god it looks like shit

i wanted to make like, eight of these but i didn’t have enough time during the weekend aaaaaaa
so consider this, part 1/?

you can interpret this however you want! brotherly love, romantic love, i drew it as a fontcest thing but if the ship is not your cup of tea it’s okay uwu.

please don’t repost, modify or use my work without my permission! 

thank you and have a good day <3 <3

no more hate pls im a fragile soul

anonymous asked:

Ya know what I hate the most? Going into the comments section on an OP review video and seeing discourse about Sanji being the weakest character and how even Franky is stronger that him! It's just sooo aggravating!

Me too!  It makes no sense to draw comparisons between the members of the crew, in my opinion.  As a group, they (as they should) have a diverse array of skills, abilities, strengths and weaknesses, which is important in forming a harmonious and cohesive fighting unit.

Sanji says it best: