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You Couldn’t Handle It

A/N: First Kiss. Yes. Here’s another one for ya! Pirate Kagome and her Savior. This is for @mustardyellowsunshine‘s second writing prompt. I am obsessed with InuKag + OUAT. Kagome as a pirate gives me life and soon this will become even bigger -hopefully-! Enjoy! 

@keichanz @dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns @inunanna My loves, this is for you!


“Did you seriously just save her life?”

“Does that surprise you?” Kagome asked before taking a swig from her flask. The pirate stepped closer, offering the half-demon a sip.

Inuyasha reached out, claws grasping the cool metal, as his eyes narrowed. “Keh, well yeah. You and Izayoi don’t exactly see aye to aye.” The way aye rolled off his tongue in a poor impression of a british accent, had Kagome swooning.          

“I see what you did there.” She laughed and it was like music to his ears. “However, that doesn’t mean I’d let your mother perish on this bloody island.“

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Title: Amaranth(P.8)
Pairing: Peter Pan(OUAT) x Reader
Warnings: Abuse mentions, cussing, dark themes, smut.
Author notes: Requested by Anon: ‘There are no queens in Neverland. Just me.’  
Summary: A Demigod makes a deal with The Evil Queen to get away from the curse and ends up in Neverland. Peter Pan is not impressed with the female on his Island, but when he realizes she might just be as dark tempered as himself, he might just change his minds. After all, there aren’t any Queens in Neverland.

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The new lost boy was a bit troublesome in his own way and he sure put Peter on his toes several times. I actually thought Peter might kill him a few times, but for some crazy reason, the demon kept his temper under control. His name was Ty when he came here, Peter calls him Slightly. Maybe it’s because Peter is slightly jealous of him or because the new boy is slightly annoying.

That wasn’t a lie either, he could be quite obnoxious with his passes towards me. Pan normally tried to brush it off, but other times, he seemed to encourage it. 

Since the moment I had with Felix not to long a go, we kept our distances from each other, he almost seemed afraid. At the same time, I wasn’t sure if he was afraid of Peter or of me. 

A pair of hands covered my eyes, obstructing my vision of the fire in front of me, I growled in annoyance. “If you ask ‘guess who’, I will stab you straight in the crotch.”

Instantly, the hands removed and Slightly took a seat next to me with a sheepish grin. “You sure can be scary, Y/N.”

I smirked, my eyes never leaving the fire. “Can’t I.”

He chuckled, grabbing a stick to poke at the burning logs. “What are you thinking so intently about?” He asked, not noticing the fact that I wanted to be left alone at the moment. 

I rolled my eyes. “Death.”

“Morbid, much?” He grinned, his tone sarcastic. “Come on, you can tell me.”

Suddenly, another presence found itself beside me, an arm wrapping around my figure and driving me into their lap. A pair of familiar lips found themselves on my neck and I let out a soft, content sigh. “Yeah, Y/N…You can tell us.” 

Peter murmured the words against my skin and nipped it gently. My eyes fell from the fire and caught sight of the dark look Slightly was giving Peter. I turned my head to the side, letting him kiss at my jawline before tugging me into a full blown kiss. 

After a moment, he parted from my plump lips and then turned his head to Slightly. “Go with Felix to patrol the beach. The Pirate is back.” 

I raised a brow. “Pirate?”

His hands ran up my thighs, one of them slipping between my legs, despite the camp being full of boys. “Ohh, that’s right. He wasn’t such a thing when he first came here.” Peter let a finger press against the sensitive nub underneath my panties and I shuddered as it rotated slowly in circles. “What was his name…–He nibbled on my earlobe–Ahh…Killian, I think?”

I growled, my hips ticking up slightly. “Pirate, huh?”

Peter grinned, pulling his hand back and giving Slightly a bright look as he caught sight of the boys deathly glare. “I have a brilliant idea.” Peter said. “Why don’t you go with Slightly and Felix? Go meet up with our old friend. I’m sure he’d love to see you,”

He sunk his teeth roughly into my shoulder blade, making me gasp out and moan before he pushed me to my feet. “Have fun.”

I rolled my eyes, letting his hand grasp at my bottom as I followed after Felix, Slightly following behind slowly. “What in the world do you see in him?” He spoke up as soon as we were out of the camp. Felix groaned. 

“It doesn’t matter.” Felix answered. “Leave her be.”

Slightly scoffed. “I don’t think you can tell me what to do, Felix. You’re not in charge.”

“Felix is just as much in charge as I am.” I said, getting a look of surprise from Felix before he continued looking forward, picking up his speed. “And what I see in Pan is none of your business.”

He stopped walking, making both me and Felix let out a noise of frustration. “Well, I was hoping I could talk you into getting off this stupid Island with me.” Both me and Felix rolled our eyes and started to turn around. 

“No one gets off the Isla–”

“Hello, love.” The familiar voice of the pirate was hot on my neck. His sword pressing to the front of my throat. “I see you met my friend here. He’s quite the actor, isn’t he?”

Felix didn’t waste anytime, he grabbed his arrow, lighting the tip on fire before shooting it into the air. Of course, he couldn’t do much else afterwards. A few others from Killian’s crew grabbed his attention. 

Killian spun me around, his voice thick with the smell of rum, but it looked like he never aged. “You should take the boy up on his offer. Come with us, you’re welcome to ride on my ship anytime you’d like.”

