Straw Hats: "Just Be Yourself"
  • Does be themselves but accidentally burns a house down: Luffy, Usopp, Chopper
  • Does be themselves and makes others regret even saying it because they do some weird shit: Sanji, Franky, Brook
  • Does be themselves and is nice, normal, and kind: Vivi, Law, Sabo
  • Does be themselves and turns to Satan: Zoro, Nami, Robin

“What did you think I meant? I said I want you in my life.”

“There’s no need for a competition. ‘Sides, I’ll win, so what’s the point?”

“If my memory serves me right, it should be just around this corner.”

“Wandering off the path, are we? Sure, why not? Let’s get lost together.”

“I have something to admit. My plans almost never work out. The reason we’ve gotten this far is because of luck.”

“You failed to tell me you had already sold your soul when we formed the contract.”

Chapter 6 of On Stranger Tides. (6/7, rating has been changed from M to E)

The gallows was erected just outside the castle, on the main square of Alicante that gave on the various roads that led to the shore on one side, the market on another, and the hill leading to the Seelie land on the last one. It was a sunny day, but as cold as it was to be expected in the middle of a harsh winter.

Alec had been able to wash in the morning - because Sebastian didn’t want the people to see how badly he had treated the rightful heir - and had been given new clothes - still black, and although it was a color the sovereign usually avoided, which was certainly why Sebastian had chosen it, he was more than fine with it. It seemed fitting.

Whether it was for that particular day or for the way Alec had been slowly crumbling, however, he didn’t know.

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