pirate aranea

Pirate Aranea Cosplay?

Hey guys, so I am looking to do a version of Aranea’s pirate outfit for Anime Boston! I’m planning on modding it, as the original strikes me a bit “t-shirt with pattern printed on it” ish. (Not that it couldn’t be done nicely, of course~! I’ve already seen a few done!) I’d definitely like to make mine a bit more piratey, possibly with a lace up or actual clasps in the front.

So far I am fond of Squigglenaut’s design, as well as the one used by AskTheBlueSpiderChick. (Which I only realized now was drawn before the update, LOL.) I was also planning on maybe tying in aspects of my own Mindfang cosplay, which can be seen in my mindfang tag. Does anyone have any ideas for tweaking the outfit, or links to other art of it that expands on the design a bit? It would be a huge help as I try to figure out how to tackle this. Any thoughts/headcanons/what not are also welcome!

and if anyone is interested in cosplaying pirate cronus let me know, ahaha, THAT I actually have ideas/costume pieces for

Thank you folks! <3