I rolled my eyes, choosing not to move. “You’ve no idea who you are all messing with.” I said, expecting Peter to come through anytime and kill every single one of them. 

“Don’t we?!” Slightly’s voice echoed over the fights of Felix and the other pirates, a few Lost Boys having seen the lit arrow had come to help. I turned to look over my shoulder, my eyes wide. 

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“Well aren’t you crafty.” Peter growled, his body coated in purple as the ink from the squid suppressed his powers. Slightly didn’t hesitate, moving to hold the knife to his throat. 

“You’ll like this, won’t you, Peter? Having to stand here and watch me when I take full advantage of your little Queen.” Slightly whispered in his ear, motioning to one of the others. They took his spot in keeping a knife to Peter’s throat while Slightly made his way towards me. 

Killian chuckled, spinning me around and shoving me forward. My gaze was wild when I caught sight of Slightly in front of me. 

“You’re making a mistake.” Peter said calmly, his eyes never leaving mine. “I will take all your lives if you touch her.”

“You can threaten all you want, Pan…You’re just upset because you lost. Apparently, Peter Pan does fail.” Slightly laughed, reaching a hand out to run it through my hair. 

The look on my face darkened and I distinctly remember the sound of Peter’s voice telling me ‘stop denying who you really are’. I didn’t know if I lost it because of Slightly touching me, because Felix was being held at the end of someones sword, looking completely defeated or because Peter had a knife to his throat and something inside me actually cared for him. 

I was the daughter of Hades.

I knew what that meant, I just hated to admit it.

With a growl that sounded more like a demon then a young girl, I reached out, my hand slamming into the boys chest. I didn’t go for his heart though, not like I had seen the Evil Queen do many times before, instead I went deeper and I ripped straight into the boys soul, gripping it as tightly as I could before ripping it from his flesh. 

The soul was visible, barely. A light blue and white orb that pulsated like a heart. Slightly had screamed in pain, his eyes wide when he saw the sphere of his soul in the Neverland Queens hand. Before anyone could make a move, I consumed it. 

I quite literally, ate the boys entire soul. He dropped in a pit of agony, screaming before his whole body erupted in blue flames, the rest of him disappearing. 

My body froze, white and blue flames pulsed through my veins and I lifted from the ground, my eyes a dark black color. The dark green vine like dress I normally wore disappeared, leaving me quite naked in front of the group of Lost Boys and Pirates, but just as quickly as it fell from my body a new one formed. It was made of red and gold leaves, tight and elegant as it wrapped around my skin. My hair tying itself up in a tight, messy bun.

But the thing that changed the most, not the outfit, the hair, not even the fact that I was flying…What truly stood out the most, were the large pair of brittle, branch looking horns that erupted from my skull. A bit of my dad, a bit of my mom. I could feel it. 

My feet touched the ground soon after the sudden transformation and I let my eyes fall on the man holding the knife to Peter. I took a step forward before a hand grabbed my wrist. I shot a look behind me, ready to rip the soul straight from Killian’s own chest before Peter suddenly appeared between us. “Our mistake, lad.” Killian said, releasing me and taking a step back.

Peter gave them a dark look, swallowing lightly. “You better leave now, before I change my mind.”

The Captain didn’t waste anytime falling back with his crew, but not without giving me one last look, I could almost smell the fear. Peter turned towards me. “You let him go?” I growled.

“Calm down, killer.” He grinned, pulling me into him. “They don’t leave the Island without my permission.”

He looked me over. “Did they hurt you?”

“No.” I replied, looking at his neck. “They hurt you.”

He wiped the blood and chuckled. “I’ll survive.” The boy raised a brow with a smirk at his lips. “You accepted who you are.”

I gave a blunt nod before passing him, helping Felix to his feet. “You need the water from the cliff.” I said. The boy was rather beat up. 

He shook off my hands once on his feet. “I’ll be fine.” His eyes followed Peter as the boy disappeared into the forest. The blond set his eyes on me, they traveled up my face and to the horns. “Is this what you were expecting?”

I frowned, turning from him to head to the tree “No.”

He appeared directly behind the pirate, a small flask in his hand. “Well done.”

Killian spun around, letting his eyes fall on the flask. “Is that it, then?”

With a smirk, Peter tossed him the vial. “As much dreamshade as you need, for whatever it is you have planned.” The boy grinned. “Thanks for the help.”

Killian raised a brow of his own. “What is your plan exactly? What did you just make her do?”

Peter rolled his eyes. “What’s that matter to you? Enjoy your dreamshade.” He turned to walk away, only for Killian to stop him again. 

“We can’t leave, not unless you allow it.”

The boy laughed, turning back around. “That’s right…You should have made your conditions a bit more clear.”

With that, he turned around and disappeared.


This Sapphire Kraken is of the Sea Fire species.
Sea fires are unique among Kraken for several reasons…. 
Of course they are as venomous as the Basaltys, and as mean tempered as the Silkys,
but they also possess the ability to bio-lumines. Even as tiny plankton they glow and shimmer.

Sea fires are the most troublesome of all Kraken as they seem to have a fondness 
for “storm riding” as a mode of fast transport, that carries them far from their brood waters 
and, sometimes, beaching the young ones on some unlucky coastline.