67% of respondents to a poll on TMZ.com believe that Amber Heard is lying about her allegations of domestic abuse.

Comments on major news articles are filled with people saying that Amber Heard, a successful actress in her own right, is just a gold-digger looking for a sizable divorce settlement. These allegations have been spouted by Depp’s own attorney.

Big names in the entertainment industry are rushing to Johnny Depp’s defense, certain that since they personally never saw proof of an abusive man, the abuse never happened.

No matter how much evidence you collect, it will never be enough for the people who do not want to believe. Just remember: even if there is no evidence (even though there is in this case), that doesn’t make Amber Heard a liar. 

You can be a fan of Johnny Depp’s acting, but if you choose to support him, you’ve chosen to be a part of a system that perpetuates abuse and victim-blaming. 

Everyone please… During this Johnny Depp ordeal I know you all want to jump on the ladies side. But please try to stay out of it. Try to no become biased during this. Innocent until proven guilty for both. If Johnny Depp is found guilty then I will accept it. If Depp is found innocent I will accept it. But for now, please try to stay calm and just remember innocent until proven guilty…


     "Captain Yoongi of the ship ‘The Forbidding Darkness’ at your service… Recently, I’ve been more commonly known as ‘that asshole pirate who keeps stealing other people’s gold’, but was their name on it? No. They snooze, they lose.” Yoongi smirked, removing his tricorn, holding it stiffly in his right hand. He bowed slightly.
     “Oh, we’re doing formal introductions now? I’m Tae- Captain Taehyung, I own the ship ‘The Assassin’s Descent’. Pleased to meet you.” Taehyung returned the courtesy of bowing towards the man in front of him.
     “What kind of name is ‘The Assassin’s Descent’ for a ship?” Yoongi placed his hat atop his head, before turning to look at Taehyung.
     “I think it’s better than ‘The Forbidding Darkness’.”

anotherdoomedpretender asked:

Man, congratulations on nailing it! Can't wait to see the Eldritch Apocalypse kick off!

(TWOW spoilers below)

Thank you! I can’t wait, either. Euron Greyjoy is exactly, EXACTLY, who I thought he was: “a demon in human skin,” ASOIAF’s own Prince of Darkness. Red robes and red eyepatch? He may as well be the villain of Eyes Wide Shut, my very favorite movie! BY ALL THE GODS MY DARK TWISTED FANTASIES HAVE COME TRUE

And now? Now, he’s going to try and eat the world. He’s got every religion at his feet. He’s got Valyrian steel armor and a shark-teeth crown; he’s got the Arbor burning and Oldtown trembling; his lips are so blue they’re almost black. If Damphair’s visions are any indication, he’s going to murder gods, ride a dragon, and bring about the apocalypse. Euron is the new Night’s King. Euron is Saruman, Sephiroth, Randall Flagg. Euron Is Become Death. Euron Is. 

And as we see in the final pages of AFFC, Sam has brought into Euron’s orbit exactly what the latter needs to tie all this together: the Horn of Joramun. Winter is coming. 


The Ship of Adventures - Hackney Pirates, E8. Yesterday I visited a rather special place on the Kingsland High Street; bookshop, gift shop café and events space of the Hackney Pirates charity whose mission is “working to develop the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people in Hackney, so that they achieve both in school and in the world beyond.” They use wild wondrous theme-ing of The Ship of Adventures to run reading and creative writing lessons and activities for children 9 to 12 to help them attain the learning and skills to prosper in life. Much of the young people’s work is formally published and available to buy in the shop! Plenty here for grown ups too; a good selection of top tomes for readers young and old, hand made crafts by the groups based in the project and outrageously good coffee and food. With every turn of the head you notice yet another facet of the very lovingly conceived space. Whether you have children or not, expect to spend several happy hours on your visit to The Ship of Adventures.  http://www.hackneypirates.org/shipofadventures/

  • Barty Crouch Jr:[reading a book upside down] Well, I say it was Divine Providence what got us away from those Aurors.
  • Severus Snape:And *I* say it was me being clever.
  • Barty Crouch Jr:Well, how do you know it wasn’t Divine Providence, what inspired you to *be* clever? Anyways, I’m not stealing Rosier’s things.
  • Severus Snape:It’s *not* stealing; it’s *salvaging*. And since when did you care?
  • Barty Crouch Jr:Since finding out we’re not immortal! We need to take care of our immortal souls! [intently pokes at the book, then stares down at it]
  • Severus Snape:You know you can’t read Greek.
  • Barty Crouch Jr:It’s the *Bible*, you get credit for *trying*!