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I saw Harry Styles at Ysabel last night with my cousins. We are all huges 1D fans. Anyways, few things: 1. he was with his mom & Robin and James Corden & his wife. They were laughing a LOT. James was busting Harry’s balls a lot, and Harry was hiding his face in his hands, and at one point he was drinking water, and James said something and it almost came out of his nose. Which made us almost die trying to hide our laughs. We left a bit ++

++before them so we waited in our car just to see them leave, since when we left they were standing up getting ready to go. Ironically we were parked pretty close to where they had parked. James was telling Harry to ‘GO AND GET YE TO YE LOVER YA PIRATE!“ in a silly voice, he had made fun of Harry’s shirt at dinner. And Harry was like laughing so hard and kinda hanging off his mom, like he had an arm around her all cute like. And he was like 'he would’ve come James, you know how he++

++ would’ve come James, you know how he loves you’ and James was like “then why the bloody hell didn’t he?” and Harry was like “he feels a bit sick”. Then James went off on him like “you left your little sick lad all alone?” And Harry was like “Oi he told me ta come! Besides we are stopping to get him ice cream so he’ll forgive anyways” and then they all started laughing and shit. And hugged and went to their cars. It wasn’t much but it was cute.


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  • Aries:Green - for beginnings, for childhood, for vitality, for jealousy, for fresh new things
  • Taurus:Red - for passion, for being stubborn, for romantic and sexual love, for honesty and bluntness
  • Gemini:Black - for lies and deceit, for absolution, for elegance, for shock value
  • Cancer:Brown - for simple values, for understated elegance, for being subtle, for packing a punch
  • Leo:Purple - for standing out, for being yourself, for creativity, for royalty
  • Virgo:Pink - for being sweet and shy, for prettiness, for calm and quiet love, for femininity
  • Libra:Orange - for doing what is right, for brightness, for being bubbly and fun, for creativity
  • Scorpio:Silver - for being unpindownable, for transforming, for lies, for what is more than just life
  • Sagittarius:White - for self-discovery, for inner peace, for spirituality, for the fear of ruin or waste
  • Capricorn:Blue - for uniforms, for repressed emotion, for moral values, for staying calm
  • Aquarius:Gold - for standing out, for shiny technology, for friendship, for happiness
  • Pisces:Yellow - for innocuous naivety, for caution, for cowardice, for sweetness and prettiness

The Big Short Movie Streaming (2015) HD

➣ The Big Short Movie Storyline
“ The men who made millions from a global economic meltdown. ”

➣ The Big Short Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-12-23
Casts : Jeremy Strong, Ryan Gosling, Tracy Letts, Hamish Linklater, Marisa Tomei, Al Sapienza, Lyle Brocato, Finn Wittrock, Steve Carell, Karen Gillan, Anthony Bourdain, Brad Pitt, Jeffry Griffin, Billy Magnussen, Max Greenfield, Selena Gomez, John Magaro, Rafe Spall, Margot Robbie, Tony Bentley, Adepero Oduye, Byron Mann, Christian Bale, Melissa Leo
Duration : 130 minutes runtime
Rating : 7.2

the signs as "just astrologer things"

aries: “google is your friend”
taurus: “oh look, this planet is in this sign… guess I can’t do my homework :)”
gemini: the gemini jokes
cancer: explaining at least ten times that yes, you are in fact compatible with anyone
leo: trying not to get irritated around people who don’t know astrology and say they do
virgo: explaining why ophiuchus isn’t a sign at least fifty times
libra: doodling the astrology symbols somewhere and someone going “what do those symbols mean?”
scorpio: “no, scorpio is not satan, no, virgo is not a neat freak, no geminis are not two faced bitches, no, aquas are not aliens”
sagittarius: “when’s your birthday haha? no im not a creep i promise”
capricorn: dealing with people who want to prove astrology is bullshit and trying to keep your cool
aquarius: explaining what a birth chart is, why someone isn’t like their sun sign and sounding like a weirdo
pisces: reading/typing “pieces” as “pisces”

The signs and their dorky obsession
  • Aries:21 pilots
  • Taurus:video games
  • Gemini:youtubers
  • Cancer:keeping up with the kardashians
  • Leo:marvel
  • Virgo:harry potter
  • Libra:k-pop
  • Scorpio:star wars
  • Sagittarius:astrology
  • Capricorn:anime
  • Aquarius:steven universe
  • Pisces:the 'emo trinity'
When to distance yourself from The Signs
  • Aries:when they start getting mad other little things and hurt your feelings over them.
  • Taurus:when they don't hold up on their promises and let laziness get in the way of your needs.
  • Gemini:when you don't know what to expect from them, and it worries/scares you.
  • Cancer:when all they do is make you seem like the bad-guy even though they called you rude names ten minutes ago.
  • Leo:when your self esteem is damaged by them always putting themselves in front of you.
  • Virgo:when they become critical of everything you do, and you begin to feel self conscious about work you do.
  • Libra:when you hear that they're starting rumors or they start laughing at you, not with.
  • Scorpio:when they won't allow you to know anything personal even after you've shared your secrets with them.
  • Sagittarius:when they can't understand that "no" is a legitimate answer sometimes.
  • Capricorn:when they put their opinion above yours and make you feel like you're wrong even when you're right.
  • Aquarius:when they show a lack of emotion/affection when you need someone to lean on.
  • Pisces:when they won't talk to you for days on end because of you accidentally hurting their feelings.
  • *use sun, moon, venus or mars*


Hello. This is Leo.
It’s already Byul 3. I’m curious what memories we’ll make and what we will accomplish this year with Byul 3. VIXX exists because of Starlights, and I’ll always remember that you let us stand on stage, and we’ll be together as your singers without shame or change. The weather has gotten really cold and it’s already Winter, but only worry a little bit for us and take care of yourself and don’t get sick.
See you soon.
From Leo

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