• Me: It's always so weird swapping from a sorcerer back to a fighter, because there's nothing to cross off. There isn't a limited number of hits I can make with my rapier, I can just fucking hit the thing all day.
  • Steve: When I played a fighter, I used to make the joke that, alright, I'm making my spell list for today: Stab, Cut, Slice.
  • DM: Dagger, hammer...
  • Steve: Yeah, exactly. I cast Sword on it.
  • Doug: Rain of Heavy Blunt Objects.
  • Steve: I seriously made a character like that one time.
  • Me: What, who cast Rain of Heavy Blunt Objects and then just threw marbles at people?
  • Doug: He was a dwarf, wasn't he?
  • Steve: Yeah. He would just make up random names and then hit people. That was one of my favorite characters, too.
  • Me: It's a dwarf with delusions of casting, or at least who likes to mock casters all the time?
  • Steve: And also he hated real spellcasters. That was the trait that I picked: he hated magic.
  • Me: So was anybody in his party magical?
  • Steve: Yeah.
  • Me: Was he the only non-magical entity?
  • Steve: Pretty much.

*really random and super fast sketch*

Uhmm maybe Bill is a pirate (wow Mochi u don’t say?) and with his crew attack the kingdom where prince Dipper lives.
He planned to kidnap princess Mabel but Dipper offer himself for let her free!

And i don’t know———————–

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Eleanor Roosevelt

9 individual dreams that push 9 dreamers forward in the stormy seas, can’t wait to see their dreams to be fulfilled !