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What Korra, known as Lady Korra and Korra the Cruel, a female pirate , would wear, Alexander McQueen

Korra is pirate on Dagger Lake which lies between the rivers Rhoyne and Qhoyne in western Essos, the Lake is full of islands where pirates lurk in hidden caves and secret strongholds. Her ship, Hag’s Teeth, is supposedly crewed by beautiful young maids who geld every man they capture


Captain Hookey Hand’s Pirate Paradise by jsnyder002

Dead Man’s Cave // Pirates Bay

Rab sat on the edge of his ship, one leg hanging over the railing trying to look causal, peeling a mango with his knife as he waited for the blonde girl to join him. His mind kept slipping back to the night before, smiling to himself. He was going to tell her that he was sailing off tomorrow, that he would be gone for at least a week, there had been some whispers about Mermaid sightings on a small island 2 days sail from Pirates Bay. 


Inktober Week 1!!!

For this year’s Inktober, I decided to draw something each day that has influenced me for the better. Whether it helped improved my art, or if it’s simply a really good memory that I can look back on; that sort of stuff.

The month is obviously not going to have anywhere near everything that’s influenced me ever, but so far it’s been gobs of fun! I’m looking forward to the rest of October UuU

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The Song of the Sea (pt 2)

Part two of the fic in which Tom is a siren that lures pirate Captain Jordan into something neither of them fully understand (part one)

Ship: Syndisparklez

Triggers: abuse in this one; starvation, mention of gore, etc.


* * * * *

Tom watched the pirate captain leave the cave, meeting up with three others briefly on the shore before climbing aboard the ship. The sisters circled the boat, never straying close enough to fall prey to their weapons.

He watched as Jordan conversed with the others, before the anchor emerged from the waves and the boat pulled away from the shore. It glided out of the bay and for a moment- no longer than a fraction of a second- he could have sworn Jordan had glanced back.

He watched until the sun illuminated the ship on the horizon and closed his eyes as the day gave way to night.

“Come.” One of the sister’s said. His eyes opened wide as he shook his head.

“I’m not hungry.” He said, retreating back towards his cave. Turning around, he realized several sisters had formed a circle around him. He was trapped.

“You stink of man.” The eldest sister, Calliope, said. Her grey eyes were the color of stormclouds; fierce and captivating. She circled him slowly, and his heart clenched in fear as she inspected every inch of him. “You lured the captain.” It wasn’t a question. “Even I could not tempt him.” She sounded almost impressed. “He wasn’t even phased by us. Yes you lured him in without any effort?”

“I did not-“

“His smell is all over you. Do not bother to deny it. You had a close encounter with him- you got closer to him than we did with any of the others.” Calliope narrowed her eyes. “Yet he walked away without a scratch. You didn’t even try to go after him, did you?”

He nodded ever so slightly, eyes dilating slightly as the sisters closed in even closer. He was hopelessly trapped, and the look in their eyes was predatory.

“Curse you!” Calliope spat, and his cheek stung as she lashed out at him. Her pointed nails cut deep into his skin, and blood began to trickle down his cheek. “You know we haven’t had a sailor come by in half a moon! You had him right here!” She lunged up in his face, gesturing wildly. “And you let him go free! When will we get another chance?”

“Calliope, stop.” One of the younger sisters said, catching Calliope’s wrist as she tried to him again.

“Acadia-“ the elder warned, but Acadia cut her off.

“You sung to him, did you not?” She asked. He nodded, avoiding looking any of the sisters in the face. “You had him entranced. He was this close, was he not?” Again, he nodded. “He walked away, after all that? He turned you down, abandoned you?” Her eyes bore into his and he shook his head. “He promised you something, didn’t he?” Her lips curved into a grin. “He promised to see you again.” It was hardly a question and when he didn’t react she grinned wider.

“He’s coming back for you?” Calliope asked, giving him a look that made him incredibly uneasy. “You’re sure?”

