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((I don’t even know what to say here, if I’m completely honest.  It might seem like a lot of rambling as I go forward.  I haven’t really had a moment to take it all in yet.  But death is a weird thing for me and it just hasn’t hit me fully until now.  You can ask me on my mod blog about it.

@askrustynail is one hell of a guy.  That must be said.  It cannot go unsaid.  Rusty is one of the very few that have been around as long as I have in this community.  And he is without a doubt deserving of a place on the Mount Rushmore of Tumblrpon.  Not only for his unique blog and his fun character, which is how we were introduced to him.  But for his kindness, his brilliance, his giving spirit.  That is what I and anyone who’s met him in person will take away from him.

I first met him at Trotcon 2013.  It was where I got my first jar of honey vanilla vodka from him.  It wouldn’t be the last jar I would get either.  I will fully admit that it wasn’t my favorite drink.  I did sample it from time to time, but I enjoyed sharing it with friends just as much.  I took the jar I got at Bronycon ‘15 to an Illini tailgate and shared it with my college buddies there.  Daniel said it was one of the best drinks he’s ever had in his life.

I still have the jar he gave me at Trotcon last year.  I plan on sharing it with everyone when we get back together this year, in a toast and tribute to him.

Rusty is a genius at mixing drinks.  He helped Wiggles and I out immensely during King Pirate Power Hour at Trotcon last year, serving as the unofficial bartender for the panel.  He got me to sample a drink that was basically hot sauce with alcohol in it.  It took me by surprise, but it was good.  He made that panel a lot more fun.

Rusty is hilarious too, and is outstanding at dishing out puns.  I know all you guys think I’m really good at it (for some reason), but Rusty was a pro at it.  During Punanel last year with Sam, I invited Rusty to come on it.  He stole the show for that hour and had people roaring with laughter.

Most of all, Rusty has a kind heart and spirit.  He’s always willing to help people out.  He’s always able to sense when people are in trouble or stressed and give them a calming presence.  And you could talk to him about anything too.  One of the last times we chatted in person, Rusty and I were talking about public radio and what I could try to do to get our station’s name out there more.

It’s going to suck to go to Trotcon or Bronycon this year, and not see him there.  There’s going to be an empty feeling, and everyone is going to wish he was with us for one more round or one more conversation.

I know this is going to sound cliche, but we can’t take life for granted.  Rusty is only one year older than me, and he’s not going to be with us anymore.  That’s just not fair.  He was taken too young from us.  I know I’m going to try and make a better effort to reach out to friends old and new, because I wish I had chatted with him more outside of conventions.  We should all strive to live life like he did.

And my heart goes out to @technomod.  It’s not fair for Rusty and Tech didn’t get to live the rest of their lives together.  We’re all thinking about you and want to help you in anyway possible.

So here’s to a last call with Rusty.  I’ll miss you good sir.  I’ll see you on the other side for drinks and arguments over football.))

The pirate rants

Considering what has gone on today regarding loo getting harassed on twitter, It was nice to see a post by an Adlocker in support of the Sherlolly ship. That was really cool to read, especially after receiving a not so nice comment on a post of mine by an Adlocker and then getting messaged from that same Adlocker, telling me how I should ship my ships. It made me very angry because I thought Adlockers were cooler and above that kind of behavior. It came off as total TjlCon behavior and it left me kinda sour on shipping Adlock. But after seeing that support post for the Sherlollies, my faith has been renewed because I know that the majority of Adlockers do support the Sherlolly ship and the Sherlolly ship supports the Adlock ship. 


Seriously though, help me!

This movie is even worse than Batman Forever! I know everyone else has said this, and I know this “film” has acquired an unbelievable amount of hate over the years, but it’s earned it. It has earned every single one of the negative reviews it’s received because it’s so rottenly bad that it’s not even funny.

The acting is terrible, the special effects look unfinished, the story is stupid, there’s no chemistry, no pacing, no atmosphere, and the setting is just ludicrous. I can’t believe how bad they could treat Batman and the Dark Knight mythology, but this is a new low. I guess the only good thing to come out of this is that we can’t sink lower than this…right?

And now, if you excuse me, I need an aspirin. And a hug. I haven’t been so sad in quite some time.

Featuring: Pirate Dash as Mr. Freeze (Batman: Arkham City) and Pun Pony as Mr. Freeze (Batman: The Animated Series).


((The internet told me that the traditional 5-year anniversary gift is something wooden.  So let’s bring back an old favorite.  Woo.

Five years?  My goodness how the time flies.  According to Tumblr the first post here was 10/15/2011 (it really was the 11th when this was a side blog for four days).  So much has changed here since I started the concept of Rainbow Dash as a pirate.  Two years before the comic book series did as well.  I’ve gone through a mountain of changes in my life; some good, some bad.  Numerous fans and friends have come and gone.  Hell…Twilight/Bookworm was still a unicorn when all of this began.  Princess Cadance wasn’t even in our thoughts yet.

But the one thing that has stayed the same and defined my time in the fandom, no matter how often she pops up nowadays, is Pirate Dash.  Without her, my fandom experience would have been completely different.  Without her, I wouldn’t have done things that I never thought were possible.  I’ve sold art work at conventions, been a guest at conventions, ran panels at the biggest show in the fandom, been interviewed by podcasts and even run one, met and became friends with people that I admired and looked up to, and so much more.

All because I put a tattered vest and eyepatch on Rainbow Dash.

The past five years have been a rollercoaster and a hell of a ride.  And there’s more of the story to be written.  Thank you so very, very, very much for your support and love over the past 5 years from the bottom of my heart.))

Happy Once Day My Friends! Happy Once Upon Captain Swan Day! Happy Once Upon Captain Charming Day!

can’t wait to see this episode!
so excited about it!

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my dash will be full of new Captain Swan and Captain Charming gifs!!!

more amazing moments between our Savior and Pirate!!!

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more great moments with our Charming Prince and Dashing Pirate Hero!!!!!

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so happy that i have all of you to share this joy with!!


A lil’ extra help on t’ ship never be bad.  Especially if ye have t’ “persuade” them.  Yarr harr harr!

((A little shout out to some of my favorite people and blogs.  And this is nowhere near everyone that I wanted to put in.  

List of ponies that PD kidnapped shanghai’ed: