirc). As the show progressed, the writing, which wasn’t amazing to begin with, became lazier, somehow “mean” and some choices were just a bit too odd for me, especially in regards of what was supposed to be the core friendship(s) of the show.

The Christmas Special was/is the biggest offender for me.
The plot had Jenny being mind-controlled by some rich kid who hated Christmas and all kinds of holidays (Easter, New Year’s Eve etc.). 

The moment she first becomes brainwashed, however, the episode simply cuts to her waking up somewhere (I’m trying as hard as I can to remember) during Christmas (it’s snowy around her) and as she walks around the city, she notices that everyone treats her like shit, including Brad and her own mother (the woman who invented her). 

She eventually meets Sheldon, the guy who has a crush on her and the only one who doesn’t dislike her (but protects her instead). The boy tells the robot that during the last year (this means that Jenny disappeared for one ENTIRE year with no one looking for her), she ruined every holiday for everyone (we see in a montage that she destroys a clock tower or something moments before the New Year’s Eve midnight) and so she became understandably very disliked. I don’t really remember what happens after that and how she solves everything, but I think a badass Santa battle was involved.

Now, I hate mean-spirited stuff, especially in kids shows.
The main problem of this episode is that Jenny disappeared for 1 year (only showing up during feast days) and no one of her so-called friends and “family” (her mother-inventor) seemed to care. Instead, they were all mad at her because “muh holidays are ruined!”; it was especially stupid considering that she is a robot and so the mother, who invented her, should have known that there was something wrong with her acting like that.

Brad himself, who is always introduced as “Jenny’s best friend”, led a group of haters against her the moment she saw her walking around defenseless. Brad, the so-called “best friend”, who hasn’t talked to her for an entire year, isn’t even concerned about the fact that she’s wandering around confused.
What a great friend indeed.

(this is why I love StarCo so much: Marco would have believed that something was wrong with Star and probably even protected her from the angry mobs, thus living up to his “Star’s best friend” status)

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headcanons about the marauders in their dorm??

Life in the marauders’ dorm? A very scary place.

The first night in the dorms, they were unpacking and sticking things on the walls. They’d put up James’s Gryffindor banner between he and Sirius’s bed and their respective Quidditch posters and banners on the walls. No one had put their family pictures up yet, in case they were the only one. Except James, who unreservedly placed a picture of his mum and dad on the wall near his nightstand. Then all the other boys followed suit and they had their first real group conversation about their respective families, childhoods, etc. Every inch of the walls were covered in Gryffindor posters, because they were dorks, family pictures, band posters and, when they discovered girls, a muggle pinup calendar.

Fires were a regular occurrence; they learned repairing and extinguishing charms straight away.

Dorm rules taped to the wall.

  • Don’t steal each other’s sweets if you can’t replace said objects within 48 hrs.
  • If you don’t keep your sweets locked away, FAIR GAME.
  • Side drawers are sacred. Hands off.
  • 20 minute time limit for morning showers so everyone else can get ready.
  • One can call a group meeting to settle a personal dispute, but both the accused and the defence must respect the ruling of the two non-injured parties. If no agreement can be settled upon, a formal duel will take place.
  • Closed curtains means bugger the hell off. Respect that.
  • If you’re doing something gross but necessary behind closed curtains, use a silencing charm.

They paid to have their motto embroidered onto a banner and it hung from the ceiling.

Dance parties. IT HAPPENED.

Just boy wrestling and fart noises and stupid drunken questions and antics and laughter and I can’t.

30% of the fires were caused by playing polish pirate poker-the awe inspiring and also slightly terrifying game that exists in the Haggis world.

When they got to that age when wanking became a thing, rules were discussed and voted upon: charm your curtains closed, please wait until lights out or use the toilet, use a silencing charm, keep it at a reasonable time limit.

They all had things they brought from home: Peter brought his chess set, Remus brought Gobstones, James was in charge of beverages and snacks, and Sirius brought his wireless.