“Of course he is, Calli. He may not be one of us but he is still a siren. If the victim is vulnerable to his song once, they will be again.”

Calliope’s eyes narrowed. “Very well. You may have disgraced us a final time, but at least you will help us capture the captain.”

His heart seemed to stop beating. “What- no, no I can’t do that-“

“You can and you will.” Acadia said, and he shook his head feverishly.

“No!” He attempted to turn and flee through a gap, but there were none. His tail pumped feverishly as he broke through the ring of sisters, knowing it was hopeless. He was weak and hungry, and they were much stronger and faster than he. Hands closed around him, dragging him down into the depths as his screams were muted by the waves.

He did not know how much time passed, or how long they kept him at the bottom of the sea. All he knew was that his eyes gradually forgot the sensation that was light, and after the hunger pains subsided anything else lost all meaning to him. He was alone, isolated with his thoughts, until Calliope finally came for him.

“The ship approaches.” She said. “Come with me.” She untied the kelp that bound his hands, and he was much too weak to do anything but comply as she pulled him to the surface. The sisters were waiting for them, some in the cave and others waiting in the shallows outside. The trap was set, and he was the bait.

Soon enough, splashes could be heard outside. “Tom? Tom? Are you here? It’s me, Jordan!”

Calliope turned to him expectantly, brandishing her clawed hands threateningly. “Sing.” He shook his head, and she bared her teeth. “Sing, or the next thing your precious captain sees will be your corpse floating out to sea.”

Tom closed his eyes. May Amphitrite take pity on me. He opened his mouth and began to sing.

* * * * *

Jordan wasted no time once they set sail, delivering all but the one pearl Tom had given him to the main temple of the goddess. In addition to the pearls that were deposited on the altar, he left a prayer. Then he waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally, the goddess replied. She granted him permissions to take a leave from his current duties, and Jordan immediately set sail for the bay by himself. It was two weeks since he’d promised he’d return to Tom. Two long, torturous weeks. Every time he closed his eyes, he was back in the bay.

“Where are you?” Tom would ask. “You promised you’d come back. Did you lie?” He stared up at Jordan with those golden amber eyes and Jordan found himself unable to say a word. “You lied to me.” He sounded so broken, and all Jordan wanted to do was to tell him he was trying to come to him and he was going to save him, but in his dreams he was paralyzed. Every morning he woke up in a cold sweat, and his voice was hoarse from saying words Tom could not hear.

When he left the harbor, he sailed straight for the bay without stopping. He did not sleep. He did not eat. He didn’t even drop anchor once the entire time three days it took to reach the bay.

When he finally guided the ship through the narrow entrance to the bay, he was struck by how silent it was. He couldn’t see or hear a single siren. When he landed in the water with a splash, he still hand’t seen any sirens.

“Tom?” He asked, and was met with silence. He waded through the water, sword in hand as he walked onto the barren beach. “Tom? Are you here?” Still nothing. “It’s me, Jordan!” His heart sunk as he continued to get nothing but silence in response. I’m too late. He’s gone. He moved on, or worse… Just as he was about to give up, the siren’s song captured him once again.

In the past, the song had been wistful and sweet, filled with longing and a tinge of sadness. It had filled him with visions of the wide open world, and of the finest things nature had to offer. This time, the song was fraught with sadness, fear, and pain. It reminded him of the abyss into which he had fallen once many years ago. Still beautiful, but also terrifying.

“Tom!” Jordan shouted, running toward the cave from which the song echoed loudly. He jumped into the cave, the only thing on his mind being that he needed to get to Tom right now. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw him, surrounded by a dozen sirens, with the claws of the grey-eyed siren at his exposed throat.

“Run.” Tom rasped, eyes wide with fear. Glancing around, Jordan saw that he was surrounded by at least two dozen sirens. Trapped.

* * * * *

Tom knew there was no hope. One man could barely defend himself against a couple of the younger sisters, and Jordan now faced thirty of the sisters. If sirens could shed tears, he would be blinded with them. As it was, he knew he was about to watch Jordan be ripped apart before his eyes.

