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Heroes Of Olympus ~ Pirate AU

- Annabeth is head of the ship, obviously 

- Nico and Hazel, the siblings, are her shared 1st mates 

- Jason is the scout. Loves heights and lives up in the bird’s nest. 

- Frank is the soft but buff dude. Mans the cannons, god bless his non-violent heart and sensitive ears. Him and Hazel are openly together, lucky them. 

- Leo is the ship’s repairman. He built the thing from scratch. 

- Will Solace and Piper are both prisoners from Reyna and Octavian’s ship. They’re escorting Princess Dare and Duchess Calypso (This is just random for the sakes of it)

- There’s this big fight between them, and Will and Piper are taken among others as prisoners. 

- Leo was taken by the other crew. 

- Piper uses her crazy love-voodoo magic to keep them alive because the lot of them are dead weights. She barely gets herself pulled back on board, and doesn’t save everyone. 

- Jason isn’t fooled. He sees right through it, but he can’t bring himself to call her out. 

- Nico’s technically always in charge of their cargo, like prisoners and such, whilst Hazel helps Annabeth keep the ship in order. 

- You can see where this is going: prompted by this post

- He’s kind of like “who the fuck is this guy. He’s so hot. I mean stubborn. Thinks he’s the captain. I think he’s gorgeous an idiot.”

- And will just wants to stay alive so he tries to work the angle he has

- Ends up falling head over heels finding himself slightly attracted to Nico. More than he bargained. 

- Meanwhile, Jason confronts Piper. She basically says “and?” And they move on, falling in love and all things sappy. 

- Meanwhile, Annabeth is trying to ask Reyna for their forces to join, giving back what (Or who) was stolen from each other and standing together against Gaia, of whom Reyna’s crew would be outnumbered against. 

- Gaia had an armada of ships. They needed to stand together if they want to survive

- Percy our main man, he’s Annabeth’s secret merman lover. Annabeth had met him when she was little and they had been close ever since. She roamed the seas and he roamed right behind her. 

- Just? Frank? Finding a black haired, green eyed boy with their captain as she’s steering, late at night? He’s wearing a tightly woven fishing net around his waist but nothing else? 

- He tells Hazel and Hazel is like Frank that’s a merman oh god Annabeth is with a merman?

- Meanwhile Jason and Piper hide up in the bird’s nest because no one but him likes it there 

- And Will is driving Nico mad but he refuses to let himself fall for a prisoner 

- And Annabeth’s boyfriend is a merman. 

- And Leo falls in love with Calypso. He’s technically a stow away, but bothers Calypso so much that she falls for him (Sound familiar?)

- Octavian gets eaten by sharks. Oops. Annabeth suspects Percy. Percy is indifferent, as usual but it was definitely him

I just love this au

Hello Everyone

Im kinda new with this whole tumblr thing. I joined a little while ago but didn’t get a chance to really post anything until now. So this is me introducing myself. 

I’m Lily.

some fandoms I’m in are-

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There are probably some others but I can’t think of right now

I ride horses. That’s cool.

I’m writing my own novel at the moment. I may post about it occasionally but for the most part I’m keeping it on the DL.

So that’s me.

My chat is always open if anyone needs to say anything at any point.

I’ll start posting stuff soon.

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can you do more pirate!percy? i love the drabbles you had of them so far! you're writing is brilliant, just so you know.

“You know, I’m just about tired of you bossing me about.”

“Are you?” Captain Jackson—Percy, she’s taken to calling him, because it seems to rile him up enough to take her seriously, and she loves the half-amused, almost murderous look he gets—Percy glares at her half-heartedly and continues sharpening one of the small blades he keeps tucked into his boot. “That’s unfortunate.”

Annabeth pulls her father’s sword and taps the flat of the blade on Percy’s chin, forcing him to look up. Surprise flits briefly and unsuppressed across his face before he shuts it down, replaces it with amusement, turns those deep green eyes on her. He drops his whetstone. It lands with a clatter on the deck. “Unwise, Miss Annabeth,” he says, pointing at her with the dagger. “Haven’t you heard how I stole this ship?”

“With help of your crew,” she says, stepping carefully to his left, where he tends to swing slower. “Especially McLean.”

Piper, sitting on the bowsprit carving an apple, cheers. “Especially McLean! You hear that, Captain?”

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Percabeth pirate au please!!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  • Annabeth stood at the dock that shipments for the castle would come right in. She was looking for a ship, Percy’s ship.
  • She couldn’t help but look for him, even though Percy told her that he was going to go somewhere else.
  • That was six months ago.
  • When Annabeth got home, she was welcomed back with open arms by the staff and Malcolm. Her mother only looked happy to please everyone else, Annabeth knew that.
  • But she would become queen tomorrow, on her eighteenth birthday. Her mother would step down and Annabeth would take over with her as an adviser.
  • “Alright, what are you waiting for?” She heard behind her.
  • She turned and saw her brother walking over to her. He only knew the basics of what happened while she was on the ship.
  • “Why do you think I’m waiting?” She countered.
  • “Cause you’ve been out here everyday for six months just staring out to the ocean.” He told her. “Are you looking for that pirate?”
  • “His name is Percy.” She told him. “You don’t know him like I did. He brought me back home while his crew was asleep. He has a soft spot under that pirate persona.”
  • “So, you like him.” Malcolm stated. “And you want him to come him to come back.”
  • “Is that bad?” She asked. “He did take great care of me while I was on his ship. He let me bathe and got three meals a day.”
  • “Stockholm syndrome.” Malcolm told her. “You have stockholm syndrome.”
  • Annabeth blushed. She wasn’t on the ship for long, two weeks at least, but Percy was the one who was nice to her and attempted to make her feel comfortable. She was the one that was trying to push him away and yet she still ended up falling for him.
  • She looked back towards the sea and saw a ship getting closer to the kingdom. From the distance, it looked like another kingdom ship that important and exported supplies.
  • “He’s a pirate that returned his treasure. He probably won’t come back after that. He has his pirate persona to protect.” Malcolm told her. “And your birthday is tomorrow. So you should relax before your coronation day.”
  • “This is relaxing.” She told him with a smile. “The sea is pretty nice and so are sun rises and sun sets.”
  • Malcolm chuckled. “Come on, let’s get dinner.”


  • Annabeth smiled as she looked at her silver dress. Her seamstress has been working on this dress for months. It was long sleeved, a v-neckline, and puffed out after her waist. There were little designs of the kingdom’s sacred animal, an owl, that were sitting on olive tree branches.
  • “You look beautiful.” Annabeth saw her mother in the mirror. She was holding something in her hands, a necklace box. “This is for you.”
  • Annabeth turned around and walked over to her mother, taking the box and opening it to see the necklace that her mother has worn everyday since Annabeth could remember.
  • “Mother…” She breathed.
  • “I want you to have it and hopefully we can be on better terms.”
  • Annabeth just stared at it before her mother took the necklace out and carefully put it on her daughter.
  • “Malcolm will come get you when we are ready.” She told her before leaving.
  • Annabeth touched the necklace and smiled a tiny bit. This was her destiny, ruling her kingdom, being the leader everyone expected her to be.
  • The ceremony was a blur to her, nerves were getting the best to her. She just remember Malcolm coming to get her then walking towards her mother and saying some words and then cheering.
  • Queen Annabeth Chase, the most beautiful thing to Annabeth’s ears.
  • She met with some of the other royals and towns people that were invited to the celebration in her honor.
  • She needed to get some air and went to her favorite spot, the dock. She looked across to the sea and thought to herself her birthday wish, to see Percy one last time.
  • “The sea is beautiful tonight.” She heard.
  • Annabeth turned and she could feel her breath get taken away from her. Those sea green eyes, the slight scruff that was still there from when he tried to shave.
  • “Percy…” She breathed.
  • He looked amazing when he cleaned up. She almost didn’t recognize him except for those eyes. He wore a blue button down shirt and black slacks. The earrings that he had were out and he was smiling at her.
  • “Hi.” He smiled. “Congratulations.”
  • “Thanks.” She smiled. “What…what are you doing here?”
  • He walked closer to her as he looked at the sea. “Came home to see my mom. She told me it was your coronation day so I came.”
  • “What did you tell your crew?” She asked.
  • “Some of them went to see their parents and loved ones. They deserve a good break.” He replied. “And no one recognizes me when I’m not in my normal clothes.”
  • “I can tell, you look really good when you clean up.” She smiled.
  • “Thanks.” He replied. “So, Queen Annabeth Chase. What will be your first act?”
  • “I don’t know.” She replied. “Maybe ask for a dance from you.”
  • “You want to dance with a pirate?”
  • She nodded and took his hand. “We can dance out here, so you don’t get recognized and I don’t have to get asked who you are.”
  • He nodded and pulled her close, one hand on her waist while the other in her hand.
  • They danced to invisible music. There wasn’t any care in the world as they danced. Annabeth thought she was in one of her dreams. Percy was standing right in front of her and smiling at her. She really missed his smile and green eyes.
  • They stopped dancing and were looking at each other. Percy smiled and leaned down until their lips met.

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Tomw is my 17th birthday and i was wondering if u could pretty please with a cherry on top write some pirate!percy and annabeth fic, possible kissing???? (i always picture them kissing when they are fighting at each other, not sure why tho)Love ur writing btw!!!!!!!!

The dock they sit on is summer-warm and solid, the churning water underneath their dangling feet less so. Annabeth stares out at the storm clouds brewing at the horizon and the blurring stretch of stars peeking through and leans into Jackson’s arm. It’s a nice night for this. Sitting here with him. Drinking. Reminiscing. He takes a long pull of rum, wipes his mouth on his sleeve, and presses the bottle into her hand.

“We’ve come a long way,” Annabeth admits, taking a sip that brushes hot against her chest. She thinks, briefly, longingly, of the shining crystal decanter that used to sit on her father’s desk before she presses the bottle back into Jackson’s hands. A very long way.

He smiles at her sidelong.

“And before we leave port, I wanted to thank you.”


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