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Apparently it’s inktober
Since 2012 I’ve been keeping track of every single fandom I’ve been in on this sheet of paper. 4 years later it’s about half full :)
38 fandoms and counting ❤

  • One Piece 820: Marco………………
  • Me: Oh hell yeah, the awesome blue magic bird, how he been doing?
  • One Piece 820: has suffered great losses and is missing, since his father/captain died, he best friend died and his allies after picked off after losing a massive battle against the man who killed said father figure and caused the death of his friend
  • Me: Oh
dhmis dvd menus
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Some people were wondering what the DVD menus looked like in the Kickstarter DVD for Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. They’re simple, static images and they’re not animated. I uploaded all THREE (count em, 3) images to an imgur album. You can click through above, or just follow the link here: 


▼ - childhood headcanon 

{ For both his false memories and original, true childhood, certain things were no different, even if set in two entirely different eras. One of these is the fact that his father died when he was too young to remember him, and his mother did not remarry. His mother raised him on her own as a single parent, and is responsible for his manners and etiquette, but she and even Hook now wonders if he might have been a more peaceful man if he had had male authority to help direct him growing up, someone’s footsteps to follow or at least influence him. Then again, maybe he would still have been the same due to how stubborn he can be, but there is no way to ever really know.