Yet Jordan did not seem afraid. Instead, he widened his stance, holding his sword at the ready in one hand and the other reaching deep inside a bag.

Jordan grabbed something from his bag and held it in his fist. With a cry, he activated the object. The orb clenched in his hand exploded violently. A blast of vibrant purple light flooded the cave.

The sisters screamed, some dissolving as a wave of violet power hit them and the others dove into the water, swimming deep into the bay to escape the now-flaming sword that Jordan wielded as he fought his way towards where Tom lay, too weak to escape.

The violet energy coalesced into the shape of a woman as Jordan dropped to his knees beside where Tom lay. “You came back.” Tom whispered.

“I promised I would. And now I promise you this, I’m going to get you out of here.”

The woman put her hand on Jordan’s shoulder. She had deep purple hair and wore a violet dress with gold trim and incalculable amounts of power emanated from her. He suddenly had the urge to avert his eyes.

“Thank you for coming, Milady.” Jordan said.

“My champion needed my help. Of course I came.” She responded, smiling ever so slightly.

“Tom, this is milady Ianite.” Jordan explained. “She’s here to help you.”

“Help me? How? I’m trapped. You’re a human, and I’m tethered to the sea. I knew it would be this way. We could never be together.” Tom’s voice cracked.

“Like this.” Ianite spoke, placing a single hand on his head. Power flowed through him, his vision going white as a strange feeling filled his body. When he could see again, his tail had melted away. Two legs, the same color as the rest of his skin, replaced what had once been fish scales. A simple purple cloth wrapped around his waist and his flippers had shrunk into feet and toes.

“I’m-“ his throat closed up

“Human.” She finished kindly. “Yes.”

“Thank you, Lady Ianite.”

“Do not thank me, thank Jordan. He was the one to call to me on your behalf.”

Tom looked to Jordan, tears running down his cheeks. “Thank you.” He whispered.

“I take my leave.” Ianite said before turning once more into violet that dissipated into thin air.

“You summoned a god to come for me and-“ Tom began to speak, but the words died in his throat as Jordan cupped his face and kissed him passionately. Tom’s hands tangled in his hair as their lips moved together in perfect harmony.

“I’d sail to the ends of the Earth and back if it meant that I could see you again.” Jordan whispered as he pulled away, resting his forehead lightly against Tom’s. “There was nothing I wasn’t prepared to do to save you.”

“You have saved me.” Tom replied softly. “More than you know.”

“Let’s get out of here, ok?” Jordan asked, and Tom had a brief moment of panic when he realized he had no idea how to walk. “Hold on to me.” Jordan said, before scooping Tom up into his arms. He carried him out to the ship and helped him climb aboard.

Together, they set sail into the sunset.

A Tale of Two Stans: First Thoughts Part 3

Okay here is my last first thoughts post. My next post on Gravity Falls will be revising my Bill Cipher Master Plan Theory in light of AToTS.

I wanted to say just a bit more about the darker side of Stanford that we catch glimpses of in this episode. As I said he’s a lot colder and darker than I expected him to be but it really works. The image above is the culmination of his experiences with the supernatural and Stanley. He’s a paranoid wreck.

Let me explain a bit more. Ford is shown to be more of a pessimist and prone to get depressed in the face of trouble. He looses heart quickly as shown by how the boys found the boat. 

He’s totally into it and talking about treasure and pirate ghosts haunting the cave. He looses enthusiasm quickly when the bullies pick on them. While he’s intelligent he seems a bit less emotionally able to handle difficult situations.

Stanley is the more emotional but able to bounce back from difficulties. He’s the one that gives his brother prespective and encourages him to move on. 

While Stan wants to patch thing up right after Stanford is rescued Stanford  seems like his emotions are coming through only for him to shut them off. He’s cold because he feels its essential for survival.

