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I made an impromptu, not to scale really, plan of The Echo!  I’m kind of both writing a silly fan fic in my head, but also thinking about combining it with the solar punk world I’m also working on for World Building June.

Anywho, The Echo is the “mother” ship of the Vayle Clan.  They are small but they are mighty (at least in their heads).  Captained by Benjhi Vayle, she was awarded this ship after courageous acts post Ravager battle.  She comes from Artemisia (the solar punk world I’m playing with), and was essentially cast out from her village for reasons she doesn’t like to talk about.  She was adopted into the Ravagers and blended in quite well.  Due to some of her past she has decided to make The Echo almost exclusively female identifying beings.  Although they are pirates, she still wants a safe place for outcasts she finds along the way to come and feel like they have a home.  Some stay for only a short while until they feel ready to leave, others stay with The Echo for the remainder of their lives (however long that may be, we are talking space pirates here).

Here’s a top down view of The Echo I posted the other day. As you can see, it’s looking like a hummingbird, innit?

Elegant and Silly

This morning, as I sit here, barely awake, and cursing my pomeranian for waking me up early–still the same time of 4:45 am, as normal, but my body does not want to wake today–I find that I am completely, and utterly, uninspired to write. Which, I guess is fine, considering that there was nothing all too notable that happened yesterday. (Hey…not every day can be bells, whistles, and attacking birds.)

So, this morning, I will be giving a very brief post, before starting work on my daily square.

I will write, in very simple detail, about the two granny squares that I worked yesterday. Nothing more, and nothing less. (Sorry…I just cannot find it in me to give the witty humor that I normally deal. Hopefully, it is back tomorrow.)

So, the first square I made–square 25 from the list at YARNutopia–was one that, for the first three rounds, was worked entirely with double crochet clusters. Just the post before, I wrote about how much fun I was having working this stitch, and how it was one that I had not yet come across. So, you can imagine my surprise,  and delight, to get to work this stitch two days in a row. The square came out absolutely beautiful. I chose to work the first round in silver. Round two was lavender, followed by a softer lilac for round three. Round four a pale blue. And the final round–a frame of single crochet stitches–was worked in royal blue. The color combination is one that I find completely captivating. When I worked this square, and when I look at it, even now, it reminds me of a Winter Wonderland. It looks entirely elegant, in my opinion. Even my husband loved it. (Again, he mentioned that, when this project is done, he would be thrilled to have a blanket made from the squares worked. “Make those squares, Mikey,” he said, looking at me as I wove in ends. “Create all those wacky granny squares to make a fun blanket for me.”)

For the second square, worked immediately after, I decided to work a square, that would allow me to have a bit of silly fun…one that brought out the inner-child in me, as I worked it. One that, as it turns out, was the PERFECT square to work…one that I totally NEEDED to do! I worked a pirate granny square. For the first three rounds, I used tan yarn, which would come to be the face of my pirate. These rounds are worked in a circle shape. Round four, I joined red yarn, and created chain spaces, which I would use to work the rest of the granny. Rounds 5,6, and 7 are all your fairly standard shell and chain one stitches, typical of the basic granny square.

(I should mention that, as I was crocheting my pirate square, I was softly singing “This is Halloween,” from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is, in my opinion, the BEST Halloween movie…EVER!)

Once my square was done, I crocheted a blue bandana, which I fixed at the top of the head. I also crocheted an eye patch, that I fixed directly under the bandana. Then, the final parts….using my tapestry needle, to make an eye, a mouth, and a little gold yarn earring.

As soon as I finished this square, I looked at it, and started smiling at it. It was a square that made me completely happy. And, odd as it may sound, it was this square–a simple thing, that was crocheted in under an hour–that was finally able to FULLY take me out of my funk.

So, that is it. Two more squares down. One rather elegant, and the other totally cute. And, today, I was able to finally understand the calming, and happy effect that crocheting can bring, if you only let it. In the days past, I have been working the squares, because I HAD to. I was looking for simple ones. The passion to do it was (temporarily) gone. Crocheting had become a chore. Granny squares NEEDING to be worked to meet a deadline. But, when I finally allowed myself to have some fun with it–when I brought the joy back into crocheting, by working the pirate square–it had the miraculous ability to shift my personality entirely.

Today, I fear, will be a one square day. An early morning optometry appointment. New glasses should be coming my way today. And, of course, more solution to dilate my eyes. (Oh boy! Don’t you just envy me?)

32 squares down. 433 to go!

And, through it all, still on track, and still going strong!


Last of the beer mail from @adventureinthemountains

And just like thanksgiving I stuffed myself.

Saltpan Desert Gose and Freshie Salt and Pepper Gose from Nomad Brewing, Free Rise Galaxy Dry Hopped Saison from Trillium Brewing, Glorious IPA from Lord Hobo Brewing and for desert, 2016 Pirate Bomb Imperial Stout Aged in Rum Barrels from Prairie Artisan Ales.

Now, time for a nap.

AHHH I’m so excited to show you guys with my Five Nights at Freddy’s nesting dolls!! I’m really pleased with how they turned out after a week’s worth of painting, all that’s left is to splash some varnish on em!

After days of agonizing and fruitless swatching, the beginning of a new pullover is finally on my needles!! The yarn is luxuriously soft Plymouth Superwash Merino in a sea foam colour. Mom’s orchid merino (also pictured) is waiting to be knit up just like this! A pattern is in the works!! 💕 ~ Katya


I spent my time off from exams making a signpost to some of my favourite fictional lands and I really like how it turned out!! The photo on top is the signpost with the books that the lands are from (bar Pirates of the Caribbean because they’re obviously not books but they’re my favourite films haha!)