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30 Day Movie Challenge

Day 11: Your Favorite Movie From Your Childhood: Muppet Treasure Island

There are a lot of movies that I loved from my childhood but I decided that this one is one of my favorites.  Even today I watch it and I see all these jokes that I missed as a kid and they are awesome and it is still so great.  A wonderful cast to work alongside the Muppets, who are great actors like Tim Curry who makes a great Long John Silver.  And a little boy who can sing higher than I ever have been able to in my entire life.  I remember dancing like crazy to the “Love Power” song in the end credits.  The whole movie just makes me beyond happy!

“How does she bloody do that?”

RUNNER-UP: The Parent Trap  Freaking love this movie for all time.  Young Lindsay Lohan, before she wrote a list of celebrities she slept with.  Dennis Quaid being all awesome. Could totally quotes this entire movie a million times over.  Side note: my cousin told me the day of her wedding was going to be the date of the girls’s birthday in this movie, and I knew exactly what day that was, hee hee such a dork!