This goes back to the first times the Stans reunited. We aren’t told how long after the incident with McGucket was before Stanley comes but its enough for the season to have changed and (if I’m right) Bill has been mercilessly tormenting him.

This is why he’s suspicious and jumpy at first.

Even though Stan reached out Ford already had retreated into himself. This is really easy for an introvert to do.

This is also why he becomes all business only telling Stan what he wants him to do and shuts him out again.

He only becomes emotional when his research is threatened. He knows its dangerous but he can’t completely let it go. It would be better to destroy it but he can’t be that decisive. He’s reached a point where ideas are his world because he’s isolated himself and been unable to deal with the crisis.

I know a lot of you don’t want to feel he’s unstable to the point where he could cross the line into becoming completely dark because of this tendency but the thing that tells us he can is what happens next.

It goes by fast but when paused I was stunned to realize Stanley didn’t merely fall onto the machine and get the burn. He falls against it at first in the fight

Stan’s only burned when Stanford pushes him up against the console holding him there long enough for him to get burned. Ford doesn’t stop until he sees the smoke.

His face doesn’t even register that Stanley is in horrible pain when he stops either. He’s still glaring and angry.

Suddenly, it clicks and he’s horrified by what he’s done. He seems to start wanting to care and wanting to actually reach out to his brother. 

Of course by then Stanley’s temper kicks in and he forgets himself. Perhaps he lets out all of is resentment and jealousy because his parents rejected him because of Stanford’s not coming to his defense.

So ultimately we have the two brothers both giving in to the darker sides of their personalities that leads to the accident.

Fastforeward to present and those issues are still present. Stan has been healing but Stanford has been trapped in another dimension, possibly Bill Cipher’s dimension, so just how stable is he now? If he cracked under Bill’s torment once what might it take to push him from the edge or over it? Arguably Stan was saved by having Soos, Wendy and especially Dipper and Mabel. Stanford has been alone for 30 years. I mentioned his initial interaction with Dipper and Mabel and how it made me wonder how genuine it was because of the final scene. 

Here it is how it went:

“You look like Dad.”

“Ewe. Ah.. Don’t say that!”


Once again he seems like he’s emotionally connecting. They actually seem like playfully bantering brothers for a moment.

Just look at that smile! I was chanting at the screen “Hug! Hug!” (Yeah I said Mabel reminds me of me sometimes). We want him to move on. Then he sighs and starts talking…

“Look Stanley, here’s the deal. You can stay here for the summer and watch the kids. I’ll stay down in the basement to try and contain any remaining damage.”

“When the summer is over you give me my house back, you give me my name back and this mystery shack junk is over forever. You got it?”

“You really aren’t going to thank me, are you?”

Poor Stanley’s heart is crushed by the silent glare and he turns to anger to cope.

“Fine! On one condition! You stay away from the kids. I don’t want them in danger, because as far as I’m concerned they’re the only family I have left.”

This look tells me Ford’s shut it all off. He’s okay with staying in the basement alone and not getting to know anyone. I don’t like the little signs of instability present. If Bill is still messing with his head its a really bad thing. He’s hiding a lot from everyone and I’m sure it doesn’t bode well.

It will be interesting to see what direction the story goes from here. I’ll talk more about speculation in my theory post but I can see him going either really insane/dark or being redeemed by Dipper and/or Mabel. 

Positivity, Part II

Just think of the expression on Killian’s face when he realizes that Emma has come to the Underworld to save him, when he realizes that she’s not a figment of his tortured subconscious?  We’ve seen so many lovely expressions on his face that show his true feelings where this woman is concerned over the past few seasons.

Need a little hope for the coming weeks?  Below the cut…

Let’s get the Captain Swan positivity post started, folks.  

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Headcanon that during off season of the Daily Dare and GMC, the Avinroo siblings host a Game Grumps–esque gaming channel

Bonus: they play Chadley’s Hannah and the Pirate Caves levels and AAA and Abigail rage about how much of a sadist he is when he makes these godawful levels