James and Sirius brought their backup brooms so Peter and Remus could have nice brooms, too.

Their room was kind of disaster in terms of being tidy so they were always mixing up robes and exchanging random shoes or robes on the way to breakfast.

They made an entire set of rules fifth year, hopeful idiot boys, about all the girls they’d bring up to mess about with, but they didn’t really need them very much.

The other three bought a fake stag head and mounted it to the wall sixth year as a terrible joke. They used a permanent sticking charm and James gave up and used it as a coat rack.

They had a surplus cauldron that was almost constantly in use because they brewed contraband/untoward potions all the time, mostly to heal their various injuries and pepper up potions for after full moon nights.

Two words: liquor stash. They weren’t regular suppliers or anything, but they did have an extensive stash and people would trade a bottle or two for galleons or sweets.

Remus brought muggle board games, which were endlessly fascinating to the other three, but their attempts to charm the pieces to move usually ended in disaster.

If you’ve ever seen Dead Poet’s Society, in the very beginning they’re setting up “study group”…basically determining and delegating all coursework based on each boy’s best subject. That totally happened with the marauders. They had a big schedule and timetable on the wall. They did this to keep Moony caught up, and everyone knew it, but it was unspoken.

James and Sirius’s trunks had secret bottoms where they kept their illicit materials.

They were rather a secretive bunch, what with the shenanigans and illicit materials and animagus business. Although they tried desperately to charm their door shut with a password, it was warded against password charms, and the handle was similarly warded against locking charms–and for good reason. They settled instead for a very colourfully worded warning sign spell-o-taped to the door and a charm that made your hand turn purple if you tried to turn the doorknob without first muttering the countercharm.

Before any of them were really proficient in Transfiguration, they levitated a table up from the common room for their scheming.

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What WADs would you recommend as must-plays?

there are so many WADs out there that i am loathe to make some sort of must-play list. What i would do is make a list of ten very different megawads as a sort of sampler and then branch out based on what experiences you really enjoyed. It would probably look something like…

Doom the Way id Did / Doom II the Way id Did (if you love the classic maps)
Hellbound (an epic, contiguous, soul-crushing adventure)
Eternal Doom III (if you like Doom’s puzzles built of sector machinery and level geometry)
Scythe (because it has really short, action-packed maps, even if the latter stuff gets crazy hard)
Memento Mori II (the golden classic megaWAD)
The Plutonia Experiment (the proving ground, and because I think that it’s insane to suggest stuff like Hell Revealed to people who have just finished Doom II)
Valiant (because Skillsaw is awesome and brings his own brand of mobility-focused gameplay - never stop running)
Back to Saturn X series (1 and 2) (beautiful and highly polished)
Pirate Doom (the premiere partial conversion / themed mapset)
Action Doom II: Urban Brawl (there are plenty of people who have pushed ZDoom into even stranger places, but I think this is the big one)

then, for example, if you really liked the short stuff from Scythe, but hated it when you got to Hell, you could try Adam Windsor’s bite-sized Demonfear levels. On the other hand, if claustrophobia and carnage is your thing, you might enjoy the manic mayhem of mouldy’s Going Down.

oh, this is completely disassociated from mods, btw. i’ve only played like ten gameplay mods, total.

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"Killian, will you teach me how to navigate?" The pirate stopped polishing his hook for a moment. He looked up at me and smiled. "Thought you'd never ask. Come, let's get to it." And with that he got up and started walking towards the docks.

“Killian, will you teach me how to navigate?” The pirate stopped polishing his hook for a moment. He looked up at me and smiled. “Thought you’d never ask. Come, let’s get to it.” And with that he got up and started walking towards the docks.

“Is it easy?” I asked looking up at him.

“You may think it might be difficult. May I ask why you want to learn? Not that I’m unhappy to teach you.”

“What if I get lost one day?”

“You won’t get lost.”

“You can’t see the future.”

“Looks like I’ll have to look after you.”