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Title and pairing for the fic you'll never write... hmm... let's go with Spock and Kirk, and the title is... "Holding Out." Do with that what you will!

Oooh, that’s a nice ambiguous one!

When the Enterprise faces down a pirate vessel on a routine mission, Captain Kirk orders the ship caught in their tracking beam and the crew transported aboard.  The orders from the Federation are clear: repossess the huge store of minerals the pirates have stolen from a nearby mining colony and bring the criminals responsible to the nearest space station for official judgement. 

But as the pirate ship’s crew arrives in the transport room, Jim freezes when he sees their captain, a man with an uncanny resemblance to him.  With the uncooperative pirates in the brig, and his captain avoiding all queries about the matter, will Spock be able to find out what Jim’s connection is to this man and his crew before the trial – and before his fragile new relationship with his captain is damaged forever?

Norway and Denmark Quotes from the Hetalia Manga

“Awww yeah! Can’t start a meetin’ without this! ALCOHOL! ALCOHOL!” - Denmark

“Aren'tcha glad y’ve got such a capable older bro?” - Norway

“Are you watchin’ buddy?! This is how your leader meets his noble death!!!” - Denmark

“Wow, so even you worry about making friends.” - Denmark

“Leave it to you but we’re totally defenceless, and he’s ready t’ beat the crap outta ya… He’s gonna waste ya.” - Norway

“Besides, the five of us we’re sort of like brothers originally! I’m fine being the elde- AGAAAAAAAAAAAH!” - Denmark

“Oh come on! The both of you are creepily scary and you have a bunch of weird friends!” - Denmark

“And my capital is this big if you know what I mean. *wink*” - Denmark

“*as Denmark’s being beaten up* Ugh… I got dirt on my nails.” - Norway

“Ice… You weren’t feelin’ lonely were ya?” - Norway

“It’s because I’m practically a magnet for sunny weather!” - Denmark

“*at Iceland* You’re looking unusually stylish today.” - Denmark

“… I want one to match Ice’s…” - Norway

Norway: “… then let’s do it together on the count of three.”
Iceland: “last time you said that you made me do it by myself.”

“I ain’t qualified to be the leader of the Nordics if I can’t tell when yer lonely.” - Denmark

“You don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself. We’re ok.” - Norway

“Your troubles are my troubles, Ice! The leader of the Nordics’ll settle it for ya. Just count on me like you would a huge pirate ship, so dun worry! … First of all we prepare an axe-” - Denmark

“You’re gettin’ excited about ice and snow? What are you, a dog?” - Norway

“You’re such a worry wart, Norge! Who’s gonna attack on a freakin’ freezing day like this?! *sees Sweden approaching in the distance*” - Denmark